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  1. I’ve got a few muscle cars floating around here. First one is a ‘67 GTX, 440, 4-spd, dana 60, drag-pak. It is impossible to not drive it while power shifting as fast as you can. Black one in the back is a ‘68 camaro that at one point in time lost its 327 and now has a ‘67 Z28 302 with camel hump heads on it. Put as wide of rears as possible on it last year so it is ready to be beat on this year. Has a Powerglide Red one is a ‘69 Ford Cobra Sportsroof with it’s original paint, interior and wheels. 428CJ was rebuilt a few years back and is mated to the C6 under the hood. Waiting to do all new wiring and get it fired up for the first time since the late 70’s (last tagged ‘75). Last one I just bought this past week and I would consider it an 80s muscle car for how fast it was. One of 500, 1987 Shelby CSX’s and one of about 70 with factory Recaro seats. First production car with a computer controlled variable vane turbo and the engine was built in the California Shelby shop. Composite (fiberglass/plastic) wheels, tuned suspension, and some tests hit over 150mph with them.
  2. Kinda makes you wonder what the heck the JD dealer used the thing for.
  3. 10,000 GVWR and the rollback worked fine the last time he used it a year or so ago. I imagine it has a T-case with a PTO running a hydro pump? Anyone have any idea what the truck would weigh with the rollback on it?
  4. I actually just saw this today on FB marketplace. I sent the guy a message to see if the rollback works, what the GVWR is and what the truck weighs if he knows. It’s about 30-45mins away from me and it may be handier than a trailer for car hauling.
  5. I was thinking of driving the Scout up there Saturday for their monthly Cars & Coffee; but between the rain and the traffic for the game, I decided to stay away from Lincoln. Great museum though.
  6. Speedway Motors Museum display?
  7. I picked up an older Ertl Scout II off Ebay years ago, so I painted it to match my ‘73. Also found an Ertl Transtar 4300 off ebay that came with all the parts to make it a stock truck or a GATR race truck. Couldn’t resist building a race 4300 with a hood scoop...
  8. I agree with you on that. I feel the same way about standard batteries in classic cars. The retro ones just look better when they’re right up front.
  9. Possibly because the correct cable is $70 from Classic Industries.
  10. Heck yeah, that is beautiful! I’ve got a 4-spd behind my 440 in my GTX and there is no better fun than running through the gears up to 6,000RPM.
  11. 73IH810

    Muscle Cars

    ‘67 GTXs are my favorite Mopar body style. Which is why I had to hunt one down and have been working on it this past year. Since it’s suppose to be almost 60 this weekend, I need to do a final tune on the Holley 4150 today. Found a ‘69 Cobra in Texas a few years back with its original paint, interior, etc. still on it. 428CJ is rebuilt and back in place with a C6 behind it. Took 2.5 mtns to restore the paint to look like that again. Dents, scraps, and missing paint just add character.
  12. Does anyone know where you can get a replacement spindle for a Triggs 15-ton running gear with Canadian hubs? Spindle is 2-3/4”. Had a grain wagon with this setup crack a spindle in half between the bearings when loaded. Wagon and running gear are probably from the late 70s and I can’t find anything online. Wasn’t sure if Triggs changed their name or got purchased by someone else since them. Thanks for the help.
  13. On 1/15/2015 at 7:24 PM, 73IH810 said:

    Does anyone happen to have a PDF of the service manual for an IH 4500A forklift where it talks about clutch removal/installation or a parts diagram of the clutch assembly? We have one at a job site that some of the guys are going to be replacing the clutch on next week. Thank you for any help,

    Did you ever get a reply or locate a clutch manual/procedure? I have a 4500A that barely moves and am in the same boat you were.



  14. 73IH810

    Enduro Series XT3

    That looks way better built than the CC's I've seen at the big box stores.
  15. Friend of mine found this last week and passed it along to me. Not a bad addition to my wall. Has "1944" printed on the back of it.
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