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  1. Some make take offense to this because she isn't singin in Eing-Lish. LR has stated that growing as as an American whose Mexican family came to America that peeps "sang in Spanish and spoke in English". A voice of all-time that never will be equaled, in no matter the language.
  2. Not a big Miley fan but am so re: PF. She did it GOOD...
  3. Woke up thinking of Asleep at the Wheel (w/ a nod to Randy Newman) Best AstW tune not featuring Ray Benson's voice (w/ a nod to Loretta). The pedal steel alone is worth the listen. A little Tex Swing.
  4. This is turning into a trip down the 45-year or so road that J. Prine has provided the background music.
  5. Although he later revealed himself to be a white supremacist pig DAC's cover of "Hello in There" is excellent. Maybe even better than John's original.
  6. This is one that I'm going to have played at my funeral. Not the I consider myself a "John Henry". Instead because in my life I've known and worked w/ so many "John Henry's" you gave it all in their jobs.
  7. Grandpa was a carpenterHe built houses, stores and banksChain-smoked Camel cigarettesAnd hammered nails in planksHe was level on the levelAnd shaved even every doorAnd voted for Eisenhower 'cause Lincoln won the war
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