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  1. If you've planted a lot the blossoms are good eats deep fried.
  2. Perpetual motion machine? Gopher it. You'll make gazillions.
  3. General statement. Not directed specifically at you MTO.
  4. Saw it on the interweb. Gotta be an H.
  5. Replace "badges" w/ "source".
  6. How TF did Marxism get into the conversation? What is happening in dairy and many many other sectors is Free Market Capitalism operating unchecked. Don't get me wrong Capitalism is the best economic system yet devised but its core guiding principles possesses NO consideration of how it impacts society in general.
  7. UPDATE: Forget the vinegar. This got me thinking and I went and wetted a piece of Bedford oolitic w/ white vinegar, 5% acetic acid. Nothing immediately. Behaves like I used HCL on dolomite......it did slightly effervesce to a knife scratch. I got some Kona dolomite around here somewhere but given the response from the Bedford it would prob take forever to see a reaction even of a knife scrape.
  8. Oolites or "oolitic" is a textural and not compositional term. Oolities are very small calcium carbonate near spheres. They're kinda the equivalent of pearls as they're formed by concentric layers of calc carb deposited around a nucleating particle. Formed in near shore environments where wave action of calc carb rich water promotes their formation. They're among the cleanest limestones you'll ever run across. The oolitic limestones quarried from Bloomington IN south to around Bedford are iconic. If you're in mid-America and you see limestone window sills and lintels you can pretty much bet they came from south-central IN. Indiana Limestone in the town of Oolitic on 37 used to let you rummage through their scrap pile. At least if you told the office you were a geologist interested in some specimens.....LOL. Can't say I know for sure but I don't know what would prevent an oolitic limestone from being diagenetically altered to becoming dolomitic?
  9. Hmmm..... Marbles are carbonates (limestones or dolomites) that have been metamorphosed. Not impossible but unusual for un-meta carbonates located close to metas (marbles). Also would be odd to quarry metas and sell for Ag purposes. Even though they're the same chem composition I would think the much harder marble wouldn't break down nearly as easily as limestone/dolomite. Re: the HCL go to your hardware or big box and buy it (muriatic acid). That stuff's usually 15% - 30%. The 10% use I referenced is general. The point is you want it relatively weak. Actually you can get similar results w/ vinegar but the reactions would take longer. If a person really wanted to know and didn't mind being a PITA they could ask for the main office phone number. Someone should know the formal name of the unit they're mining.
  10. Not trying to nitpick but a complete solid solution series exists between "limestone" and "dolomite". The end member minerals are calcium carbonate (CaCO3) and Magnesite (MgCO3). Each cation can substitute for the other in any percentage - Cax%Mgy%(CO3).
  11. What NoMoJD said about the fizz test is a good indicator. I put a drop of 10% HCL on the stone. If it fizzes it's limestone. If it doesn't I make a knife scratch and drop again. If that fizzes it's a dolmitic carbonate. If that doesn't fizz it's one of about 300+ other rock types. New Englander's on the right track too. The quarry should know the formation name they're working in. A cursory review of VT's strat column shows a lot of the carbonate units are dolmitic which tells me there's good chance you'd find a substantial amount of Mg++ present in most supplies. https://mrdata.usgs.gov/geology/state/fips-unit.php?state=VT Not surprising there'd be a lot of Mag in your area. The Taconian, Acadian, and Alleghanian orogenies tortured the east coast and the placement of igneous plutons and up-thrusted metamorphics supplied a lot of available Mg++ which then produced primary dolomite or diagenetically altered existing Ca++ carbonates into Ca++/Mg++ carbonates.
  12. and.... https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/9336938/Horizontal-stripes-really-do-make-you-look-fat.html
  13. I would think that the time facial covering wearing would impact reduced immunity from other pathogens would be quite long. Don't have evidence, just an opinion.
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    Ok MTO look at it this way. Peep is lazy for typing "people" or "person". Four keystrokes of 2 letters convey the same two words. Ya type a "P" then double on the "E", and end w/ another "P" and voila, done.
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