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  1. I'll give her credit that (at least to this point in time) she's no Penelope Permafrost (aka S. Palin). LOL
  2. The Sandhills are the jewel of the Great Plains.
  3. I didn't see Gov. Homecoming Queen walkin down the street mask-less (or masked for that matter) greetin visitors and posin for selfies w/ the hoardes either?
  4. Well duh, yea I know. Mine was a joke piled top a joke. Geez.....
  5. Well kinda... Cancel your subscription. FWIW that'll send a message.
  6. On the Proficiency W/ Photoshop scale I give it a........ 2.
  7. Didn't open and play. The man looks angry.
  8. But, but......that doesn't fit w/ the stereotypical narrative?
  9. Tell them to just print on the cans/bottles "Assembled in Nebraska".
  10. The sad part is he first met her at the beach.
  11. Have some experience w/ the alcohol molecule but if you're talking Scotch, and I've tried a few, you'd better put a "Butter" in front of it.
  12. Atilathehun99


    I'll see your . and raise you a :
  13. Yea, that's the first thing that came to my mind.
  14. Freeze dryers most certainly do a good job at fresh veggies preservation. I'm wondering though that at north of $2K for a good one how many lbs of FD'd veggies over how many years it would take to realize the payback? And that's assuming no costly repairs or replacement through time.
  15. I have often cleaned, applied antiseptic, and bandaged wounds. And they healed. I'M A DOCTOR!!!
  16. So..... Maybe I'm wrong but from what I take away from your inference is that you might find it odd that peeps other than blacks feel that black lives matter? And BTW they all seem to be very peaceful protesters.
  17. My dad was a B-17 right-seater flying with the 100th BG at the end of the war. He said he and everyone else were astonished to see how fast the 262's were in comparison to everything else in the skies.
  18. Numbers, numbers, numbers.......... But what do they mean? The 0.75 ppm formaldehyde number referenced is its PEL. That meaning the maximum permissible concentration that OSHA allows as a time-weighted-average for workers over an 8-hour period. Something not relevant to a single dose injection resulting from a vaccine.
  19. Lunacy runs across all lines of religion, race, or point of birth.
  20. Benzo (a) pyrene is a Class I carcinogen but I'm sure that doesn't mean you're going to swear off BBQing, now does it?
  21. Yea I have. Immunization to disease is what I've found.
  22. QAnon makes BLM & Antifa look like sane fine upstanding American citizens.
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