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  1. Atilathehun99

    New joke

    We'd use Bing.
  2. Atilathehun99

    Anyone watch the girls at Daytona?

    Was that the one on PBS's American Experience? If so I saw that too a couple of weeks ago. It was great on the history of the Everglades and south FL.
  3. Atilathehun99

    Fuel Rock

    Not so difficult when still contains receipts, pick-up tickets, bizz cards, jotted down names/phone numbers, etc from the last 10-years.
  4. Atilathehun99

    Fuel Rock

  5. Atilathehun99

    10 o`clock? 2 o`clock? 4 o`clock?

    2 Eastern, 1 Central, 12 Mountain.
  6. Atilathehun99

    She said I smell like her Dad

    But is worth all the black eyes a guy gets from nuzzling up real close to smell the necks of all those dad's?
  7. Atilathehun99

    She said I smell like her Dad

    + or - ?
  8. Atilathehun99

    Little known picture from the Mars rover.

    Place should be sued for false advertising. You think I'm lying? YOU try to get a prescription filled there.
  9. Atilathehun99

    She said I smell like her Dad

    Aqua Velva > Old Spice The women say there's just sumpthin about an Aqua Velva man.
  10. Atilathehun99


    High Trans fat???
  11. Atilathehun99


    Re: the ^^^ I wonder what kind of oil they fry their chicken in???
  12. Atilathehun99


    Give us something credible, concrete, verifiable that the religion Islam condones the rape of young boys? Let's see it..... Your statement "Does he practice the Muslim religion where they rape young boys?" is idiotic. Using your logic the following are true..... Does he practice the Christianity religion where they rape young boys? Does he practice the Hinduism religion where they rape young boys? Does he practice the Buddhism religion where they rape young boys? Does he practice the Judaism religion where they rape young boys? There are sick sumbeotches in the followers of every religion. Don't let your hate of one particular faith blind you to the same actions that are committed by the followers of other religions.
  13. Atilathehun99


    I've heard it that in some cuisines they deep fry chicken feet to eat?
  14. Atilathehun99


    Dispicable whoever does that whether it be radical Muslims, Catholic Priests, or now as we're learning Southern Baptist church clergy/leaders. Don't you agree?
  15. Atilathehun99

    Door to door salesmen

    I remember in the 60's every fall a guy would stop by in his totally KEWL Willy's Woodie peddling cider and cider vinegar. We also had a milkman stop by for a short time (strike up the milkman jokes, LOL). Which was odd cause we usually got most of our milk from neighbors?