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  1. just looked canceled till next year
  2. SASW6


    Do you know anybody that has a sine shop that's where I take stuff like that to my buddy's sine shop
  3. He has an H. I wish I could go but with a bad hip that just wont work. Have brought one of my Cub Cadets a couple of times and plowed.
  4. SASW6

    Seen this today

    theirs quite a few around hear my buddy has them in his back yard often
  5. problem now is finding a car or truck with a metal bumper
  6. had a GSX 1100 Suzuki my buddy bought a new Harley wanted to race I smoked him I even gave him a head start he was kind of mad at me for a little while we still laf about it
  7. What Duane told me when he got it it came from a plantation down south the owner had a fleet of Ford tractors and the one IH the red 200 bothered him so bad he painted it ford blue and put ford stickers on it. Yes Lucy and the family was very happy with everything and amassed at all the people that showed up. And I had to lol about some of the non IH people on the ridge up there said that was a bunch of junk and she was not going to get any thing out of it they were standing there with there mouths hanging open. WESnIL where are you from just wondering and the guy I talked to from Green Bay that bought the IH skid stear that said he was on hear that I was not smart enough to ask his name.
  8. Lucy's son in law brought a golf cart along for me to drive around in a really nice family to think of doing that for me. there was so many people there made it tuff to find some one. The grain binder went for $3800 the 100 spreder went for $1150. my buddy bought the 400 he was born and raised in the little house his dad worked for Duain's dad hes spent a lot of time on that tractor.
  9. He is a super nice guy I got to know him a number of years ago at the badger steam and gas show every year he would up date me on how it was coming i was surprised when I saw it at the RPRU that year
  10. It went really well over 600 people there to bad we had an 1 1/2 of rain the night before but it all worked out. I thought every thing sold for good prices.I talked to a lot of people I talked to one guy he was from Green Bay member of the form and of course dumb me did not ask his name he bought one of the IH skid stears. hears a few photos I took. thanks to every body who came and bought something could not of had a better day for it and I am really happy for Lucy that it went so well. and thank her son in law and her 2 grandsons and friends that came to help get things ready.
  11. 94 items are now open for bidding and streaming live the day of the auction. all of the fast hitch items are on line bidding http://gavinbros.com/
  12. Bring this back to the top Gavins added 2 more pages of photos http://gavinbros.com/ I would really like to see things go well for Lucy that day.
  13. I went out to see how they were doing getting ready for the auction on the 23rd they had all the fast hitch equipment lined up.I was wondering how many of you guys on the form were planing on being there for the auction I'd like to meet you if you are there. my name is Steve Albers I'm the one that will be hobbling around with 2 canes I'm waiting to get my hip replaced so I don't move very fast( lol ) with out looking back I think Rain man said he was planing on coming
  14. Yes the handle is laying on top thanks for the info on it we never seen one before
  15. Found this single point fast hitch 2 way plow never seen one before. It looks like when you get to the end of the field you get off and rotate the plow with the wrench by hand. The auction is the 23 of April on line biding at www.gavinbros.com .
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