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  1. My 5088 will often times idle jumpy sort of like a hot cam in a street rod. Is this something need to address? Thank you!
  2. Thanks for the pictures. I guess I never knew anyone made such a closer.
  3. I was spreading some manure today and I noticed a shadow on the ground as I gave it some throttle. I went back to reload and the hood was wet black with black soot. The engine is running OK, oil ok, power ok, and normal blow by. I am guessing a bad injector any other ideas?
  4. I cultivate with my 856 and put the add on sway limiters that are plates that bolt to the drawbar. I have already broken one torque tube and now it is leaking out the torque tube. It seems like these limiters put too much stress at the base and problems are going to arise. Does anyone make any type of sway limiter that comes down from the axle and attaches to the lift arm out closer to the end of the 3 point? I'd like something like on our New Holland or JX100U.
  5. And I got it! I love this old girl. Out cultivating and noticed it. I wish I could buy a brand new one!!
  6. I think I put what you are talking about on my 2+2. It is from hy capacity. I don't know what it really does. It worked for years no problems but now have no hydraulics. Parked the anteater in the shed and haven't had time to fix it. Got a 240 and 255 so the 3588 is needed like it used to. I want to get it going because could use it off and on.
  7. I folded up my tine weeder today and the end snapped. I have no idea where to find the part number. Can anybody help? It is a 3 inch cylinder.
  8. Sorry but there is no way I would own a Massey. My son had one about that size, I can't recall the number. It really was bad, traded for a Farmall 95. Better but not the best. Now got a 120. Much better.
  9. My 50 has a hydraulic seat and no right hand armrest. The seat is one of the brown ones that is kind of cloth and is close to flaking apart. Any suggestions where to get a new seat or try to get it recovered? Any suggestions on a right side arm rest?
  10.  Yes it is the same

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