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  1. Atilathehun99

    You think farming's tough here

    As of recent some here in the US seem to think so.
  2. Atilathehun99

    Yeah, he`s an actor but...

    Commendable for his support of vets. Top notch supporting actor; a face we've seen not leading, but in, many movies.
  3. Atilathehun99

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    Thanks, interesting take.
  4. Atilathehun99

    When deers go feral

    Based on what I've seen of this unprovoked attack on a human being I say... KILL THE DEER, KILL EM ALL!!! (and before y'all get your panties in a twist re: the ^^^ I got no problem w/ properly managed/executed hunting. I will say that anyone that has to resort to hunting over bait of any kind are lazy. Those methods defeat the real experience of "hunting" at least as it was passed down to me from family & friends who truly "hunted")
  5. Atilathehun99

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    Not sayin you're wrong, your experience has to be much more than mine but... FH fitted tractors are a dime a dozen compared to FH implements to match em up to. Must be buyers of these FH tractors are more interested in buying the tractor itself and have no interest in their FH capability?
  6. Atilathehun99

    Fast hitch implements- where to find??

    Nice and I'd guess pricey too.
  7. Atilathehun99

    You think farming's tough here

    You seem to be challenged when it comes to reading comprehension. Aren't I the guy that years ago you gleefully, letting all the world to know, that you had blocked me? How did you read my post?
  8. Atilathehun99

    You think farming's tough here

    Seems like just representation and rule to me.
  9. Atilathehun99

    You think farming's tough here

    I can't speak for them as I'm not indigenous. I'm sure that in their heart of hearts they had enough of us a LONG time ago. Same scenario. The difference here is not that there are as many remaining "Indians" here to tilt the scale.
  10. Atilathehun99

    You think farming's tough here

    I'm not passing judgement on the current situation in SA. A snapshot of what is happening today does seem egregious, and maybe it is. From another perspective I'm sure the original inhabitants of those lands had similar feelings that the Dutch and then the Brits were conducting a "land grab". What comes around goes around. - Just sayin
  11. Atilathehun99

    Favorite Bate for killing mice

    They're pricey and require attending to but Victor electronic mouse traps work great. I bought a 4-pack and in the first week got 16 mice and two moles.
  12. Atilathehun99


    For the average peep the thing to know dealing w/ your own is it "friable" or "non-friable"? The answer to that question should dictate the level of concern.
  13. Atilathehun99

    New joke

    The Chinese have developed a new form of bullfighting where the matadors confront angry bulls w/out lances. THAT'S how many Chinese there really are.
  14. Atilathehun99

    Wind farms

    Thank you but to complete my question, if you'd like to share, the sector of your former/current job/occupation?
  15. Atilathehun99

    Ge stock

    It's too bad that companies that actually research, design, and then produce tangible products are in trouble whereas pixie dust businesses (FB, Amazon, etc.) are deemed to be more successful and worth more $$.