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  1. That is the auction. I have been watching some of the smaller IH. Do not see many diesel 504 up here. I let one of my 560 go and would like something smaller to putter around with. Some are missing parts I do not think you will find easily. I really should move a car to Nebraska and some other stuff they got from my brothers estate.
  2. Anyone going to the J.Laper auction east of the Dells in WI. I am not familiar with the auctioneer. What was his equipment like? It appears some were repaired while others were waiting for repair and missing parts. I am still considering it but it is a three hour drive.
  3. I believe it goes by how many posts you have created and answered.
  4. If it is a true 460 the spindle size is smaller. Everything else will ft.
  5. VacDaddyt

    IH #70 plow

    The long land side on the back is to keep the plow from going crossways in looser ground. Leave it.
  6. I buy a lot of parts on the internet now. Interesting comment on the nuke plant- I bet not a one of them(pump) is not changed out every few years- at least my son who works one tells about the refits that happen often. I doubt that 2% of the pumps have failed like yours and mine since that style pump set up was created for the 560 type series back in the early fifties and then mostly because someone did not do the maintenance on them. Sound like yours most likely froze and cracked the pump mount base similar to what my one 560 has done. Tough time getting the right cover plate to get the gears to mesh correctly. Just a thought, If a person was to pipe from the rear drain of the housing to a filter/ water separator through the filter cover you might get the system to have oil to the pump at all times, I have thought about it but don't feel it would make it better.
  7. In around 1980 dad had filled one corn silo with a bit wet moisture corn, wet rainy miserable harvest. Well one of the sows would go and drink from the puddle by the drain every day. It would run over there when we let them behind the dairy to clean up ground feed spilled, No longer able to do that when he went grade A. Well the piglets were drunk when they were born a few days late r and could not hardly stand and we had a sow that we had to sober up by penning her away from the silo.
  8. It should be like my 560's. There is a counter bore in the tractor cast part that the tube slides into. The last seal I got from Case/IH was not the same umbrella type but a metal cup with sealing material on it. This had to be tapped into the counter bore with the tube pulled out towards the pump extra so it would bottom out in the pump and then slide towards the filter. It would not just slip in place like the umbrella type. Both of my tractors the friction fit was real tight, but movable, so it will not bounce back when installed. I was able to look through the oil passageway from the filter side as I mentioned before to see if it was lined up correctly. The seal on the tube is installed with the cup towards the pump. The vacuum from the pump will pull it farther into the counter bore. This counter bore is 5 or so inches inside the tractor(width of the pump and a inch or so. Good luck.
  9. We kept a 1/2 ,9/16 and a bunch of shear pins for the baler. We had a 12 inch crescent wrench in the slot of the seat base for latching the brakes. 9/16 was for unjamming the gear shift when in too big of a hurry
  10. This is great as I have been working on a similar problem on a 560, which seems to work but if you drive it around it slowly loses the power steering. I will only add that if you take the oil filter cover off and use a good flash light you can see if the tube with the seal is seated into the pump when the pump is mounted. You cannot see if the seal is in the counter bore from that side though which is where I also feel it could be sucking air. Also the seal is installed so the lip is pulled towards the filter if that has not been mentioned.
  11. VacDaddyt

    NY Bill O

    I think maybe I under stated the slippery, try it when it is snowing out.
  12. VacDaddyt

    NY Bill O

    I like your trailer. Only comment is that most of the time when I borrowed a tilt deck it was slippery and did not have a winch. Made for a hard load with ratchet straps as the vehicle would slide back down when you stopped until the back wheels hit the ground and was not far enough up to get the deck to tilt down.So make sure you have a winch available.
  13. Yeah what are you smoking, or Is it a pipe dream? Trucks do idiot things as much as the smaller vehicles so they will not give them a special lane. Besides the truck only lane will be full of smaller stuff anyways. Where I live slower vehicles are to be in the right lane( the LAW) and I have been cut off real close by trucks trying to get into the second from the right lane at least 20-30 times a month and then they slow down to less than the posted speed. I have been behind trucks on I 94 that just have to pull out to get one to two MPH and then they can't get past making the people going the speed limit get stacked for miles. I usually give trucks room but they do not give me the same courtesy. Also you can tell which drivers are professional by the actions. Two nights ago a truck had the same bs about pulling directly into the second lane, he passed the suburban and cut over right in front of it. Almost laid the trailer over, almost standing it on the side and just barely missed hitting.
  14. Looks like the previous owner bailed out of the truck at the right time---or had premonitions that it was going south in a hurry. Wow I feel for you. I am looking at a larger tow unit and now am wondering if I should shove a 454 in my early nineties suburban.
  15. Famous last words. Just wait until the pain and suffering have gotten foggy and you will right back in for another project.
  16. Daughter had one installed in the Wadena property they had. Worked good but you had to keep on top of the maintenance so it didn't fill with soot. Worst job I did when doing HVAC was cleaning a boiler that was almost completely filled with soot. I think it had a Blue Angel burner. Kind of simple to clean as the whole front of the combustion chamber swung out.
  17. Power trowel---that is down right cheating. Just wish they had that when we were doing 100 yards a year back in 1970-80. Just kidding looks great. better than anything we did.
  18. We use a "zoom spout oiler", 20 weight non detergent oil or air compressor tool oil will get relatively the same benefits. Do not use detergent oils.
  19. Probably the stuff Menards sells
  20. VacDaddyt


    Have any of you worked on the track system of Hydra Mac Commander 4200? The upgraded wheels this person needs changed out and it appears to be not a bad job. Drop the track and remove and replace. Rear drive wheel will likely be the worst. I found out the unit has not been started in a few years(thinking three). Can I drag this out of the lean to it is stored in or do I have to get the engine running first. Or if I do drag it use rollers.From one of the work orders I saw in their manuals was they had to get the rings wet with oil to get it start in the nineties. Kubota Diesel. I told them to get new filters and battery charged. My first thought was to get it on a trailer and to my shop but am now thinking I might do the work of the tracks in their lean to. Will be a touch crowded but have had worse conditions to work in before. Before anyone says buy new this thing I doubt has 150 hours on it and it looks like it also. I have never seen a used loader that looks this nice. The wheel damage looks like it came from orange sized rocks getting into the mechanism. I am mostly worried about trying to move it with out engine running, or do you think getting the engine running is simple.
  21. VacDaddyt

    Fuel gauge

    I had a little working vacation at the Daughters(bathroom plumbing) place in Beemer NE. While there I dropped by the NE tractors salvage at Lyons NE. They must have a corner on the market for 560 tractors. I counted ten or so. They all were wired from the live side of the push button to the gauge terminal on the right looking at the back. I wish I had a bigger truck I would have tried to get the row crop 504 Diesel. It had a unusual farmerized set of controls on it. I did also come home with a seat that had been bent up for a 560 for 50$ cushions not terrible but better that sitting on the steel frame.
  22. The 504 gas I had, 3-14 was all it could pull on a good day. 460 gas way faster
  23. VacDaddyt

    Fuel gauge

    The base of the sending unit ? The new one has a stud on it for that purpose, which i have already grounded. Just did not want to fry a gauge.
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