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  1. Anyone restore cab for a serie 84 ? I would like to restore 684 with sims cab and if a cab kit for interior exist that would be nice!
  2. The front axle on farmall 460 is the same as farmall 560? I have swchartz on my 560 and I found front axle from farmall 460 I would like to put ih front axle on the 560. Not sure if is same spec
  3. It would be probably never for sale, but we never know 🤷🏻‍♂️. Let me know if you come near Mtl I have other tractor you will probably like to see in person.
  4. Is at home now this is more picture. 3 point is homemade and is not factory remote valve. Except the hole is sheet metal is in good shape. need to find why I dont have steering and brake, and coast in downhill. Pto always turn
  5. Yes I bought it no choice too rare. I’m south Montreal but tractor is 300mi from me. I’ll bring back home the tractor this weekend. Is not perfect, no brake, no steering, coast in downhill. I think I have hydraulic problem need to be fixed. But, engine running, tractor move, 4wd work, is not to bad
  6. Dealer on the side is MF but probably sold new in Qc yes. I’ll try to found more info
  7. Same problem with no brake and steering.. pump? Mcv?
  8. I think, I found rare bird... my new toys :D
  9. What the difference between industrial tractor like 2756 and 756 except color and grill?
  10. bolster on farmall are the same on farmall 450 ? 455 fit on 450?
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