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  1. When AM was all we had

    SAY WHAT???!!!
  2. When AM was all we had

    Like Smoker says. WLS w/ Larry Lujack AND Dick Biondi.
  3. CAD software?

    20+ years has learned me that what is economical in the short term disappears in the long. Thru time I've spent > $2000 on a number of pocketbook friendly platforms that appear then disappear. I'm not aware of a "free" AutoCAD. At work we use MicroStation. It's full featured but for the home user it's prohibitively expensive.
  4. Putting a old tractor on a large pipe pedestal

    Ran across these a few years back
  5. Happy birthday IHrunner

    Sounds like you had a HAPPY B-Day Rye!
  6. The saying goes , A bad day of fishing is better then--

    The charter guys on Lake Michigan told me a story. They were heading from Saugatuck across the lake to Wisconsin. Set the auto-pilot and they went to the back deck and sat down in a couple of chairs doing this and that. About an hour or so into the trip the NOAA buoy (3-meters tall) moored in the center of the lake suddenly came zooming by about 8 - 10 feet from the boat. Dave said him and Bill looked at each other, changed their underwear, and both got back in the cabin at the controls for the rest of the trip.
  7. Oldtech and Farmerboy3

    Happy B-day guys!
  8. What USED to sell newspapers?

    Serious question - If not the "MSM" what sources of information are acceptable as being unbiased truth? Please respond w/ actual sources/links/blogs/etc.
  9. What's your favorite snack

    Castelvetrano olives and/or the tiny tiny Brisling sardines on any type of cracker.
  10. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    I guess if it were me I'd contact my State representatives. I'm sure they had, or could have, some say in this project. For Albion they'd be - John Bizon (R), 62nd District 517.373.0555 Mike Nofs (R), 19th District 517.373.2426
  11. A waste of Michigan Tax dollars

    Back in 94, 95? I worked on the rebuild of the Superior Street bridge over the Kazoo. Before that we built the 2 pedestrian bridges over the Kazoo on Erie Street, and after that the bridge over the other branch of the Kazoo farther east on Erie. One solution for these types of historical preservations would be for MDOT to provide funding levels for a normal reconstruction and anything above and beyond that is the responsibility of the local authorities. Of course that doesn't solve the issue of the incompatibility of brick and heavy truck traffic. Nor does it make sense for a city's main street (Superior) as the primary route for trucks. A bypass to the east would make sense but make it longer for east bound I-94 heading south on 99.
  12. 2017 wis. dairy results

    $1.60 here today. A couple of weeks ago it was $1.09.
  13. A sad reminder for those of you with skid steers to be careful
  14. What other vehicles do you remember from school?

    Don't know the exact year but the school had a late 50's Chevy stepside pick-em-up truck. They parked it facing a brick wall of the boiler house. You needed a key for it to start and run but if you put it in gear you could make it lurch by hitting the starter button on the floor. Our Boy Scout Troop met at the school in the old gym near the boiler house. Every week we had great fun bangin that Chevy into that brick wall. Nothing was damaged and we never got caught.
  15. Happy birthday TP from central Pa

    Ringing in the New Year w/ a new year and TP's B-day.