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  1. I know they are not the same, but which one could pull more if all things were equal? Weight, speed, and ground conditions.
  2. Ran across this on Craigslist, sounds like there could be some good restoring parts! https://ottumwa.craigslist.org/grd/d/centerville-estate-auction/6895208018.html https://www.wagner-dentauctions.com/2019/06/01/clintswantrustauction/
  3. Thank you for the information. That old girl is pristine inside. I certainly don't take care of things like I would like to. One thing I am super particular about is using ether to clean out the hydraulic couplers and ends. I think contamination is a bigger issue than oil change frequency. I use a ton of ether.
  4. How do I adjust the draft control on my 856? I never use it so it doesn't bother me if works or not. Cultivating time is coming if it ever quits raining.......
  5. One injector line is leaking on the backside of the pump (never a front one). I have several of the teflon seals. What is the size difference between the teflon that has the ring on it and the one that doesn't? There is both types lines because I got one from the salvage yard. I am having a hard time getting the ring over the teflon after it is on the bolt.
  6. Bad blow by and I think I can hear a chirp. I had a head rebuilt on it 20 plus years ago the machinist that did it didn't have a tool for the seat. I took it to the dealer and they did it. I installed it and it had a bad chirp in it. Turned out they didn't get the seat all the way in. It sounds like that but not as bad. The blow by left a puddle of oil after being on a grain vac for 5 hours.
  7. What would it take to put a 1460 engine into a 1486? Would that be a bad thing? Anything to look out for? Thank you for your help!
  8. With all the snow we have and slick roads would chains on a 1486 work OK? Was thinking of putting them on the duals.
  9.  Yes it is the same

  10. Tunneldigger


    Also it would be an 8 row one.
  11. Tunneldigger


    I might have one. How many holes is it? It seems I had a 144 with small holes. If I got one it has been used by my wife as a planter.
  12. My 14 runs great, has good power, starts when its cold but it is getting a lot of blowby. The baler it pulls has a film on it and when I have it on the auger or vac it leaves a puddle of oil underneath it. Where can I get a good overhaul kit from? Probably going to do in frame.
  13. Is there some kind of treatment we can get for people that come up with programs like this?
  14. On your 3 point arms, Take two sledges, use one to back up the arm and hit it on the opposite side with the other on. When the backup sledge bounces when you hit with the other on you have done some good. I have loosened some really big things doing this. Otherwise do whats said above.
  15. I have one, I made a trailer for it and pull it sideways down the road. It has been a great drill. It came from the University of Illinois, then a young man bought it. He got cancer and passed, his dad backed it in the barn where it sat for a number of years. When I got it I washed it and it looked so good I waxed it. I also made scrapers for the rear wheels to help eliminate the sticky wheel problem.
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