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  1. Yeah, if you use a Chevy bell housing. Or, make an adapter plate as seen on the 6.9/7.3 to take the tall Ford bell housing or a C-6. Then you would need to support the front of the motor because thats where the 404 was supported. It would probably be easier to fab motor mounts coming out of the frame to match the 454.
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    I H M5H6

    Hey Conn I saw a 4300 in a '01 issue of red power and the owner was Gordon Conn. Any relation?
  3. Binderoid

    I H M5H6

    Master cylinder and hyrdo-vac are standard issue, but I've heard the wheel cylinders are a pain. All M5H6 parts seem to be on the west coast for some reason. I just got two axle shafts from two different individuals in Washington. You're probably not going to find a sleeve and piston set for a 361, but most everything else is interchangeable with RD372 and RD406. In addition to G503, go on Binder Planet also. That's where I found one of my axles. When you get into it, shoot me an email and I'll give you a couple contacts.
  4. After re-reading my post, it appears that I was admonishing you. That is not the case. I was actually pleasantly surprised that I was not going to be the only guy who holds vintage iron in high esteem where light trucks are concerned. I love the 300! An article you might enjoy in HOT ROD , in the 70's, was where a guy took 351C heads, cut them into sections, and furnace-brazed them back together to make a cross-flow cylinder head for the I-6. He was running 10's in a funny car, I believe. Its possible that article appeared in Engine Annual also. I hung on to that article for years but we moved too many times, its gone now.
  5. It does have the narrow rear steering axle.
  6. Rick, I don't consider that bragging. I call it smart. If new trucks are one's bag, that's great. I got all my stuff paid off, and I am SO done with being in debt. Trading off every so often and having a perpetual truck payment until the day I die? No, thanks. My pre - DEF vehicles are much more fun to drive. I can read a road map, check my own tire pressure, and never have to worry about turning off the air bags.
  7. You can barely make out "McCormick-Deering" on the rear hood, but that's it. The decals are all gone, but the serial number is clear. I was hoping to find somebody who might have some old dealer literature that I could give the serial number to. I don't know if a picture would do any good because we had to take it all apart to haul it from Alma, Illinois to Ohio. It looks like any other round-back combine with a high grain tank. The head was a little strange, though, with two table augers with a clear opening in front of the feeder house chain. Thanks for your help.
  8. I just finished replacing the trans input shaft, clutch, ball bearings, rubber drive coupling, and had the PTO shaft out and cleaned everything up during this operation. The tractor is so quiet now that you can't hear it idling if you're 50 feet away from it. Well, you couldn't hear it if it weren't for the PTO clutch jingling in the dis-engaged position. What can be done about this? I thought there might be some anti-rattle clips, like on Cub Cadets, but there was nothing like that when I took it apart. The clutch pack was positioned right at the end of the clutch basket when I took it apart; and I didn't actually lay a straight edge on it, but the end of the clutch basket appears to be a little bell-mouthed. I never had one of these tractors before, what a nice, smooth machine. It turns amazingly sharp for such a long tractor.
  9. If the rates in the chart are calibrated to the 14 tooth sprocket, and you have 7 on the feed shaft, just reduce the feeds on the chart 50%. This should be stated at the bottom of the chart.
  10. Should there be a time limit that purchased merchandise can be left on site? I witnessed a small auction where a couple pieces of equipment ( six row planter, 15' culti-mulcher) where left at the auction site for like 9 months, then owner tries to extract it during the spring rains and tore the sellers yard all to heck. Also, I don't think I would like it that people were taking stuff out of my yard while I was at work, after that much time had passed. I understand plans fail to where you can't get right at it, and I would be okay with a couple weeks-- month and a half. I don't get why it would take more than that to make plans to get your stuff
  11. I bought a model of Fifi about 10 years ago. Included was a little spec sheet and on it was the statement, "Fifi is the last one still able to fly". Do you know if that is still true today? It must cost a fortune to keep her airworthy ... $30,000 just to gas her up.
  12. In northern Ohio, I have seen for a couple years a procedure I don't understand. Two 7 inch rows then a 28 inch gap, then a pair of 7s again. The beans were no-tilled in 7 inch rows and some cases 15 inches. Why are they planting the wheat like that?
  13. Spectrum sells non-gmo... they might know how to direct you. I've heard that hybrid corn traits won't carry over the second year, might try some bin-run. Not sure if that's what you're looking for.
  14. Fel-pro can't get anything like that?
  15. When I saw the chubby barefoot girl flagging the tractor pull, I forgot all about John Deere, oil filters, and Red Power Coffee Shop!!
  16. I don't know what model the trans is that I have in my 1800, but when Travellette mentioned the smoked mainshaft, I recognized it. The third time it blew I took it it Premier Truck Parts in Cleveland Ohio. They had some kind of needle (roller) bearing update for that unit. When I got it back, they said, "DO NOT run 90w ; use straight 50w motor oil". That was at 27000 miles, the truck has 82000 today. Never had any more trouble with it. Problem is, that was 20 years ago. I would suggest taking it to a rebuilder for two reasons: They can look at it and give a price on a rebuild, or if that is impossible, they can compare the dimensions to another trans and give the most logical replacement suggestion. Some of those rebuilders are a tight lot. They might know someone hoarding parts, but they wouldn't let on unless they got the rebuild. Check the rear of the case and see if there is a crack between the bearing bores.
  17. I don't understand why you'd want to change from the original system, but that's just me. Short answer: No, there is not going to be a cheap and easy retrofit. What is it you don't like about hydrovacs? If that truck had a bed, it would stop with 12 tons of #57; the way it is currently set up you could probably put it into a broadslide.
  18. Hi, I need a wind shield frame.
  19. No. The mag should trip when "1-4DC" line on flywheel appears in timing hole in bell housing. Disengage the impulse coupling and turn the rotor (bolts removed from coupling) until breaker cam is about to open points, with distributor in No.1 position, and timing all the way retarded. With "1-4DC" showing in bell housing, re- install the bolts in the drive coupling and engage the impulse coupling.
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