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  1. I hauled 6 Cub Cadets and 1 Allis B112 with a sickle bar mower out yesterday huge crowd of people great show.
  2. It might not take very long either.
  3. We just got an inch of rain in the last hour brings July to 3 inches total.
  4. We just got an inch of rain in the last hour brings July to 3 inches total.
  5. You made me go upstairs and find mine we had rifle club in high school shot in the old high school jim. I went to state competition and lettered.
  6. Man that's old!!!
  7. May have to go through an auto paint supplier I know they changed the guns and jugs the guns were plastic and locked into the jug.
  8. If you are doing the bottom of the box also 4 coats all the way around I'm guessing 4 cans should do it. We used a special gun for applying it got it in quart jugs.
  9. Around hear 87 is any where from 4.77 to 4.89
  10. What kind of panels are they trying to get the OE or patch panels ? The patch panels go up the corner quite a ways cut out the rust and weld in the panel I have done it this way for many years and did this to my own 04 GMC last year.
  11. We have FelPro at Bumper to Bumper and can order and get the next day what we don't have on hand.
  12. Don't worry it will buff right out!!😎
  13. SASW6

    Auction report

    I just bought a 154 last month for 1400.00 in nice shape every thing works.
  14. SASW6

    Wrist watch

    I have the same one from the same store seem to last a long time
  15. That's my motto ( if it's free it's for me!! )
  16. Sandhill cranes will do the same thing walk down the rows and pull them out and eat.
  17. When the paint blisters the rust is coming from the inside.
  18. I was thinking I get terrible gas when I eat vegetables so those vegans have to be producing methane gas like crazy!!!
  19. Looks like he is eating an apple
  20. SASW6

    Fuel prices

    Local BP store was fined $500.00 because the could not keep the "I Did This " stickers off there pumps fast enough from the BP head office this was on the news the other day.
  21. bringing back to top
  22. Where did you have it done?
  23. Hear is my fur ball. She is a heck of a mouser.
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