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  1. Missed that was mentioned earlier.
  2. unless it is bolted down.
  3. I have seen people strap a child's snow slide toboggan under the hitch, ones that will roll up. Seriously we put 16.9 on our 686 and that helped a lot.
  4. Parts came in.... and one of the hoses, the end that is pushed into the base of the filter has been smashed flat. Just got to love parts handlers...
  5. He is also not dirty enough to be at the cursing stage. Just mildly inconvenienced. Mine usually go like this- engine oil cooler lines leaking on the Suburban- order hoses- get hoses-take old ones off- put the new ones on underneath engine- find the fitting that goes into radiator are a different size, have to put old ones back on because I can't close the garage door. Meanwhile the oily grease from the leak is all painted over my arms and shirt. Now I am not happy and the store does not know if the other set labeled for the Suburban are the right ones, either way they have to order them. To be continued in a back yard garage in Wisconsin.
  6. Ok there is a gasket on the C263 and the D282 so I' m thinking there is one on the crank to block. Make sure you use a silicone sealer on the bolts or it will/can leak through the bolts of the flywheel.
  7. Dad would pull the sickle. Open the foot vice so the section would just slide through but the bar would rest on the vise and then hit the back if the section with a ball peen, dropping the sections on the floor and pulling the bar down until done. Then on the anvil with a punch drive the rivets. He then on the anvil put the sections on and peen them over. If I remember correctly a 7 foot could be done in 45 minutes.
  8. Yes the T/A was great but try cutting hay with a 990 on a hillside with a Super H and the field is full of pocket gopher mounds and Badger holes. Having an independent pto was Heaven. Makes a new meaning to having your act together. Shift , start pto, drive, raise and lower haybine (990 was much better than the PT10) and hang on all at once. One more note none of our fields were square because of the contour strips.
  9. Both Iowa and sno correct on filter. Round object to the right in first picture is the screen that only opens if the filter is plugged bypassing the filter. It should be put in the new filter before putting the cover on. They can be a pain sometimes. Steering assist is a small piston connected to a very expensive rack between your legs when sitting on the tractor. The rack helps the right side cam/lever move when turning. Same unit is used on 300,350, and 460 utilities only. I have had two that were broken and for awhile you could not get parts. Recently saw ASAP or some one else with the part. My 300 U is about worn out and does strange things when backing up, but that repair is for a later date.
  10. One thing I keep coming back to is the settings for the D and S firmly set in their detents.
  11. I need clarification here. I was taught that this is considered a modified open center system. The unloader valve moving changes the flow with little pressure to flow with pressure when the pilot circuit of the valve is changed through the recesses of the valve spool being changed when you move the valve control handle. Or was I taught wrong. Here is some info from the service manuals.
  12. I got fittings and went right on the plate the pump is mounted to also but this sounds like either the valve bodies are junk or the pressure block or both if the given you said about pump was replaced. One plug is for the power steering the second for the main pump. I should also add maybe you restricted it too much and blew the pump which I have heard from past mechanics, been told it can be destroyed in seconds. Not sure I can add any more. Sounds weird that you can get pressure occasionally but not steady.
  13. Not sure if mentioned but there will not be pressure until the pilot circuit is activated, so 500 at idle with no valve actuation is OK. It is designed to go on pressure of 12-1300 when a valve is moved only. If the screen and orifice is drilled too large to compensate for wear in the spools of the valves you may get what is happening. I have not had one get that far yet. Put gauge on and pull the lever and watch the gauge when the valve is dead headed, if it goes to 12-1300 then it is not a pump or pressure relief problem.
  14. I agree with snoshoe.. Meant the block you are working in/on. I have a original book on repairs somewhere. The basis is that the pump does not go onto pressure until a pilot passageway in the valve tells it to. Gauges is best to know where it is at.
  15. Woodmans in Eua Claire has a lot of unique foods also.
  16. You are too far south, I would have said Nelson Cheese factory otherwise.
  17. 17 with the extension on the filter is more than they need for normal work. Have you checked the "S" or "D" of the valve positions. There could be leakage. With the washer you made sure not to block the ports in the base? The flow divider block could be worn out or have scoring that by passes. Seem like if I remember there is a O-Ring involved also. Does the pump sound like it is laboring when being used? Gauges. Did you buy both pumps new or just the larger one?
  18. I did not have to remove the heat shield or manifold on mine.
  19. Does your cultivator have the large alignment disk on it to keep it straight ahead. If so either they have to be removed or let the hitch float. You will keep on breaking stuff. Ours had two and the biggest thing we were told when we bought it was once you get it on the row don't look back again.
  20. I have seen videos of people using them to put fire wood in the shed.
  21. I dunno, but one farm we rented the spray did not work, and the quack had taken over a 5 acre small field. The Danish tool did noting except plug. Dad and I mounted the two row cultivators on the 230 and the 240. When we got though the field it looked like a mold board plow had gone through there. The corn was 8-10 inches tall and the dirt with grass heaped up was almost even with it. It is al about how aggressive the cultivator is.
  22. VacDaddyt


    Our 240 the roll pin in the last knuckle sheared off.
  23. Has any one mentioned that maybe there is a defective coupler/tip or even a wrong one?
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