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  1. Also make sure the Knuckles are loose as I had one that they were binding up. There is three on a row crop.
  2. Try Surplus Hydraulics store, they have just about anything you could want.
  3. The valve unlatching is the garter spring on the opposite end of the valve that you were working on. You have to have a tapered cone to run the spring up on with the valve in the right position. This cone is hollow on the large end. Under the cap with four bolts
  4. Taken before Christmas. We unfortunately took three pines and a ash tree down under the power lines. Used the 560 to move the chipper around.
  5. I have heard that the C281 is a taller engine so gas tank would have problems.
  6. Looks like the wife, daughter and son in law besides me will be there.
  7. The engine block is different. I used a motor that was from a gas tractor that had work done to it wrong from a tech school. I reused the diesel crank and new bearings. I reused the clutch and starter. I changed the hood. Long story but several years ago when I bought them I had to take the running gas tractor to get the diesel. Well it ran but needed help as in you could see the seats around that valves. Once done with the overhaul I turned to the diesel. Motor was seized, the injection pump was too. The head was trashed. Which left me in a dilemma. Iron price was down. So I found the gas engine real cheap and installed it. The loader was added to it. I wish I still had it as it ran very well. I sold it for enough money.
  8. Here is my two that I have both at the beginning and have only one now. Also one of my toys. The Diesel turned into a gas.
  9. Water source has to come from somewhere. that would be my starting point.
  10. Trouble with this is I have seen tractors that someone put a new rod/components back in and brazed the block shut and the tractor does run very well. Old days people were desperate sometimes....
  11. The only times we used the position control was for cultivating with a mounted cultivator and when plowing with the 560 on a semi mount 710 4-16 plow. The mower and blade we set the hitch to float and had stops in place.
  12. I can only suggest that he disable the control from the rock shaft. Center the valve with the lever either forward or back(up or down) all the way and with some sort of tool align the part by the clutch turning it until it goes off pressure. Note I have not had to do this. Or remove and replace the valve which is a lot of work. Another thing the OP has not said if there is a change in pressure noise. Maybe the cylinder is bent or froze in position. Or is the lever stripped and not positioning the gears in the valve. I am now not sure if there is enough information here.
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