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  1. The mill is the same as the 1150. We put a 14x45 silo worth of ear corn through ours every year until 93 from new. I also ground between 18-20 ton of feed each week. We had changed the hammers twice wearing all four corners off. Like every one mentioned before the unloading auger is the weak part. We had an extensions to reach four ton bulk bins. A 3/16 screen and wheat oat mix will bring a 766 running 100 horse down to the governor setting if you feed it too heavy.
  2. I am going to also add there is different depths machine where the pump bolts to the cover so getting everything set can be hard and yes mine made the noise but I came up with the correct gear. Good luck , you almost need to start from scratch.
  3. Won't have to worry after a few times putting the screws back in with a drill or screw gun. I have seen two year old equipment with the panels falling off, you have to either re-drill holes or get larger screws and then repeat again a year or so down the road.
  4. Utility drawbar with the extra step is so the PTO to drawbar pin hole distance is correct.
  5. I bought the gasket at Case IH. Get down to the block and take two bolts out diagonally. Get bolts that are 1/2 to 3/4 inch longer and put them in the two empty holes. Then take out the other two and loosen up the longer ones. I think I did it in two steps. Once apart, gently pull out the guts making sure you keep the parts in the correct order--pictures help. The screen to clean is under what looks like a very large flat blade screw. Unscrew it and clean. If there is still a little steel ball in the end, remove and throw away. Hopefully the screen does not fall apart when removing. I used furnace drills from a hardware store to clean the small hole. If I remember correctly is is around .040.
  6. Should do just fine for those jobs. We used one much older. It was not until soybeans that it had to be upgraded.
  7. Not sure compression fittings will hold back 1400 PSIG pressure.
  8. Larger valves for sure than a 560. Press fit sleeves at a serial number break in the motor. There is more I am sure. My 706 I feel had a 560 motor in it when I had it. A good mechanic could not get it past 66 horsepower on a dyno just after a major over haul with out smoking like a freight train going up hill. I left it down there but you couldn't sometimes see the difference between my 560 gas with 706 pistons in it on the pto, but could out work the 560 any day pulling.
  9. Leave tires on if possible, could be thousand pounds. Two six by and a twelve ton jack will pick a side up easily. but you should be able to do the brakes with it on the ground. level ground if possible. Cab and the loader will make it a challenge.
  10. Originally steel, Called cut downs. Rims were sourced and just welded to the spokes after cutting steel wheel rim off. Usually 36" rims. At least ours was.
  11. As far as running heavy I 94 has scales and cameras built into the road east bound from Hudson Wi so you would get caught if the flag was big enough.
  12. If it is like the 560 there is one bolt in the middle on the bottom inside a cover plate that you have to lay under it to find.
  13. Danny see if I got this correct because something in my mind is just not quite right, at first I though it was backwards. The bridge you see in the first pic is the Hwy 60 bridge and the road behind your truck and trailer to the left is County 1. correct? And the ball field is straight behind both am I correct. So the steeper slope is to the right where you get a good view of the fireworks. They must also use that location to launch the fire works. I get back there every so often.
  14. That part helps hold the park pawl linkage in place. Just change the part, two bolts I believe.
  15. Not reverse band, none of it shaped like that. Looks like the back part of the park brake bracket. Had mine completely apart in December.
  16. Not sure where you are at but the lots around Stillwater MN are near full to capacity. Did not see much for larger pickups though.
  17. Ever notice it takes a lot more work to get a bad weld off than good weld--
  18. OK we have a lot of snow along the Mississippi River in MN-Wi and have seen enough rattlers on certain bluffs that you stay away from them. We also get the Tornadoes fires and a few others on your list.
  19. VacDaddyt


    I know we had some patches and few that are as large as some of the ones shown, we usually only picked up maybe pick up box full a year but the relative's of my wife over by Appleton Wi had rock rakes and a D6 with a rock blade on it. They made fences by pushing them up to the fence row. Eventually they sold the rocks. We visited one year and they took us to their hunting cabin. Nice little 10 person bunk house sitting on one rock large enough to park a car on it also. They added maybe 6 inches to get it level. Wish I had pictures.
  20. I have fittings that will go on the original fittings that are 90s and other assorted fittings, but have slowed down working on A/C a lot.
  21. Some one put them on the wrong fitting. Large hose should be blue and smaller red.
  22. Inner seals inside one or both of the cylinder leaking through willdo that also.
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