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  1. A little safety here. Most people do not understand the 15 psi rule on acetylene. If you need more gas when you reach 15 it is time for changes of your equipment as there can be dangerous unwanted explosion. Was setting up a cutting station at a high school and had to get a manifold set up with multiple tanks and proper sized piping. Also the separation of the acetone and acetylene does not happen correctly as you "bleed" it out of solution.
  2. Buy another one that has all the missing parts.
  3. Great Job!! What did you use to clean with? This is the first auto for me and I have enough time to work on it. I am going to start in on a 92 4L80E next week when I am off. Some one was in it before and I need to correct some missing parts and things that were reused that has grooves in but not very good. Got lots of gunk in spots. You got by cheap at that price. The kit(higher quality disks and plates bands etc. with a few other problems like wiring issues is a tad over 900 with the rebuilt valve body. still have the converter, pump, internal switch and rear transmission mount to go. Probably 3-500 for that. Still it is cheaper than buying a different truck that may or may not have the same problem a week after buying. You oil passage area looks simpler than mine.
  4. Studded tire - great on ice doesn't significantly help in looser snow Absolutely illegal here, unless on a ice racer that you trailer.
  5. I will start at just before the partnership with a list of both. SA,H,SH, M, 230,240,300,404,504,574,(4) 400 gas and diesel (2) 450,(2) 460,(6) 560,686 German, 706(282),766, 3688,1466 for the partnership 11 tractors at one time. Combines is we started with a IH 64 went to a Uni System 710 and IH 315 at the short time later. G Gleaner came when the 710 broke. Bought a Uni 717, far superior to the previous ones. Brother bought a New Holland TR70 first and then two 8?and maybe a 9? series as I was leaving the operation( he had three along the way), He now has a JD95?? Brother is on the Over Century farm yet and has the JD combine and most of the later tractors dad bought new. 230,240,460, 766 and the 3688 now turboed. He also has a 1586.We had a chopper and picker also for the uni. 686 was the lemon of the bunch and cracked the 400 D head twice.
  6. Farmed in a partnership with father and brother from 78 to 91; 70 cows in 33 stall barn, 30 head beef a year, farrow to finish around a 1000 head hogs a year, 200 layer hens , 28 sheep; owned 160,dad had 240 rented another 500, we had livestock on three farms. Since then welded staircases, laid off, assembled subway booths, shredded cheese, worked at Federal Mogul machining pistons and sleeves for 9 years, went back to school for HVAC/R, worked five years in that. Taught HVAC/R for 9 years laid off due to low numbers. Work at Abbot Hospital cleaning and repairing 128 ice machines and repairing refrigeration and HVAC/R equipment. Now supervisor at the same for 28 people across three shifts in the hospital ( a tad bit over 3 million square feet) , training and managing supplies etc. Still wrench on tractors and vehicles. Have a 560 I mostly have rebuilt and just bought a 300 U that needs a lot of help.
  7. yup.. We bought a 1466 and got talked into a 5-20 model 720. We sank it in the sod and could not keep the front down so a bottom got pulled off. My dad did not want to move weights around and did not want to buy more. It could pull it but going down to 4 meant we could pull it faster.
  8. This one appears to be red painted over with yellow( some numbering on hood indicates business use). It is flaking off and if I was not tied up trying to figure the transmission problem out on the Suburban(if the frame and body was not in such good shape I would scrap it) would have seen how much would come off with a pressure washer when it was above freezing. I have reversed the rear wheels and tried to start it but only got as far as turning it over . I need a better supply of gas. I found a venturi and got that put together. Did a basic check of ignition but need to go deeper as it wouldn't fire the first try. Wiring is missing the starter solenoid but have been using an old screw driver. I might disable the front pump for the hydraulics so the engine can turn over faster and easier, clutch is stuck so neutral for now. Not enough day light hours and my paying job gets in the way. Oh well.
