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  1. In 1989 I hired a contractor to lift a 30X50 barn. We took the old walls out , poured new footings and put 12 inch block walls in. Took a few months. Lifted one side with cribbing and screw jacks at a time. Did the work and set it back down. Three side were out mostly in the open so that helped. A lot of work then as small back hoes were not common then.
  2. Start with the couplers, they have been known to not open correctly or all the way.
  3. If you go by the State of MN, it is by the heating surface area of the boiler or how much water can be evaporated in a given length of time🤔.
  4. Here is mine 92 C25 two wheel drive. 350 auto. Wish it had the 454. Nine passenger old railroad vehicle.170000 roughly. Had to do the 4L80E transmission last year but is dependable.
  5. Update on progress. Got the TA clutch put back together a few weeks ago but got stuck locating parts for engine. Ended up buying piston/sleeve, fire crater, over-bore kits from ASAP. Also bought different connecting rods that had the correct wrist pin holes. Cracked one sleeve trying to install and backed off the project while I got better measurement tools and a replacement sleeve. I purchased a two stone boring tool and used dry ice to get the sleeves in while heating the block up. The replacement sleeve was.001 smaller than the reliance ones and went in with no problems. I would test fit the sleeve and then if needed pull it and bore a bit- retest until they went in good. The deck is not true to the bore but was in range when I checked flange stand out. I used copper coat and finished up. Engine ran for 45 minutes before I retorqued the head. I have to go back and reset the valves but it is running now with about 50-60Psig oil pressure. Not sure how to post a video but have a short one on my phone. I do not have the wide front completely back on yet so I can test the TA and clutch better. More to come.
  6. You should be able to go to the county seat where the deed is registered and see a copy of all who owned or had their names attached to it. My farm had a lot of names on it and right of ways listed for the electric company easements etc.
  7. Jasper is one of the more known engine rebuilders
  8. Great news. We have about ten inches here now, hopefully the weather clears for the trip back.
  9. Prayers to your family. There is a scarcity of beds yes. We located in Minneapolis are getting updates in a block of twenty double rooms to open Thursday to help the situation. These rooms are for recovery use short term to free up other rooms in the hospital. Our numbers are in the 530 patients in rooms but have capacity to get to almost 600. Problem is these are older rooms with less technology and have been empty for awhile as new sections come online so they need refitting so to speak. People want privacy so these have been held back. Good Luck
  10. Should have read if the arms are round.
  11. Hubs look like a Norden but some of the other parts look like Schwartz. If the arms are like it appears it is a Frankenstein put together. I had a Norden on mine and it worked ok.
  12. Flip flop sandals in the shearing shed🥶. At least she had the legs covered-- or maybe your sheep don't pick up a lot of ticks like ours used to do. Gives me bad memories.
  13. We had bought a 1466 one year and a neighbor talked my Dad and Brother into a 5 bottom 720 20 inch bottom plow. First time that plow hit the ground in a three year old sod filed all a person saw was sky. Just not enough weight to hold it down. The four bottom plows where a good match for the hills and old sod ground.
  14. Each side had a pivot in the middle of the side which moved as a unit, and there was a linkage on the front to allow movement. You could drive up on a six by six and all the wheels would be touching ground yet. A bit scary if with a 54 in bucket you tried to pick something too heavy up with the corner. There is some pictures of it somewhere but hard to find the middle linkage. They went away from that design soon after as it was expensive to build, also only ones I know of that used that design.
  15. Our 3200 series A did the same jumping around when starting and we never did get it fixed. Biggest problem was the MAG. Tried a rebuild and then replaced it. Almost unstoppable. But if you got it off the cement or dry dirt you were in trouble. Couldn't quite lift a very large round bale. We adapted a manure bucket from a Deere loader. Boy you could move pen packed stuff fast with it. I really liked that the front wheels were not rigid so it would walk over stuff easy.
  16. Not sure about that, but our 686 with the German we were able to destroy most of the rear end doing what we did with a 560 that was souped up for years. The final straw was stripping the ring and pinion completely out and it left the farm when repaired as quickly as possible.
  17. I am checking into buying used connecting rods with the correct wrist pin size(.875)and buy a set of pistons and sleeves. Probably the best in the long run, just harder than wanted on the check book over a small detail.
  18. This is great but is there a chart for one with a .188 flange? I will measure but I found that information on a chart somewhere during my searching.
  19. Reading the fine print, 3.625 is the overbore. I am looking for a 3.562 bore sleeve. I will keep trying.
  20. Anyone have a sleeve for a 300 utility? New or used. I am about ready to shove the old one with a couple of grooves back in. Have tried the locals and one in Worthington MN, Rock Valley Iowa, Case/IH doesn't have just one. If it wasn't that the other three have minimum wear and the one I pulled came out hard I would go to the over-bores. Even then Changing the connecting rods may be cheaper than new bushings and sizing the rods (approx. 200). The number I came up with is 362738R1 but the last place said they were 3 5/8 bore. I need 3 9/16 bore with the outside right about 3.750. Any Ideas. This is mostly a putter around type tractor but when the broken rings lined up, you head was in a blue cloud. Any suggestions? Thank you to all who respond. I live on the Wisconsin/ Minnesota border.
  21. Common thing for 400s to be painted like a 450 especially after a overhaul. Ours wasn't but dad had ours sleeved to a 450 with high compression because it couldn't keep up to the maxed out M he had. Still a good tractor.
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