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  1. Could a 5088 be juiced up to provide more pto power on a implement and not damage the insides? I need pto horsepower but not drawbar.
  2. I get some exhaust leak from the muffler delete. Its a new turbo a year ago. The sleeve connector will rotate now. What can I do about that?
  3. A few days ago I posted how to remove axle pin on my 5088. I welded a 3/4" nut on it and pulled it out. My advice if one was replacing the center pin would be to weld a nut on it prior to installing.
  4. I am putting new axle pivot bushings in my 50. Any advice on getting the pin out? So far I welded a nut to the pin and have a all thread in it trying to pull it out thru a pipe spacer.
  5. What's the best way to get the rod off on my 5088?
  6. The TA is out on both sides of my 3588. I don't want to do this again. Where do I get a good remanufactured one at? Thanks
  7. My 5088 will often times idle jumpy sort of like a hot cam in a street rod. Is this something need to address? Thank you!
  8. Thanks for the pictures. I guess I never knew anyone made such a closer.
  9. I was spreading some manure today and I noticed a shadow on the ground as I gave it some throttle. I went back to reload and the hood was wet black with black soot. The engine is running OK, oil ok, power ok, and normal blow by. I am guessing a bad injector any other ideas?
  10.  Yes it is the same

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