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I currently have two 560 Farmalls. One is a Gas and the other was a Diesel now converted to gas. I have been working on them for more than two years.I also have added a 400 to the mix so my garage is very full and have to move them around to work on them. The gas originally had a miss which I found to be burned valves so it ended up with a in frame overhaul. The diesel was stuck and I originally was not going to fix but found out I could get most of the parts reasonable to turn it into a gas so it is a unusual tractor which is interesting. The new block has the diesel crank in it with the rest being gas. Diesel flywheel, clutch  and starter. Runs out good. Both 560 the t/a work and I have been fixing hydraulic problems. They are half painted so the missing sheet metal matched when I got it all there. The 400 I only have fixed a hydraulic problem , otherwise it is really rusty and the T/A is not working but it runs out good. The 560 tractors are 5 and 6 of ones that I have repaired and used. All three have miscellaneous leak so they are marking their territory.

I used to farm in the Belechester/Mazeppa area with my father and  brother. We had up to 11 IH tractors at one time. From Super a up to 1466. My brother still has several that my father bought from slightly used to new. I currently work in maintenance and someday will have one or more that if I can find a place to play with them I will.

I have four children, one married to a Farm news director and she promotes Thrivent, one who has finished her Phd, Two sons, a mechanical engineer married with one daughter and another on the way, and the last son who works security at the nuclear plant by Red Wing.

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