  9. Over all a decent little tractor for the creature comforts. Comparing to a 460-a tad bit better hydraulics and three point if equipped. Will not pull as much as a 460 but is cheaper to operate. Cannot have the engine rebuilt as easy as a 460 because of the parent bore block. Buzz power with the high RPM motor. Just a light duty tractor that will run a long time if not abused. I liked the one I had but needed a 560 which I got instead for plowing etc.
  10. Exhaust was up right for a long time, long enough that the bolt heads on the elbow are almost rounded off with rust. This tractor is a jig saw puzzle. I took the rest of the sheet metal off the engine and found extra resistors and condensers and a rats nest of wiring. Took the carb off because the fuel line was cut and it looked like mud daubers were at work. Did not find a venturi even though the recess is for it. Dirt and grime through most of the passageways. Did they not put a venturi in some models? Or do I need to find one. I was going to see if it runs before I dig too deep. I did get three or four gallons of water out of the trans before it freezes up. I did find some hytran in each of the three compartments. More as I dig.
  11. Just dragged this home. Will need a lot of work. At least the engine is loose, but was dismayed when they tilted it loading and water ran out of one of the rear axles. I will have to get everything drained but likely that will let things rust. The rear hitch was unexpected. Tires are weather checked and round. Got rid of the roll bar to get it inside. Usually don't see a front pump only-might not stay that way. I am beginning to think I should take it apart first and see what needs to be done I know the clutch isn't right and the front end rear support needs help. Probably should get the top of the trans off to see how rusty. They said it was inside for years, If you believe that I got some swamp land to sell you. The only problem is my C2500 trans started to slip when backing in the drive, that may have to come first.
  12. Been casually following this and just realized you could have sucked something solid into the chamber .Should be able to look into the area through the spark plug hole and see the top of the pistons when up partially.
  13. That many miles I would put it on a deck over on blocks and let it rip down the road.
  14. I have seen three, two on truck and a trailer behind. I guess that makes four.
  15. Would need the filter number also.
  16. 460 who is making the hydraulic filter extension kit now? I tried looking but the co quit.
  17. Looks like the previous owner bailed out of the truck at the right time---or had premonitions that it was going south in a hurry. Wow I feel for you. I am looking at a larger tow unit and now am wondering if I should shove a 454 in my early nineties suburban.
  18. Famous last words. Just wait until the pain and suffering have gotten foggy and you will right back in for another project.
  19. Have any of you worked on the track system of Hydra Mac Commander 4200? The upgraded wheels this person needs changed out and it appears to be not a bad job. Drop the track and remove and replace. Rear drive wheel will likely be the worst. I found out the unit has not been started in a few years(thinking three). Can I drag this out of the lean to it is stored in or do I have to get the engine running first. Or if I do drag it use rollers.From one of the work orders I saw in their manuals was they had to get the rings wet with oil to get it start in the nineties. Kubota Diesel. I told them to get new filters and battery charged. My first thought was to get it on a trailer and to my shop but am now thinking I might do the work of the tracks in their lean to. Will be a touch crowded but have had worse conditions to work in before. Before anyone says buy new this thing I doubt has 150 hours on it and it looks like it also. I have never seen a used loader that looks this nice. The wheel damage looks like it came from orange sized rocks getting into the mechanism. I am mostly worried about trying to move it with out engine running, or do you think getting the engine running is simple.
  20. Just from being around those It will make getting on from the back a lot harder so keep an open mind about it. I have also heard that they work ok but not as good as a tractor with a original three point.
  21. I miss the old days in the 70s my dad would take us to the horse pulls over by Northfield MN. was great watching pull stone boats. Even got to ride the boat sometimes.
  22. I am not sure but believe the Fast Hitch is rated around 2700 Lbs. I know I have picked up wet round bales that two different loaders could not, I believe way over 2000 Lbs Holding the front down can be a problem but I had a 2001 loader on at the time. Pulled 4/16 for years with it with 1000 Lb hanging out front thought it felt the same handling weight as our 686 with 3 point. Of course you don't have to fill the tanks all the way, I know it may mean another trip to the tank. 674 will be light on the front way before the 560.
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