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  1. Know of a guy whose PSA results were through the roof. Concerned he followed up and luckily happen to get an appointment w/ one of the best......the Dr. that created the PSA test.......this guy knows his stuff. Had a biopsy that showed no cancer......very unusual given the PSA result. Friend undergoes routine testing to determine if things have changed. Aside the situation above routine screening can save lives.......your own.
  2. Atilathehun99


    I've always had a great deal of respect for those people who are so caring of the creatures under their charge. MTO has always been at the top of that list. I hope Chubs' surgery and recovery are totally successful.
  3. Locals can weigh in but here's what I know. I've enjoyed central Kansas for decades for that very reason. First off most if not all of them are Cretaceous limestone from the Greenhorn Formation. To my understanding they were used because of the lack of trees in the area usable for fence post. The Greenhorn is shallow and its joint patterns make it relatively easy to quarry stone to post dimensions. I once stopped at a family owned quarry/stone engraving business. They let me roam around their quarry (probably less than 2 acres) and it revealed how the process of removing stone was performed. About 10-years ago when traveling through north of Russell I noticed several that had gotten washed out and lay in the ditch. I tracked down the owner of the land and asked it they would sell me one. They told me I could have one and refused any payment. One of the sons even met me down at the ditch and helped me load it. Glad he did as I'm not sure how I could have gotten it into the truck w/out help. Hauled it back to Michigan and it now sits planted in my yard. The Post Rock Museum in LaCrosse is an interesting stop also.
  4. 1) Obstruction of justice in a criminal act whether a crime is committed or not (I do give you FOX points for stating this falsehoood). Impedance of any investigation of a potential criminal act constitutes "obstruction of justice". 2) But Hillary did....LOL Big fail at deflection. We're talking about the person that WON the election and not the one who LOST it. If you'd like to see the 8th, 9th? Hillary investigation for Benghazi or whatever go for it?. Re: that she testified under oath for 11 hours and the Repubs STILL couldn't pin anything on her. I got ten $100 dollar bills I'd put up between you and me that King Daddy under oath couldn't go 30 minutes before committing perjury. You want to take that bet? Oh, and I'll take that same bet w/ you or anyone else here at RPF. His lawyers did everything possible to protect him from face to face under oath testimony for reasons obvious. Does that suggest anything to you? Con man, reality TV persona, narcissist, opportunist,...........MY President, LOL
  5. No system pressure gained between the two being combined. Either one dedicated for fire protection and one for additional storage capacity for potable use (unlikely a small town would spend the $$ for two separate systems)? My take is that is't a joke.
  6. For those that have read it you are already aware of the 10 instances in the Mueller report that were identified as obstruction of justice. Mueller was not able to indict King Daddy based on DOJ "policy". Not a law, a department "policy" mind you that a sitting POTUS could not be indicated for a criminal prosecution....."a policy". https://www.justice.gov/olc/opinion/sitting-president’s-amenability-indictment-and-criminal-prosecution The results of the investigation summarized during his testimony under oath (something King Daddy successfully avoided) however did elicit the following exchange - “Could you charge the president with a crime after he left office?” Buck asked (Buck being Rep. Ken Buck, (R) Colorado) “Yes,” Mueller said. “You believe that he committed—you could charge the president of the United States with obstruction of justice after he left office?” “Yes,” Mueller said. This time, he had no clarification to offer. We're not talking about some political hack. Mueller is a decorated veteran who has served in the DOJ under both Repbub and Democrat administrations, and ta boot is a life long Republican. IMHO Mueller is one of the too few many today acting as a Patriot that elevates love of Country and adherence to the COTUS and believes in truth over partisan loyalty. I'd say his understanding and conclusions of the subject count, big time.
  7. But why haven't they insulated the HOT?
  8. Re: the ^^^. Most here if being totally honest w/ themselves know that to be true but are reluctant to outright admit it.
  9. No it wasn't the raindrops that made me half deef. It was the pile hammer, D-6, Cat 235, jackhammer, shotgun blowin up when I pulled the trigger, drilling rigs,........etc, sometimes using cig butts for hearing protection.
  10. I grew up in a house w/ a steel roof. LOVED the noise sound of the falling rain.
  11. Go w/ slate. It will last you 100+ years.
  12. Simple question, yes or no? You think King Daddy and his cabal or clean? Minus points awarded for spin and "the Clintons" We're talking about, King Daddy, my POTUS.
  13. How many here have read the entire Mueller Report and not just viewed a media synopsis of such (raise your hand)? I have. OT have you? OT I do grant that you're one that expects hard prosecutical evidence for everything. Not a bad idea and the Mueller Report did not present enough evidence to provide that. But many if not most here, you included, have otherwise in other instances exercised the "smell test" when it comes to assigning guilt. So - The Report documents the following actions (each of which is analyzed in detail in Part II):
  14. Word on the street is that Chelsea did it. Dressed in a prison guard's uni to gain access to the jail and then w/ a wink and nod (and flashing her "Deep State" badge) was allowed to kill him. Bill & Hill dropped her off and picked her up after the deed was done. Whisked her away and then they all celebrated w/ mucho laughs at Outback over a meal of Shrimp on the Barbie and of course a Bloomin Onion. The above is like what y'all will hear on Fox/Breitbart/Infowars, etc. and far too many will lap it up.........FACT
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