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  1. If they quit all that high fiving over such Herculean tasks as successfully screwing in a clevis pin, not tipping a D-10 over on a 5-degree slope, and the like......they'd add 10 - 20 ounces a day.
  2. Mitch on Gold Rush would have that loader up and feeding Sluicifier again in about an hour.
  3. Hmmm.....thinking about another guy who cheated on his wife/wives? Big tall guy.... Loud mouth New Yorker.... Used to have a reality TV show.... Tried pushing his own brand of steaks and wine.... Started a phony "university" and had to pay big $$$ to those who were scammed.... Had an airline that went belly up..... Dang, what is that guy's name???
  4. I only replied to you so that this picture is posted twice.
  5. My input- A "gold" colored coin is NOT a "gold coin". Is it judgemental?....No Does it suggest some "political agenda?.....No It's just IMHO, that a "gold colored" coin not comprised of gold is nothing more than a coin that appears to be "goldish" to the eye.
  6. Didn't even need the labels. Shades of brown is the tip off of not being of NA (means"North American") origin. Rare to non-existent colors of flint here.
  7. Until about 18 - 20 years ago around here we had Quality Farm & Fleet. TSC bought em out and they've been TSC since. Nothing much changed in-store except the name outside.
  8. + mixed and poured to the consistency of pea soup and left exposed to the elements in the cold China winter.
  9. I'm no genius but would have to think, if they exist, "gold dollars" would prob be about the size of a tic-tac?
  10. Paper of coin? If coin depending on age it could be worth more than the current dolla. - Just sayin
  11. Get it Rusty. I'm w/ you on minor's being able to make that decision. I still have a prob w/ anyone that who supports legislation that denies any adults, whatever their sexual identification. the same rights that you and I have. These peeps may not prescribe to the same "cup of tea" that I do sexually but they are no less equal citizens of the USA and as such should not have less what all else are Constitutionally granted.
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