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  1. SASW6


    One of the bodyshops I worked at we got a brand new Agco Allis in before the farmer would take delivery we had to take it apart and paint it Oliver green he was a Oliver guy.
  2. What if you would put 2x2's a crosse in between the joists for added support just a thought.
  3. A guy I used to work with used his air boat to blow the leaves out of his yard he would fire it up and grab the tongue of the trailer and steer it around he said it worked great. He did live in the country lol.
  4. That makes sense thanks. I found a few interesting things in there this was my great grandfathers farm he built it in 1889 I have owned it for 30 years. I find it interesting that they would have used something like that.
  5. There is no drive shaft coming out the bottom though
  6. Ok you guys seem pretty smart on hear I found this when I was taking down the old pump house it was up above the ceiling it's made out of cast iron it's 14 1/2 inches across the top spins on the bottom the bottom would fit over a 4 1/2 inch post and it's about a foot tall nobody around hear knows what it is I have no idea so I'm hoping someone on hear dose. Thanks Steve
  7. A friend of mine makes it every year goes back to his great grandfather making it he built a processor so he can cut and squeeze it out in the field and just bring the juice back to the cook shack leaves the mess in the field makes a lot of syrup every year ships it all over the USA
  8. I got a 250 gal tote powdered soap and a little lie to take the paint off and battery charger been doing this for a number of years when I'm finished in the fall open the valve and let it empty out no harsh chemicals.
  9. A buddy of mine dose this he swears buy this he said gives him an excuse to drink a beer for the cans to put in his stove
  10. Good friend and his son both have Polaris dealerships my buddy said that Polaris cant get the parts to build the UTV's fast enough they both had recard years in sails as soon as they could get them they were gone same with boats he sold a crazy number of new boats the other day I was there the boat show room was empty it holds about 25 boats he said next year he said he probably won't have much of anything for sails. Will be interesting to see how they do with there snowmobile sails this winter.
  11. That's the place Sauk Co fair. He has been doing that for a couple years.
  12. We have a guy that pulls at the county fair with a IH school bus he can polk the front end in the air right of the line and go full track of course it's for show but pretty impressive for a bus.
  13. They are thick as fleas around hear and been around forever I have shot many open season hear. I leave them lay they stink so bad I don't like to get close to them.
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