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  1. He bought it new I'm pretty shur it never had a picker on it. It was his main tractor
  2. I knew him took very good care of every thing he had. hours 6722 I was there looking at what was on the auction the day before they had it plugged in it fired right up ran nice. That's the dirtiest I have ever seen it he had been in the nursing home for a while.
  3. The Amish metal shop hear has a profile that will bend over that they have done several round roofs around hear.
  4. That was just down the road from me I was wondering the same thing and we were wondering what they sold for new. My buddy quit bidding at $10,100. Every thing went high on that auction in my thoughts.
  5. Mail man got done with it got mine yesterday 😂😂
  6. I have 3 full sized IH tractors and 8 Cub Cadets
  7. I live in Wisconsin and haven't seen mine yet either mail man is probably reading it first lol!!
  8. Cross thread is better than lock tight!!!!
  9. Caught enough for a meal this morning
  10. I went on Monday and there was 8 inches were I went and I have heard average of around 6 I might go tomorrow depending on the weather.
  11. I bought this set on a auction a few years ago
  12. They filmed that on the north end of Mille Lacs we always fished on the south end and it dose look like that with all the shanty's we would stay out there and fish day and night all weekend.
  13. Hay if it works for how much you get to go. Come to Wisconsin I'll take you along I'm going tomorrow could not fine wax worms till yesterday.
  14. We use to go to Mille Lacs in MN and one of the guide services we used the guy had just bought a Aqua View this was when they first came out he came out to our shack wanted to test it out we weren't catching a thing put the camera in hear there was perch all a round looking at my minnow so yes you can see them but you cant make them bite so I don't see an advantage to having a camera
  15. I use a fish finder. A friend of mine has one that looks like a flashlight he will clean off a spot squirt some water on the ice to make it clear hold that on the ice and can tell if there is fish with out drilling a hole first
  16. Shure now I have to get some out of the freezer 😋
  17. I have the same problem lost a check I sent in for my health insurance use to get my mail between 1 and 2 in the afternoon for the last year I don't see it until 5 to 8 at night. started paying my bills on line so I know they get there.
  18. About all you get around hear is a couple bucks a pelt not even worth skinning them out. We use to hunt them years ago would get $30 - $50 apace back in the 70's
  19. I found a station on the web Christmas songs 365 /24/ 7 incase that comes in handy for you I'd play it at work every so often to drive them nuts!!
  20. Had mine done in 05 I was not put out I was awake for the whole thing I was sedated so I would not move. I have worn thick glasses my whole life now I only need them for reading got them removed from my driver license.
  21. Two of the body shops I worked at we used Seal Out that is a very good product and as with any thing it comes down to the guy applying it.
  22. Nice to know my 284 is very rare. But I wonder what the F stands for in Model 99 F.
  23. When I worked in the body shop we called them State Fraud!!!
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