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  1. Hey Matt, I bought my 706 from a guy on this forum (who will remain nameless) years ago. During the course of fixing her up; I discovered that most of the tractor was of 1961 vintage and the rest was hammer cobbed together from what he found for free. The engine as it turned out was a 301 diesel with NO parts availability according to several dealer sources. This what I get A) for never running I.H. before and B.) trusting someone that I did not know. That having been said... I still have great respect for I.H. tractors as this 706 will pull the arse off of anything else in the yard. But alas , the motor is shot and needs replaced. I was told by a local farmer that he dropped a D358 into his 706 with a great deal of work. So I hunted down a D358 but was told by the broker that it was intended for use in a combine. and had no starter. Could that be right? Will it fit into my tractor? and how could I check to know this because I don`t know what it was to start with. I am stumped. Could the serial number tell me what I need to know? I am reluctant to scrap her because she is my son`s favorite. I am hoping that info is still bouncing around in there as well. Thanks
  2. Wow! That is a lot of input to consider; which raises more questions in my mind such as. Are the D358 and the DT358 the same block or not? And being that the 358 is taller and requires a taller radiator support and assorted linkages; What machine are these found on/ come from? Are there extensions for this purpose? What would be considered a fair price for one of these motors anyhow? Does anyone know of a good source for these items?
  3. Hi there, I have heard that a D358 will fit into a 706 tractor. I have also heard the same of the DT358. Is this true? What differences are there between the the two engines (mounting, turbo or non,exhaust orientation,etc ) and what models did IH put them into? Were there different versions of these engines and how long where they in production? I would appreciate any input on this guys. Many thanks!
  4. Putting the final touches on the IH 706 project i'm wrapping up. Pics will be loaded

  5. How are all the good folks out here in the RED community?

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