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  1. What is a new sled going for nowadays?
  2. Binderoid


    I don’t know... I think American cats would work just as well...
  3. IH... We’re Going On. Bumper sticker I have around here somewhere
  4. Call Standard Magneto and tell them what you have and they will figure it out.
  5. What’s sarcastic about it? We’re already exporting water in the form of alfalfa, during a perilous drought cycle, because nobody wants to cut water to these foreign owned farms, for which there is zero benefit to the U.S. ( other than land taxes). Some guy used to walk around saying “America First” and everybody hated him. What you say in jest, is coming.
  6. Seems an interesting idea to me... I know nothing about tractor pulls, but could start in 3rd or 4th on the tractor, and 3rd on the automatic. Every time it ran out of power he can power shift down a gear.
  7. Actually it has 15 speeds... would have to make the control valve full manual, governor and modulator never let it shift into 3rd at WOT
  8. I would say it is just the opposite. Doesn’t really take any HP to spin a wheel in the mud. There is a reason that all your owners manuals say not to over-ballast your tractor. If you weight your tractor for zero slippage, there is no safety valve left if you are deep ripping and hit some immovable object ( hopefully not a 36” gas main) and the wheels can’t slip, all HP must be absorbed by the power train until the engine stalls.
  9. Could you tell the cause of the cause of failure when you took it apart? I took a seized pump from a 6.9 to a rebuilder, he knew right away one of the water pump bolts was too long. Got back to the garage, sure enough, it had a new water pump installed. Customer said it ran about a mile after he put the pump on, then it quit.
  10. Recover wire and pins through in got though in as a joke... translation, please?
  11. All of the suggested liquids will do equally well. One thing I might do different rather than driving it around would be to lift one rear wheel off the ground... this will make the spider gears work the contaminated out rather than simply covering them up.
  12. Its a steel bell cap with a o-ring around the shift lever , accessible after removing the spring
  13. Is the pump mount part of the conversion kit or do all 806s have that? The bolt pattern on adapter looks like the same as DB pump on the Allis-Chalmers 7050
  14. That 318 will make your presence known
  15. They don’t have head gaskets. They have a fire washer on top of each cylinder. Is possible that ring started to leak fire onto nearby o-ring for water passage. The injector tube is the least likely culprit in this case, head will crack first. Under exhaust manifold you will find plugs with screwdriver slots... these are the warranty plugs. Take the plug out and it will have a little pin of solder on the end. If the solder is still there, the head did not get hot enough to cause damage.... if the solder is gone the head may be cracked. There is nothing mysterious about setting the injector racks (plural). The throttle is simply held wide open and the levers adjusted until each rack is in the injector the same amount. Use your thumb and forefinger on the screwdriver as this is a sensitive operation. Loosen all screws. Starting at the injector closest to the governor, turn the screw so that the rack moves into the injector. When it bottoms (gently), stop. Tighten the opposite screw (two screw levers) , or if spring loaded levers, stop right here. NOW... with the governor held wide open, gently push down on the closed side of the clevis where the control lever meets the rack. The rack will rotate slightly, and, if the lever is putting enough pressure on the rack, the clevis will rotate back up when you take the pressure off. Make a final tightening on both screws ( or jamb nut if spring levers) , and test it again. If still good, move on to the next one. As you progress down the line, you need to have a light touch on the screwdriver, if you screw the rack in too far, you throw the previously adjusted racks off. When you’re at the other end, with the governor still held wide open, do the rack rotating test on each injector. If one is too tight, the rest won’t move. They don’t move very much; but if all injectors move just a little bit when pressure is taken off, that’s close enough for non-California emissions. Next you will need a timing pin for injector height. If you publish your engine data I can look that up for you, and you can buy one off the tool truck
  16. You’re 100% correct. A piece of rope was found at the Presidential Center construction site in Chicago and they concluded that it was a noose and shut down the job.
  17. It’s a little involved, but build yourself a little pusher to be attached to the drawbar, that could be powered by the PTO; such as a Ford 9” axle with a really low ratio. I’ve seen them as low as 2.75, but with 540 rpm input I don’t know what that would work out to in terms of MPH. The entire point is, it would be easier to get the needed gearing for a pusher to work than changing the internals of the tractor.
  18. Are we allowed to say trump here
  19. You need to forget about him, it’s just eating your guts out over something you can’t control anyway. Put in your 8 hours or whatever and go home and leave that Shiite in the shop. Nobody else cares, why make it your problem? Next time a customer asks about something, say it’s joe’s project and joes not here. If you’re getting reprimanded for trying to track down information to help a customer, doesn’t sound to me like the situation is going to change to your liking any time soon.
  20. did GE really build that thing or is it an aftermarket attachment? Wondering how it steers with something on the forks.
  21. You know, that never occurred to me! But it was mentioned in the article that the ground is good in that area.
  22. Trying to find out what is going on out there. The brunt of the CNN (whom I bypass 99% of the time) article is Saudi mega farms depleting their neighbor’s ground water. According to the article, Saudi Arabia banned alfalfa farming in 2018 due to lack of water. Are there any ideas on the table to control their water consumption? It appears that they are just going to keep going until all our water is gone, then say ,”oh, well, bye”. , leaving their neighbors dry as well as their own farms. They legally own the farms and have every right to irrigation, but someone should stand up for the neighboring victims.
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