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  1. Atilathehun99

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    Doesn't surprise me!
  2. Atilathehun99

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    I understand your disagreement but don't agree w/ it. As noted above the USPS in it's guidance says that the placement of rural mailboxes are subject to recommended specifications AND other factors which could include the carrier's needs. I don't know if your commonly deal w/ Gov't regulations. I do and I find there is almost in every instance some language that gives an authoritative body (in this case the local Postmaster) discretion to deviate on a case-by-case basis from general agency guidance. Like it or not that's the way it is. Let me ask you this and you may not know the answer. How many other's on this carrier's route have had similar problems? If many then the carrier probably needs to adjust to serve their customers. If just a few it makes sense that they make the necessary changes. IMHO it's been my experience if the Gov't is involved there are many looking for the most insignificant of things just to play the part of the victim and pick a fight.
  3. Atilathehun99

    Parliamentary procedures, Roberts rules of order

    IMHO and w/ all due respect what I read in above is largely the definition by many as "The Swamp" (aka "Good Old Boys) and what some might deem "Deep State" mentality? But of course if those terms only apply to persons on the National stage, and not local, then please disregard my comment.
  4. Atilathehun99

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    Let me help you out here. I can sell you something you need less than that but the upside is I'll charge you less than that? Let me look around and see what I need to throw away what I can bear to part with.
  5. Atilathehun99

    Skid steer backhoe attachment

    I don't know nothing about Case skid steers. Does the 1840 have enough pump for the auxilliary backhoe?
  6. Atilathehun99

    Love my new doctor

    Don't get me started on contact metasomatism.
  7. Atilathehun99

    RFD Delivery??????????????

    From Postal Bulletin 22310 - "Generally mailboxes should be installed at a height of 41 - 45 inches from the road surface to the bottom of the mailbox or point of mail entry. Mailboxes are set back 6–8 inches from the front face of the curb or road edge to the mailbox door. However, because of varying road and curb conditions and other factors, the Postal Service recom­mends that customers contact their local Post Office™ before erecting or replacing mailboxes and supports."
  8. Atilathehun99

    Rooskie - NRA

  9. Atilathehun99

    source for new shoes

    I remember those heavy canvas/rubber waders from yesteryear. They were hot in the fair weather trout fishing (anything below water level was cool, anything above was hot) and when it got to about 50 to 40 F water temp while duck hunting you got cold unless you were wearing good thermal underwear. I don't duck hunt anymore but when I went to lightweight breathable foot stockings for trout fishing it was like the advent of sliced bread. BTW 15's? Who you think you are, Shaq?
  10. Atilathehun99

    Friends/students of yours, Runner?

    [^^^proved much of my point] Now if you'll excuse me I have to take my Geritol, fiber, a full handful of meds and other supplements, and determine if I need to purchase more Depends. All in the short time between now and sunset at which I need to be in bed. G'nite Rye!!
  11. Atilathehun99

    Friends/students of yours, Runner?

    Got boxes of em. I'd rather irritate than kill.
  12. Atilathehun99

    Friends/students of yours, Runner?

    LOL. Don't worry about me my young good friend. I've seen a lot in this world that you've yet to experience. Don't worry I don't fault anyone for things they have no control over. Free pass in calling me whatever you want in response to that. When I was your age I heard the same/similar words and took umbrage to them as you may or might not. Later in life I've come to understand more what those "elders" meant. I know there's a lot of guys here that know what I'm talking about. You'll be there down the road
  13. Atilathehun99

    Friends/students of yours, Runner?

    Four pumps on the Crossman 100 gets their attention and produces welts. Deterrence? No. Never ending returning targets? Yes.
  14. Atilathehun99

    Friends/students of yours, Runner?

    Fitting. Cheesy snacks are Orange too, are they not?
  15. Atilathehun99

    Friends/students of yours, Runner?

    LOL. Have your fun Runner, someone should. Someone else has had a VERY bad day