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  1. I'll give her credit that (at least to this point in time) she's no Penelope Permafrost (aka S. Palin). LOL
  2. I didn't see Gov. Homecoming Queen walkin down the street mask-less (or masked for that matter) greetin visitors and posin for selfies w/ the hoardes either?
  3. X2 on the Ithaca Mod. 37 w/ lefty safety conversion.
  4. You tell Hayden that there's a lot of people here he doesn't know, likely will never know, and probably will never even meet that are pulling for him and wishing him a COMPLETE recovery from his accident.
  5. Mine was - "I was born in Mississippi on a poor dusty delta mayonnaise farm. Dad tried to grow a grove of Velcro trees but the soil just wasn't right."
  6. I did a recent count and I have 12 rolls in reserve. So.....let me do the math.....(brain churning, fingers out stretched in synch w/ brain)......I figure I'm still good for near a year.
  7. Some make take offense to this because she isn't singin in Eing-Lish. LR has stated that growing as as an American whose Mexican family came to America that peeps "sang in Spanish and spoke in English". A voice of all-time that never will be equaled, in no matter the language.
  8. Not a big Miley fan but am so re: PF. She did it GOOD...
  9. Woke up thinking of Asleep at the Wheel (w/ a nod to Randy Newman) Best AstW tune not featuring Ray Benson's voice (w/ a nod to Loretta). The pedal steel alone is worth the listen. A little Tex Swing.
  10. These tractor powered buzz saws should be relegated to demonstrations at shows. I've cut wood for 50+ years w/ a chainsaw and am hard pressed to recall more than a couple significant kickbacks from trimming a 1/4-inch twig to a 60+-inch log. None even close to causing an injury. And IMHO anyone that DOES choose to use a buzz that doesn't have a blade guard is just asking for calamity.
  11. Not exactly this thread but a side note to it. My mother used to tell of a local tragedy. Two farms over from ours and next to my grandparent's farm was the Brindley's. Seems this happened to the family that owned the farm before the Brindley's. I can't recall their name. Mom told of the farmer and his son cutting firewood w/ their buzz. Apparently something super bad went wrong where the blade flew off and decapitated the son. Mom said that his mother in her grieving never again touched a single thing in his room. It remained the same that on the day he died until the day that last of his parents passed.
  12. This is turning into a trip down the 45-year or so road that J. Prine has provided the background music.
  13. Although he later revealed himself to be a white supremacist pig DAC's cover of "Hello in There" is excellent. Maybe even better than John's original.
  14. Beautiful knives. FIF is one of my very fave shows.
  15. Re-built the North Park bridge in Grand Rapids in the early nineties. Original steel truss structure built in 1903. Demo'd one of the piers and put in a cofferdam for the footing and walls of a new pier. When prepping for the new footing some hand cleanup after the demo was needed. Under the old footing I found the head of a twelve pounder in perfect shape. Took it home and put a short handle on it. Quite the tool when you need mass in a hand held. I like having a 116-year old sledge to use if only for its age.
  16. This is one that I'm going to have played at my funeral. Not the I consider myself a "John Henry". Instead because in my life I've known and worked w/ so many "John Henry's" you gave it all in their jobs.
  17. Grandpa was a carpenterHe built houses, stores and banksChain-smoked Camel cigarettesAnd hammered nails in planksHe was level on the levelAnd shaved even every doorAnd voted for Eisenhower 'cause Lincoln won the war
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