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  1. I used a long bar and was able to shift the rails in mine last week, oiled the rails and spring assemblies. I found the shift lever itself was not moving in the little tower. Soaked it in penetrant and got it freed up. Until I geet the rest moving I will leave it stiff for now.
  2. Adding air to the tires may help, the 766 my brother has will break those if you accidentally let it wheel hop under a heavy pull. I think we have done at least 5 studs in the time it has been owned by us and my brother does not pull it hard anymore.
  3. That is exactly what it should have looked like. All the rest of the parts also look the same. Thanks
  4. Just an update. Finally got the engine running, runs out decent. Found a Venturi online. Someone cut the condenser wire inside the distributor. New plugs and just filed the points. Bypassed the wiring temporarily to see if it could run. Bought a solenoid which was missing and new cables. Got the wiring fixed so it will start and run with the key. Had to repair the fuel line and sediment bowl for leaks and the carb plugged the needle and seat. Repairing the hydraulic front mount support base right now as it was cobbled on and appears crooked. Not sure the history on this but the hydraulic on the engine is/was not there so plan to use the current one. The shaft without the pump kinda bounces around making a racket. Started with making a plate to bolt the pump on but wish I had a picture to go by. Old mount is cobbled and cut off. I do not see anything like it on the parts site. Any pointers on getting the alignment right? Was planning on getting it close and rotating the motor over by hand to see how much movement is there. Anyone have any pictures of something like it?
  5. Abbott Northwestern, our grounds is from 26th street south to just below 28th and from 10th ave. west until Chicago + a few buildings outside of that.
  6. I work just south of there below 94 and east of 35 at another hospital. Basically we have gone to ground , being prepared and very cautious. Very different in the corridors with all the security. the first few days it was unnerving traveling the building as you were carefully watched by outside security. After a few days they relaxed with us regulars. Hope your visit went well Dale.
  7. North Hudson Wisconsin. 2 miles north of I 94 where Wisconsin and Minnesota touch. Farm was in the north side of Wabasha County MN. Brother is still on the over century farm.
  8. Check with tractor parts asap they have both that they can get but only stock one of them.
  9. Curious is that a slotted floor from a hog barn I see? My brother filled his in but I am still not sure I would park a cat on it. Good job on the cleaning.
  10. No T/A and no pto but still an interesting tractor. Orchards are rarer but do not know how rare. Almost needs a PTO to be use full, I wonder why they got it without.
  11. I believe I have. Roger , I seem to be working most of the time but I have talked to Ronnie and a few others through the years. Most of the time I hear of someone passing way to late to do anything about it. Your generation were real small when I left the area so did not really get to know you. I have confused feelings about that.
  12. I meant Dennis and Ronnie. Darned auto correct.
  13. Russel is on the family farm diagonal to the south west. I owned the Jones farm between Ronnie’s and Marleys eighty. I cut their grain for several years on all of what innuendo and Dennis had. I was a year behind Omar Dean and Dennis. Heard of the ring farm a lot. Used to give hayride s don to zumbro falls through that valley. YUP good old Bear Valley next to Hxxx coulee.
  14. Sorry for you loss. I farmed next to his farm for many years and knew him well.
  15. VacDaddyt


    X2 he has to pay for his share in MN It is the law.
  16. I was just getting into work , our hospital in Minneapolis was going into What I call Security sensitive lock down monitoring the situation. Insanity, maybe but the feed back I heard was not quite what you think. Please keep the area and Hospitals in your prayers.
  17. I worked at FM when the name of the plant in Lake city changed, for that matter name changed three times, in early 90. We made parts for Clevite right along side the Ih parts on the same manufacturing lines. We did have to change programs in the CNC to match the blue prints or we could get into trouble. A lot of little differences and tolerances held but it may have the same materials but different molds as IH was cut into some of the molds. I also worked in the sleeve division for awhile turning the case hardened sleeves, About as boring as it could get, pun intended. 12 parts per hour through three lathes and a hone.
  18. I think ours came on the farm around 77 I did most of the planting with it up until 91 when I left the partnership. It was still running strong until my brother went to six row. I bought my own and shrank it to 4X30 until I sold out in 94. In the partner ship it was only corn about 200 acres year. Mine I was doing corn and beans. I also worked in town and planted about 80 a year. On thing for sure if you had something in the seed bin it would plant it. Rocks, dirt it didn't matter. Had to make sure you raised it before you stopped or you could plug the tubes.
  19. One of two things he was using a fluid to flush a system, the other would be using a refrigerant( sold in auto parts stores or similar) tank that is supposed to go only on the low side of a system or he created an adapter to go to a standard refrigerant gauge set and opened the high side during operation giving it too much pressure and it burst.
  20. The owners of the machine were able to get the parts from a company that was still in business a few years ago. The photo was from the owners manuals that were provided for repair. I was able to do the job in two days with the first day exploring how to repair one of the wheels. I did an educated guess as to which of the halves went out side with it being the smaller diameter ones. Was simple enough but the worst was pulling the rears as they extend into the drive box and there is a couple seals to be careful of also I dropped the wheel bearing on the front idlers and greased them. I refilled the gear boxes afterwards. I do not have any of their manuals or parts as I gave everything back to them. The old wheels you could barely touch and the would fall apart. The new wheels were some sort of plastic that was extremely wear resistant. They were happy to get it back and it runs fine. Have not heard any comments back about it since.
  21. One more thing to add, How old is the liner in the hose? My 180 I was having those problems and found the cable inside the liner has a spot three feet ion the would conduct the electricity before the replaceable tip. Changed the inside part with a new one that was universal for length and have not had problems since.
  22. I use a numbered and lettered drill set to get the correct dimensions.
  23. Factory. FIL had one diesel , hydro and might have been a high utility. I still have his IH service and parts books for it. He traded it for a Ford 5000 around 1983.
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