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    5100 drill

    Well , we ordered a Soybean Special, it says Soybean Special on the decal, there's a soybean sowing chart for slow-speed sprockets, view cups, wind shields, depth control press wheels ,and the manual has the addendum describing Soybean Special attachments.
  2. I'm sorry I crawled under there. I need every gasket and seal from the flywheel back.
  3. Binderoid

    5100 drill

    Not divided in half, exactly, the partition can turned around to change the capacity of the fertilizer and seed hoppers.
  4. To muddy the waters still further, a VP4D was available as an option on the 93 combine.
  5. Binderoid

    5100 drill

    Why does my soybean special have fertilizer hopper.
  6. I just want to caution people that the use of a cage is not a guarantee of anything. The danger is not past just because the air hose was taken off. Sometimes the serviceman is just plain stupid.I had a tire shop in Cleveland install a new tire on the front of my '78 Loadstar, which had 3-piece rims. After the tire was bolted to the truck, I pointed out that the bead ring was about 1/4" away from the snap ring, for about half the circumference of the rim. He said, "Don't worry about it, it just takes a little time to get seated. It'll be seated by time you get back to the shop". I showed this to the manager, he blew his top, and told the guy to let the air out before he put the impact on it.
  7. All this drawbar talk made me remember... That's where my missing 7/8" deep-well impact socket is... Lost the drawbar pin about 20 years ago... Tapped that socket into place for temporary use until the pin could be found...
  8. I prefer multi-piece rims because they are less of a wrestling match than drop-center rims. What makes them dangerous is service men not taking the time to beat down the bead sufficiently on rusty rims. Soon as they get the snap ring off they have to start beating on the rim (because the tire is stuck) because they failed to remove the ring of rust that is typically next to the bead ring. This activity puts dents in the gutter, and the bead ring or the retaining ring cannot sit squarely in the groove; THIS is what makes them dangerous. They are not inherently dangerous when taken care of.
  9. When you say "old style coil" that makes me think that you may not have the correct magnet configuration to operate the electronic unit. The old style points coils and the new style points coils were NOT interchangeable due to magnet positioning. If you wanted to run a new style coil , the flywheel had to be replaced as well. Before you go any further, why don't you just take the breaker box off the side of the block and see what's wrong in there? That would be a heck of a lot cheaper , might be as simple as a grounded primary wire.
  10. Both wheel rims are hollow tanks for carrying water or gasoline.
  11. My fuel solenoid was leaking so I took it apart and put in a new o-ring, which didn't quite fit. In 20 years it never " wore in" and every now and then the plunger hangs up. I just run the screw in then right back out and it starts right up. Just when I think it's cured, 6 months later it does it again.
  12. And don't just disconnect the hose and blow back through it and call it done. With the filter removed, blow air through the inlet fitting toward the filter, to ascertain that the fuel can actually reach the filter. Twice since Feb I was called in for a no-start on a AC 7030. A tiny piece of straw got hung up at the inlet elbow ahead of the filter, which then proceeded to trap every piece of grunge in the tank until it was jammed up solid. You might also try reinstalling the filter and hooking up the lines, then add some air pressure to the tank. If there is fuel squirting out anywhere , that means air is getting in and the pump will not be able to pick up the fuel.
  13. There is a cap with a screwdriver slot on the top of the pump, next to the fuel solenoid. under this cap is a little filter. Is your fuel filter head attached to the rear of the pump, or is it hanging nearby connected with a hose?
  14. Binderoid

    Make of disc

    That is a Long model 959
  15. You are correct on the bearings. As far as it being a bad idea, remember what was pulling them at the time they were new. Most of the time it was horses. "A" series trucks were not much faster. That being said, it will still go down the road straight at 40 mph, provided the pole is tight in the hitch, and you had nice tight pins in the ends of the tie rod. Only problem I have is when the grease gets warm, it leaks out around the spokes and messes up my pretty IH 935 White cutoffs.
  16. Not anti-union, but I remember when the union deliberately ran Eastern Airlines out of business... all cheering and high-fiving each other... but now they have no job... guess it don't matter much as long as you can collect unemployment...
  17. I don't understand the usefulness of a tight turning radius with a semi-mounted plow. That tail wheel better be able to turn 90 deg. if you're going to cramp a tractor into a 14' circle.
  18. During this setup, install clear tubing between the filter and pump. This will give indication to whether the engine or the chassis fuel system is at fault.
  19. Agreed. In a way, IH being gone is good. Look how MTD has perverted the Cub Cadet and we have to watch them sell those recyclables ( there's not enough steel in them to be considered scrap) and crow about their "heritage" dating back to 1961. Truly sickening.
  20. That's been going on for awhile... When you could still get Little Genius quick change shares after the merger with Tenneco, they were stamped just like that. When you purchased a heat indicator for an M in the late 80's - early 90's... Brace for impact. they said more than just"WATER" on the face... a LOT more.
  21. Disconnect the fuel return line as close as possible to the cylinder head. Install a piece of clear vinyl tubing for test purposes. check for air bubbles in the return fuel. Bubbles indicate that the fuel is becoming aerated by the pump or a cracked injector nut, or a loose/damaged fuel suction line. Air in the fuel makes it compressible, making it impossible for the governor to control the engine.
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