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  1. When I was a relative pup I rode to work w/ a character. Loud, crude, boorish, fast living, fast driving........tons of fun. At the time it didn't mean much to me but when driving he always referenced the left hand lane on a 4-lane as the "Monfort Lane". Reference to Monfort Transport out of Greeley, CO. Anyone here remember them?
  2. Atilathehun99


    [Hmmm....... thinking back. Seem to recall some American RPF peeps flaming non-American members for commenting on internal American politics/affairs. Maybe I was wrong?....]
  3. Take a swig. If you end up in ER it's ethylene. If not it's propylene. 😃
  4. Guy walks into a bar. Orders a beer and a bowl of chicken noodle soup. Order delivered. Barkeep notices guy drinks half of his beer but only a tad of the soup. Guy gets up and exits the bar w/out payment. Barkeep thinks this is not right and follows the guy out of the bar. Sees him go across the street and into a door and upstairs into an apartment. Stands outside the door for some time thinking what he should do and finally decides to enter and confront the guy. He sees the guy's face deep diving between the legs of a woman and says, "HEY!, you ordered a beer and soup in my place and walked without not paying" Guy backs his head out of where it was and says, "**** yes I didn't pay, There was a hair in the soup." Barkeep says "You didn't pay because of a HAIR in the soup and look at what you're doing now!" Guy looks at the barkeep and replies "If I find a noodle here I'm not going to pay for this either!"
  5. "The airlines.... I was on a flight last week. It was a shaky, very shaky airline. The pilot comes over the intercom and says, "Does anyone know if LaGuardia is open late on Tuesdays?" [makes signature Rodney hand to his neck tie gesture]
  6. "My wife, my wife.... My wife likes making love in the back seat. With ME driving." - R. Dangerfield
  7. I think the mention of Penguins is directed at Catholic Nuns.
  8. That's the basis of my dry brine. Brown sugar, salt, ginger, bay leaf, garlic, white pepper.
  9. Dangerous to visit an active volcano no doubt. However the peeps that take these trips know the risk (pro tip; "Active Volcano") Regardless of their understanding of the danger I feel badly for the loss of the lives and long lasting debilitating health problems of the survivors and the impact of each on their families.
  10. I don't recall the make but we used to pile on a car hood and get pulled down/along side the roads behind a truck. No one got (too) hurt but I can still see all of those sharp metal edges on that thing.
  11. What do you smoke them in? When I smoke I shoot for 180 - 200 (hard to keep any lower than that in the Primo) and mine are usually done in about 2 - 2 1/2 hours. I dry brine mine so that might make a difference?
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