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    IH tractors. I have a 52 Super W 6 , 53 Super M , 63 100 Cub Cadet ,2/14 Little Wonder , 3/14 Little Genus ,25V mower

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  1. SASW6

    unemployment benefit ?

    Wis is a pain I have been on it for 3 months you don't get much of a check hope you keep working part time or you have to do a work search every week 4 interviews a week even if your going back to work Ill be glad when I can get off it.
  2. SASW6

    First significant storm of the season

    It don't seem to help in Wisconsin to keep the riff raff out
  3. SASW6

    Steiner/Aldermans trip

    I'm thinking it's part of the display mount
  4. SASW6

    One Smart Pooch

    that's what I think a few years a go Gerald broke his leg all the nabors got together and helped chop his corn about every brand was out hear and she only barked at the john deer
  5. SASW6

    One Smart Pooch

    My dog hates green tractors also just go's nuts when the guy that owns the land around me is over hear with his green ones
  6. SASW6


    I don't come hear to see that c#%p ether it's bad enough to go to the local restaurant and have to listen to it I ether get up and leave or tell them to shut up I don't want to listen to it while I'm eating the guy finely quit coming in.
  7. SASW6

    tractor shows

    None of the tractor shows I go to give out trophy's there is to much of a difference in quality also avoids a lot of hurt feelings and arguing. A lot of the shows I go to around hear has 100 or more tractors how do you go about judging that.
  8. SASW6

    Slow Day Project

    we got another inch of rain out of that got 3 1/2 inches of rain for the month the water was in the ball park again
  9. SASW6

    Slow Day Project

    Ill have to put my sunglasses on when you go through Loganville
  10. SASW6


    Ya the creek been out of the banks several times this fall the corn field around my house is standing water it will have to freeze before the farmer that owns it will get it off
  11. SASW6


    I live on 154 just a 1/2 mile West of Loganville
  12. SASW6

    Cub cadet good one?

    it depends were your located I sold one a 127 rebuilt engine ran and mowed I got 400 for it . make sure you have a 300 to 350 cca battery or those starter generators wont crank the engin over fast enough
  13. SASW6

    Did You Know That Eating Ice Cream Makes YOU A Racist?

    That's Madison for you I live a hour north and I think I'm still to close. We have a saying I don't quite remember how it goes but Madison is so many square miles of fantasy surrounded by reality
  14. and also how would he go about mounting and lifting the plow on one of those riding lawn mowers
  15. SASW6

    Cub Cadet white same as 901?

    That's what I use it's the same as far as I can tell and that's what my dealer told me also