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  1. I think, I found rare bird... my new toys :D
  2. What the difference between industrial tractor like 2756 and 756 except color and grill?
  3. bolster on farmall are the same on farmall 450 ? 455 fit on 450?
  4. A cultivator mounted for farmall M fit on farmall 450 or need different bracket?
  5. I tried to find picture of one with wide front end and all are narrow I would like to find picture of one with wide front end my 450 is wide
  6. A front cultivator for M-400-450 can fit on tractor with wide front end?
  7. Push button starter and engine does not crank. the tractor was running on gas and stop himself. so what can stop engine and cut current for starting the ignition with key my problem?
  8. the tractor does not start like is dont have current. butr the tractor was running before that..
  9. I was warm up my 450 diesel on gas yesterday and the tractor shutoff lonely. I tried to restart and I have Nothing. Coil problem? the push buttom switch is new thank for your help
  10. I have a Switzer turbo on my 1206, I'm looking for the stud and gasket on plate adapter on it. Is not in the case ih part catalog… anyone can help me to find this parts. thank you
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