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  1. Yes its being re-cored right now.. should have it tomorrow
  2. Well thanks to the advise on here I likely found the root of my problems the balancer was toast! The paint dots are my marks... 180 degrees out
  3. thank you for all the responses guys, I had the original fan brace and when I asked the dealer about it he said the updated x one was no longer available. His cnh inventory check found one in Nebraska so that's on its way. Im confused as to why the balancer would have any effect on this because the fan drive is bolted to the water pump pulley not the crankshaft. The motor is a new reman complete unit at around 5500 hrs as reported by the previous owner. It now has 7600 hrs. Im replacing the brace, updated bearing, all new hardware, new flex discs, and water pump. Fyi the bolt that broke was a grade 8 that I put in new 2 years ago when I went through this.
  4. I bought this 5488 in 2012. Since then in 1400 hrs I have twice had problems with the flex plates that couple the fan shaft to the water pump cracking and breaking. Each time I was fortunate and managed to not take out the radiator. The last time I replaced the out board bearing as precautionary. Well disaster struck today 1/2 mile into a 32 mile road trip and I wasn't so lucky with the radiator. This time it actually broke one of the 3/8 bolts off that has the spacer on it. There was no visible damage to the flex plates this time. Anybody have an idea as to why I keep having trouble with this? I'm starting to get really frustrated with it, otherwise its been a good tractor for me.
  5. Since it looks like I'm splitting it what is the likelihood that I damaged the clutch being submerged in oil? I assume its the right time to do the rear main and the trans input shaft seal while I'm there? 6200 hrs on the tractor.
  6. This winter I noticed a hydraulic oil leak coming from my mfwd driveshaft area and assumed it was the driveshaft seal. I replaced that and the leak continued from around the back side of the bearing carrier. I pulled the plug from the clutch housing and got about a gallon and a half of hyd oil out. As I understand it I have 3 leak possibilities. the first two are the front and back orings on the MFWD shaft tube and the trans input shaft seal. My question is on the o-rings on the shaft tube. Is it possible to service these without splitting the tractor? I'm getting conflicting reports, Most say I have to split, a few others say i can access the front oring by pulling the front driveshaft seal, pulling both sets of bearings and then I can access that oring. And for the back oring I've read that I can access it by removing the side hyd oil screen assembly and working through there. Has anyone tried this?
  7. So I'm not to proud to admit it... I checked the fluid level 4 times while I was running it... Always was a touch over full, today I checked it before pulling the filters and saw the same thing. I decided to flip the stick over so the add was on the top side and check it again... Bone dry. 17 gallons of oil later and everything is working perfectly fine. I'm sure I took some life off of things because of my stupidity but I'm running again. Thanks everyone for their input on it.
  8. Hydraulic level is good, only thing that has been done is the filters were changed this spring. Would the flow divider cause the pump to whine excessively??
  9. Yesterday I got the 5488 out for the first time this year to do some cultivating. After running it for 15 min in the driveway I noticed a significant whine from the pump area. The steering started getting notchy and hard to turn. The brakes were slow to respond and felt like they were dragging when I was going down the road for the first 10 sec after applying them. Also in the field if I applied a single brake it would kick it out of gear. All new filters this year now with 8-10 hrs on it. So I'm pretty certain it's the pump with all the symptoms but is there anything else I should look at before? With the very pronounced whine coming from it, it seems to be likely.
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