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  1. And look how THAT turned out. 😃 [where's a sarcasm emoji when you need one?]
  2. Which one? Vankie? Jr.? Eric? Semi-Trump SIL Jared? Or is King Daddy going to write another EO permitting a 3rd term?
  3. In the picture we built the current bridge that you can barely see to the right. After traffic was routed to the new structure we then restored the old camelback. https://www.mottville.org/mottville-bridge/ https://historicbridges.org/bridges/browser/?bridgebrowser=concrete/us12/
  4. Could have been. States control who can vote in most elections.
  5. Honest question - How should the right to vote be delegated? Only landowners? All citizens?
  6. MTO maybe it is time to hang it up if you can't even 3 - 400 miles away after a couple of emails and phone calls can't even figure out how come a 720 series gasser Bobcat starts right up but can't stay running. I wish I'd have knowed ya in your 40's and 50's.........
  7. Hate to be THAT guy MTO but think pumice.....PUMICE
  8. Looks like an opportunity for some drunk to get grill marks on his azz.
  9. And that guy who's more concerned about the messenger than the message.........
  10. Louis Pasteur comes to mind. - Just Sayin.... -
  11. Watt was Harry Truman's signature statement??? Oh now I remember. "The Buck Stops Here" Interesting how some peeps shift accountability from here to there totally dependent upon the circumstance of the ill.......
  12. Watt's the name of the longest river in the world??? Oh now I remember. It's called da Nile.
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