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  1. Has any one mentioned that maybe there is a defective coupler/tip or even a wrong one?
  2. Nice when it works out that way!
  3. Not as much lugging power was the largest complaint. 221 cu inches and a "square" stroke to bore. Very good on the blower as that was where ours was until the 766 showed up.
  4. Based off the H transmission. We had a 460 and a 560. We did the heavy stuff with the 560 and lighter stuff 460. Still have the 460 as it has a lot more creature comforts than the H. If used for what it is built for a good tractor for in the late 1950s.
  5. Demonstration was put on well overall. I liked the plowing with the different models. There were a couple tractors that were having issues due to likely sitting too long or bad fuel. I am partial to the smaller bottoms in how neat they leave the soil afterwards. A couple plows I felt were a touch to big for the but getting that many lined up probably was a challenge.
  6. That pull type did the best job plowing.
  7. Or it could be from a corn binder. My first though was from a grain binder, but it looks really heavy and I recall something like it on the corn binder when dad sold it years ago, but am not sure.
  8. Have the grounds dried out any? I am not keen on the idea of driving 1 1/2s hour to find it a big soup bowl of mud tomorrow.
  9. Ok if the other head has a different shape for the gasket, then his fire crate domes need to fit up inside the head or there is a clearance issue there. I ran into this buying a used head which turned out to be from a 656 or 706. A lot going on there.
  10. Over travel on the spool, maybe broken spring parts? I have carefully tapped them back into place and reused over the years. The garter spring and the collar for it are on that end.
  11. I agree with this being a problem. My 560 I had to get different covers because there is a change there also. Luckily I had parts tractor for some of the parts but not all. good luck.
  12. Is the carrier moving back to the rear of tractor in the video? It is my belief there should not be that much play there. As things get worn some times and extra tad bit of adjustment travel is needed. MY 560 was engaging the engine clutch first and then the TA when letting up the clutch pedal when set by the book. Too many loose shafts and bushings. I have not gone back to repair this yet.
  13. Curious, I know there were high utility versions of the 656 (FIL had one) but I think there was a 544 too. But really my question is did the High crop 966 and other large frame tractors come Hydro in the High Crop format?
  14. Sounds good. My brother has our Dads 460 that he bought new and that has never been one of the things that needed attention. Burned the valves a few times but the only hitch related thing was the sway control
  15. Curious about the lift cylinder. Is that to get more height?
  16. yep I got ahead of myself with reading.
  17. Look at the splines that go into the clutch pressure plate on the pto side to see how bad they are worn. That also run the hydraulics.
  18. The history of the century farm my dad had and now younger brother is of change. Land was managed differently in the 60s. He had a lot more pasture and cattle. Tractor wise he had a M that was "souped up" and when the 400 came out was talked into one. Well the 400 could not do the work so the 400 was "souped up". He purchased one of each a 460 and a 560 within about a year of each other but I can't remember which one was new and the other used. They were the newer ones with the over center PTO so newer. His comment was about the 560 was at least he did not have to push the clutch in when chopping which was where the horsepower was taken to the limit at that time as not as much tillage done. As I grew up we raise more crops and in 69 he bought a Uni- system to chop which took a load off the 560. We had at that time a 230, 240, 400, 460 and a 560. The tillage was taken away in 73 when Dad bought a 766 Diesel which was a first for him. The 400 was traded on the Uni which was a mistake and when he went to get it back it was already gone. More livestock and land comes in the 80 and the 560 was let go for a 686. I still have a 560 and my brother bought one to replace dads. Dad has been gone since 2003 and my brother on the farm has gotten a lot of the older tractors back we used to own but he is mostly cash crop now and the 560 is one of the chore tractors. The 560 could drink gas when under heavy use but under low load it dropped back to around 2.5 gallons gas and would start at the drop of a hat.
  19. Yes there is a lot of waste. The liability issue is a very real thing. We sterilize a very large amount of equipment daily to keep our 50 or so operating rooms going plus the clinics that do out patient surgery. The cost that some of these supplies is less than the cost of sterilizing. I believe the sterilizing staff is close to 50 people for the shifts. We have a high pressure steam plant. Then there is in the maintenance world that we have to change filters on the air handlers 4 times a year on the Pre filters and then twice on the finals. Some of the units have four banks of filters. The surgery air handler filter banks are 40 feet wide by 8 feet tall alone and there is several units. As one example. We use a compactor and a screw type to reduce space. Card board is to be separated and recycled. Other waste goes to the Dakota county incinerator and burned to make steam with what can be utilized that way. Throw away gowns are a big issue as we have the linen processed at a separate location. I think there is several compactors at our site managed by a different section of the hospital. We are a 600 bed hospital and there is always construction going on which add to this amount.
  20. Could you re-clock the starter barrel, Like and alternator, moving the switch downward? I it might be a possibility.
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