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  1. He needs the top of the roof. It blew off in transport to him. Plus he needs the hydraulic lever cables. I thought there was a man on here that was into versatiles also.
  2. I have a friend that just bought a 936 versatile and he is looking for used or new parts for. Any help on suggestions where to look would be helpful. Thanks in advanced
  3. I'm still around. Just not on here much anymore
  4. Tony I know you guys built the subframe. But what suspension system did you go with?
  5. Will say prayers for him and your family
  6. Fig12 this support is for technical (computer Etc. ) support for the website. You should post this in General IH
  7. Great pictures, would love to see your area first hand
  8. Looking great. Dont see to many of those. Thanks for sharing
  9. IH D-358 running engine. Does NOT include pump, injectors, fan, or flywheel. Starts and runs excellent but there are a few leaks. Tach has turned over once on the tractor. I don't have any history on the engine but it does run very well. Starts good even cold. $1500 This is an 826 they are parting out I dont know the serial number
  10. Nice picture of Dae. Keep those coming. You always catch the little ficches. You must like little things. Lol
  11. George was a great member. Sorry for your loss. George will be missed.
  12. Sorry to hear this Mader. Will keep you in prayers and thoughts.
  13. Sorry to hear that Mader. Drive safe.
  14. Keep the pictures of Dae coming. Oh and the ficches.
  15. She picks on any little creature. Nothing is safe. Lol
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