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  1. Atilathehun99

    What do you see?

    God bless em for trying but I see about $5 at some future yard sale.
  2. Atilathehun99

    some people should be shot

    I don't understand? All the bad traits are assigned as those of Liberals?
  3. Atilathehun99

    some people should be shot

    Yours above gave me chance to ponder the following re: dogs and cats as pets and how they may relate politically - Dogs - Universally follows their masters - "Liberal" trait. Dogs - Require constant (daily food/water} attention to survive - "Liberal" trait. Dogs - Trainable; rollover, speak, sit, etc.... - "Liberal" trait. Dogs - You can beat em (never had, never will, hate anyone that does) but and in minutes/hours they will forgive - "Liberal" attitude Now the cats - Cats - independent, act as they feel appropriate to them. - Coserv trait Cats - Can fend for themselves - Conserv trait. Cats - Non-trainable, again they do as they as individuals wish - Conserv trait. Cats -You abuse them and it's imprinted in their brains forever - Conserv trait. So even though we all love dogs y'all here should be too all-in for cats.
  4. Atilathehun99

    some people should be shot

    Nope. All have been in the utter disgust of how some people treat animals. No bow back required. In fact another owed to you for this AND the Willie thread. Re: Willie I get a kick outta those who have said "but he didn't solve the ENTIRE problem...", "but the money he raised only went to legal help for farms that were in foreclosure." "how many of them that he helped are still farming?", etc. Some crowds are hard to please....
  5. Atilathehun99

    El Niño and La Niña

    Not to be disrespectful but I'm guessing your experience/training/understanding is more weighted to Ag than those in the field of weather forecasting/climatology? Re: let me ask you this. Through the years how have your pre-season predictions of crops yield compared to what you actually harvested? Have you ever done that? Very much the same w/ metro/climato predictions for a specific year/event. For both you and them it takes all data after the event to confirm/refute forecasts and predictions..
  6. Atilathehun99

    some people should be shot

    What's goin on? [hikes trousers up to a level half way between waist and neck] I'll tell ya what's goin on. I'd feel HONORED to be the one to buy the ammo to gut shoot the fuggin corksucker that abused those innocent animals. Aside from this horrendous act there's been proven a strong correlation between those that abuse/main/kill/torture animals and those that then go on to do the same to humans. For both their place in HE-DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS awaits them....
  7. Atilathehun99

    some people should be shot

    We had a throw-away cat show up at our place about 6 years ago. He was wild as can be but it was evident that he was looking for a home.....and he found it. Had him for about two years and then one Sunday morning I noticed he didn't come running in like he always would in the morning. Waited till Monday to see if he was feeling better but he wasn't. Called our Vet and he said bring him in which we did. Long story short he had done the same thing, he swallowed some thread which caught on his tongue and wrapped around his intestines. Greg operated but the damage was too severe and by Wednesday morning he was gone. Still miss him. He was strong as a bull, solid as a rock, and tough as nails. But was no match for a thin piece of thread.....
  8. Atilathehun99

    some people should be shot

    I'll buy the ammo.
  9. Atilathehun99

    Old Willie still after it

    MTO you deserve to do a Mike Drop.
  10. Atilathehun99

    Does anybody else love politics and political ads

    Ok. Yes and I stand by that 110%. Please tell me what specific ideals in that statement you don't agree w/?
  11. Atilathehun99


    Of course I'm not in the dairy sector, nor even a farmer but..... I've read that lactose tolerance is much more likely in those from northern Europe/Scandinavia. W/ the population of the US becoming much less a percentage of descendants from these regions it would make sense that the demand for dairy products would decrease to some extent.' For what's it's worth I'm as northern Europe/Scandinavian as you can get and as such dairy products are one of my major food groups.
  12. Atilathehun99

    Does anybody else love politics and political ads

    I had assumed that but w/out specifics it's impossible to present a relevant reply. Perhaps you could zero in?
  13. Atilathehun99

    Does anybody else love politics and political ads

    MTO, Say WATT? So this peep changed his last from "Smooh? to "Schmo"? Does this now present problems for his wifey/children?
  14. Atilathehun99

    Does anybody else love politics and political ads

    Really? LOL, really you actually believe that? Get the Union and Corporate money out of our election processes. Make EVERYONE'S, contributions known to all. As Citizens United stands multi-million/billionaires are permitted to mask revealing their contributors to taste the honey but are given an out from having to the taste the vinegar from revealing to us, the citizens, who they are and what their $$$ represents??? Let me put into more real life terms. I think I can speak for you and almost all here in saying if we felt strongly about an issue we'd feel proudly to tell one and all of our position and not hesitate to let everyone know who we are as citizens of Our Great Country. In this instance only cowards and those that would seek to manipulate hide behind the Citizens United Ruling.
  15. Atilathehun99

    Does anybody else love politics and political ads

    OT, OT, OT... I've always thought you to be smarter than the average bear (30-points awarded to anyone that catches that) but in this instance you fall into the same stereotype that many Repubs/conservatives do when they deem anyone left of moderate as advocating for "free stuff". Not true.