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  1. I've got a couple, one still with the big hand painted red letter/numbers code of the farm from which it came. Our place was on an intersection of 2 gravel roads. This was before stop signs were invented. I don't recall the exact year but I was about 7 - 9. Was a hard winter that year and the snow banks were high. One blustery Feb day the snow plow and milk truck ended up in the middle of that intersection at the same time. The V-plow split the truck open behind the cab. Knocked the milk hauler over and spun the snow plow around. No one was seriously injured but 40 or more full cans were strewn all over the road. When things warmed up that spring it took a number of hard rains to wash away the spillage and smell of all that spoiled milk.
  2. Was on a couple jobs where the last thing done was to seal the concrete deck w/ linseed. Afterwards your work boots were as soft and smooth as a........ (quitting here as to not offend anyone's personal sensibilities)
  3. A little off topic and a little on (as all referenced are dead) One of the co-owners of the dirt/bridge outfit I worked for was grousing one day over things that come up missing. He said "Jeebus Cripes! I swear whenever I hire someone I ought to give them their very own fuggin shovel, chain saw, and 20-foot of 3/8 log chain!" Another time his brother, the other co-owner, was over at David, another of their brother's place who worked for the company. They were in David's shop and Moe was looking around and said, "David I see you buy the same brand of grease that we use." ?
  4. I'll give her credit that (at least to this point in time) she's no Penelope Permafrost (aka S. Palin). LOL
  5. The Sandhills are the jewel of the Great Plains.
  6. I didn't see Gov. Homecoming Queen walkin down the street mask-less (or masked for that matter) greetin visitors and posin for selfies w/ the hoardes either?
  7. Well duh, yea I know. Mine was a joke piled top a joke. Geez.....
  8. Well kinda... Cancel your subscription. FWIW that'll send a message.
  9. On the Proficiency W/ Photoshop scale I give it a........ 2.
  10. Didn't open and play. The man looks angry.
  11. But, but......that doesn't fit w/ the stereotypical narrative?
  12. Tell them to just print on the cans/bottles "Assembled in Nebraska".
  13. The sad part is he first met her at the beach.
  14. Have some experience w/ the alcohol molecule but if you're talking Scotch, and I've tried a few, you'd better put a "Butter" in front of it.
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