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  1. Anyone tune a 6.2 ford?

    I had a ‘16 6.2 SD. Removed the resonator for a y-pipe and ran a larger exhaust/muffler. Also put on an AFE intake system. The biggest difference was when I put a BD-Diesel throttle sensitivity adjuster set to 100% on it. That truck downshifted and reved up immediately after that. Anyone who drove it bought one of those BDDiesel kits for their truck. I have one set to 50% on my 6.7 now. He’s not running a lift and larger tires also is he?
  2. Need fuel tank

    Let me know what you find! I need a fuel tank for my '67 1200B in Arkansas.
  3. Where might I find a wheel?

    Would a whole set of the single piece safety ring 16" wheels with the 6x7.25" bolt pattern work? I have a few sets laying around...
  4. '67 1200B Project

    No marks on any pages and no notes in the notes sections. I don't know who had this but they must have became a Ford mechanic after buying it! Kevin, any idea who I can contact about finding a left steering arm with the king pin? I welded mine and machined it to accept a bearing, but it cracked at the base of the king pin again as I pressed the bearing on. I am thinking that I need a new/used arm altogether.
  5. New Family Project

    I am actually more of a Mopar guy myself but I just don't own any anymore.
  6. New Family Project

    Few photos of the 327.
  7. New Family Project

    As a side business/hobby my stepdad and I look for new wrecked vehicles and rebuild them completely. Over the years we have done a F250, couple F150's, California Special Mustang, SRT8 Challenger, Ford Escape and currently finishing up a 600 miles '16 Ford Focus. We still look at/for older vehicles as well, but we keep finding very decent deals on these newer ones. I moved a few states away and started working on older vehicles ('67 IH 1200B, '75 Corvette roadster) in my shop but we continue to help each other out when we're in town and go pick up vehicles/parts when one of us is closer to them. He has been wanting a first generation Camaro ever since he traded in '67 in back in 1973, so we have gone and looked at a few as well as bid on a couple online but they always go much higher than we want to invest in something that needs complete restoration. He had all but given up on finding one, but as I was heading down to Little Rock the other week I spotted a black Camaro for sale on the side of the road in Melbourne. I stopped on my way back and took a bunch of photos top-to-bottom. Between the 1.5hr trip I had home, he was already sold on the car from the photos and had talked to the owner who turned out to be a 72 year old lawyer who had only had the car for a month and didnt like that it didnt have AC. I talked to the owner once I got home who informed me that he was out of town but "the car is unlocked and the keys are in the ashtray, just park it where it is when you're done". I proceeded to head down that evening to test drive it. Took an hour to charge the battery and it was out of fuel, but once I got the Q-jet primed, she fired up and drove all over town. Looked over the body tag and found it to by original Corvette Bronze in color. It is a 1968, 4-barrel 327 with a 2-speed Powerglide. Rear floors had been replaced at some point but the front floors and trunk floors are solid and original. Could not find any bondo in the body with a magnet and the inner fenders, rockers, and fender lips are darn near perfect. Engine and 4-barrel intake look original but it did have an aluminum radiator and electric fan installed. Paint was starting to bubble in places caused by an older repaint in the 80's and being in storage for the last 15yrs. Talked with the owner and struck a deal on Saturday. Had a buddy drive me down on Monday, and I drove it 50 miles through the mountains back to me shop. The 327 pulled very strong, held 190D water temp, and the non-powered drum brakes worked better than I expected. My stepdad came down and picked the car up that week to take to his shop. We are currently checking all the codes to verify what is original and what is not. Depending on what we find, we will either restore it back to original or make it into a 350 SS clone. I have been putting together a few engine kit ideas to build up that 327 if it is original and he decides to keep it. All-in-all we ended up with a '68 Camaro for about $15k less that what a similar condition car goes for on Ebay. Since the lawyer hadn't titled it yet, we are the 3rd owners and the second owners have had it since 1981. I doubt this car will be leaving my family any time soon.
  8. '67 1200B Project

    Well, I got tied up starting another restoration but now back on my 1200! Just got in an almost new CTS-2300 manual so now I will start on assembling my front axle today after I have fabricated a few obsolete parts. It also helps that the heat and humidity have all but disappeared here for the next few weeks.
  9. Omaha Antique truck show

    I actually recognize those V12 and V16. From the Werner collection aren't they?
  10. Omaha Antique truck show

    Which location was this at? I went to the show in Council Bluffs a few years back, but didn't know of any in Omaha.
  11. 4500A Clutch Removal Manual/Diagram

    Scott, I found somewhere online to download it for $40. I tried searching for it but could only find paper copies available online. I was not the one who purchased and downloaded it, so I dont have it with me. If I find it, i will let you know.
  12. On 1/15/2015 at 7:24 PM, 73IH810 said:

    Does anyone happen to have a PDF of the service manual for an IH 4500A forklift where it talks about clutch removal/installation or a parts diagram of the clutch assembly? We have one at a job site that some of the guys are going to be replacing the clutch on next week. Thank you for any help,

    Did you ever get a reply or locate a clutch manual/procedure? I have a 4500A that barely moves and am in the same boat you were.



  13. Some times a hasty retreat is needed

    I believe it's a skunk. Stripe or "pole" down the back.
  14. 149 Running Issue

    I figured that I better tell ya'll what my problem ended up being. Talked to a local Kohler mechanic and explained what issues I was having. He said it sure sounded like an ignition coil issue, but I told him that I replaced it. He then asked me what coil I put on it, I responded with "Just a 12V universal style from NAPA" and he immediately knew the problem. I guess these engines need an internal resistor coil, which mine was not, otherwise they will over-charge and fail. Mechanic told me that its not uncommon to have one run a year or so and others not last more than 15 mins. So I had him get me a Kohler coil ordered up. Test ran the tractor and after heating up it was still running good but I could tell the engine was sounding a bit off, almost like I was hearing the ignition slightly late in the exhaust pipe. Tried to adjust the carb and found no change regardless of screw adjustments except at closed position. Found a good deal on a new unit, also put new breather components in while I had the carb off. Finished up everything today, fired it up and adjusted the carb idle and high idle. Runs beautifully now at full throttle and I notice that the new carb is pulling more fuel through the filter than the previous one was. While I had the breather apart, I inspected the valves, and they were very clean. Guess two problems gave me the run-around on this. I will be mowing this Friday, so it will get a couple hour workout. Thanks everyone for the input on this.
  15. '67 1200B Project

    After looking a bit closer at my kingpins, here is what I found. If I take the kingpin cap off the other side, the splines look much deeper and sit in the bronze bushing that looked deformed, just fine with no play. If I put the same bronze bushing on the left side kingpin steering arm, there is a little play but not much. Where there is a lot of play is where the kingpin spins are pressed into the steering arm. The splined shaft is actually loose with about 1/4" of play. I have been searching online but can't seem to find a used kingpin arm for a 27, 30, or small knuckle 44. The kingpin arm on the other axle I have was welding onto the knuckle, so it is not a usable piece. How screwed am I on this? My thought is to clean it out and then run a bunch of JB weld in it, I dont know if I can MIG weld it in place without filling up the splined area that contacts the bushing. Though, I could weld it in place and then grind the splines off and just use a bearing/race in the top....