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  1. Beretta M9a1

    Springfields are nice, better with a trigger kit.
  2. 6R 1200 planters - good, bad, ugly.

    Here is my setup, yes the 54 is overkill hp wise. This planter has hydraulic seed drive for variable rate, so it needs something like 23 gpm. They don't make a pto pump for the 6 row with hydraulic drive so bigger tractor is needed. The mechanical drive only needs 18? gpm and they also make a pto pump so you don't need as much tractor. It is computer driven so nothing works without the monitor, the mechanical drive is much simpler. I love the planter, it will get a rebuild again this winter, disc openers, gauge wheel pivots, gauge wheel bearings, firming points, seed boots. You need to check the parallel linkage pivots for wear also. I do have the Martin spiked closing wheels instead of the closing discs, They help to close the trench in notill. The dry fertilizer set up is pretty simple and reliable, but make sure the bearings are good I think there are 4, I had a bad one that would lock up and break the main drive shaft, it took 2 shafts at $150 a piece to just change all the bearings, I also take off the chain when I am planting beans and not applying fertilizer. The seed meters are simple, just set the singulater and baffle adjust your vacuum and plant. A JD 7000 is pretty basic in comparison.
  3. The 5th Magnum ever built is this 7130

    If that is the tractor I think it is the castings on the rear end all have IH cast in them, not Caseih.
  4. 527 B

    I have a 527B that I pull with a 5288 mfd with duals, it pulled it well. I have not used it in a few years as I have switched to no till. I would like to sell the 527B.
  5. It is not a fake! That is what IH was introducing next and where the Magnum came from.
  6. Anyone going to watch the US Open?

    It is in the tent that Fox Sports will use for player interviews. The inside of the tent is built to look like a barn, so they wanted an tractor. I don't know for sure but it could get a lot of TV time.
  7. If you watch the US open next week you might see red.
  8. Best way to sell an engine.

    Pm sent
  9. 1440 combine hydraulic chatter

    Hey Dan, that showed up after I changed the lines to the steering hand pump in the column. With the issue with the earlier combines I wondered if the new lines were made too big? Hopefully someone has a better idea. How has it been working for you?
  10. That looks sweet. I have a 582 that i would love to build into a diesel puller. Any info you would like to share would be great. thanks. Adam