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  1. Back again, well it's caused me no drama's just the usual servicing, brake adjustments and the final drives still have not leaked at 250hrs. Still runs like a clock, excellent fuel economy under 20 liters for 8 hours work. Very useful machine as I get better at operating it, I find I am taking on more challenging activities and moving bigger rocks and grading pads, roads flatter the first go instead of the 20th. Slow and intensive little machine to operate but it's solid and can handle some abuse. The cat track and rollers have worked out well with the background comfort of they can be replaced easy with new if ever required. No cracking to report so far all is good. Did almost roll it the other day when I found a 2011 wash out under dense lantana (noxious weed here) but was able to drive out, only forward so things got worse before better no damage to the machine but I was a bit rattled. I guess after the last few months I would almost have to say it was worth the 3 years it took to build it!
  2. Hey StrangeOne.  Got a question about the bucket for your TBD6.  May need to pick your brain when I get started on mine.  Right now looking for the gasket that goes from the rear gearbox to the steering clutch compartment.  I tore mine up trying to get the steering clutches out. 1969 TD6 62series.  I was surprised to see roller bearings for some crazy reason I thought I would see ball bearings.  Any help I can not find a part number and my local NAPA was trying to help but computer problems as soon as we got to the page that listed parts on Tractor power or something like that.  Well help if you can if you cant I do understand.  William Cheeks 

    1. willcheeks


      Oh sorry.  Can not remember what I read unless I read it over and over.  I did not mean to offend.  STAGEONE!!

    2. Pbach


      Red RTV silicon works great in place of the gasket

    3. willcheeks


      Thank you.  I still can not find this part number it has been two weeks so I will just get the red rtv silicon and keep on keeping on.  Thanks again.


  3. Nice work Tanker, you have officially entered the fun stage where sleepless nights end.
  4. I think you can leave the steering clutch, but there are studs behind the bull gear that need to be removed.
  5. That's really quite a show piece you have there!! That much detail would drive most people insane.
  6. It's coming along, got to start somewhere. What is this "E" tank you speak of?? Over here I have heard of soaking rusted parts in molasses mixed with water, much like coke I imagine. I have never tried it, but will give it a go just to find out if the people telling me this are just crazy!
  7. It's coming along, got to start somewhere. What is this "E" tank you speak of?? Over here I have heard of soaking rusted parts in molasses mixed with water, much like coke I imagine. I have never tried it, but will give it a go just to find out if the people telling me this are just crazy!
  8. Here you go BTD8.80. These are a couple of photos of how this ripper group is mounted. This set was taken off a btd8 and bolted straight on. Using the draw bar is important and I have pre loaded it with the jack bolts you can see in the photos. The bolts, or long studs at the top go right through the gearbox and have a nut on the other side, you will see the holes for it in your machine.
  9. The oil pressure is 45 psi from idle to max rpm at 1600 and never changes. I believe that's the way the relief valve is set up and they have a big oil pump for the size of the engine. My ripper group pulls from the draw bar and rods that go through the top of the casing. I have heard and imagine it's possible to tear the back of the gear casing out if rippers are only mounted to the back of the box. The rear wall has lots of webs but is quite thin and only cast iron. Have you got a ripper group on it now? Can post a few more photos if required, just a little busy right now!
  10. I really don't think you need one at all. I assume the lift pump on the injector pump was rebuilt with the engine? Even then the lift pump on a diesel injector pump is regulated by the relief valve as fuel exists the rack to return, I have no idea what the psi would be. Looking forward to seeing the painted stuff back and assembled.
  11. I am sure not an expert in the field of oil and have forgotten most of the stuff I learnt about it at tec. I do know however there is a lot of "snake oil" and additives on the market to fleece the general public. They "make" the proof that you need it, I have busted a few of their myths and fear campaigns. Quote from the add::"Formulated without friction modifiers to allow for quick and efficient piston ring seating in new and rebuilt high-performance and racing engines. Contains zinc and phosphorus anti-wear additives to protect cam lobes, lifters and rockers during the critical break-in period when wear rates are highest." Well they are sort of right, friction modifiers (silicone based substances) are not to good in a rebuilt engine, or anything with wet clutches. Normal cheaper diesel engine oils don't have them usually but I can't remember why. May have something to do with diesel engine oils being high in detergents to remove carbon from inside the engine. Also I am sorry to say your engine is not exactly "High performance" ( and I bet real race engine builders wouldn't use this stuff either) so the money at $8.50+ a bottle of rocket fuel would be better spent on beer. I would just get a cheap oil of the right weight and run with it till your first service, dump it and then replace with a quality oil.
  12. No, I rebuilt them. Should be some info and pics in this topic somewhere.
  13. You must be getting to the exciting stage. Bolting clean, painted and repaired parts back together is always the best part of a resto.
  14. Hi all. Machine is going well. Still no decent rain here so still not washed and I haven't used it much because it turns the soil to dust. It's due for it's first service and adjustments so hope to give it a clean and going over soon. Still very happy with the outcome of the whole project and is so far not showing any signs of trouble, haven't even added any coolant/ oils after 54 hours of work. The couple of oil weeps from the finals and gearbox input have taken up and now not a drop of oil falls from the machine. Not so from the new Delphi fuel filters, will replace the "O" rings in them during the service and there is a weep from the walking stick breather on the engine. The rams weep but still serviceable, I will replace that hydraulic oil with engine oil during the service. Really starting to believe this global warming, used to be nice and green here now it's hotter and dryer every year. Anyway here's a link to my latest youtube vid giving a closer look at the ( filthy) machine, I am planning to dig a dam on my property for more water storage during winter here so that vid will be more interesting. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrkEGAbDzLk
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