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  1. SASW6

    Ready for smoking

    we are the opposite here we have to keep the meat from freezing at night carry it from the smoker to the basement and cover the sausage with rugs and tarps and the smoke will keep going through the meat but we have to have them hanging in the basement we have boxes made for this. I eat the meat right away I'm tasting it wile I'm mixing it I have been eating this for 62 years and never got sick
  2. SASW6

    Ready for smoking

    we have smoked like this for years the smoke houses around hear are hundreds of years old my grandfather was a butcher he taught me how to do all this. what we do is smoke the summer sausage for about 2 weeks. brats and bologna only about a day. for the fire we start a small fire in the corner and put wet sawdust on top we manly use oak you need to check the fire quite often. the meat is cured not cooked.
  3. SASW6

    Wind 💨 chilly 🥶 burr❗️For awhile here.

    --30 hear this morning
  4. SASW6

    2011 Chevy door will not open

    If you could take it to a body shop . I'v done a few like this but without looking a it in person I cant remember how I did it I'v done it to different ones
  5. SASW6

    Young man caught me by surprise

    I have to say that most people are kind I have a bad hip I'm waiting to get it replaced and so I have to walk with a cane and I am surprised at all the people that hold a door open for me and carry stuff out to my truck for me it gives me hope that there are a lot of descent people. I got 20 more pounds to lose and I can get it done I cant wait
  6. SASW6

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    BIL bought the wrench on an auction this summer. I to have a oil can like that if I remember my sister found that on a auction also a few years ago. The 3 of us go to quite a few auctions.
  7. SASW6

    IH Tractors on Montana Farm

    My BIL gave me this wrench for Christmas dose anybody have any idea what year it is and what it came with
  8. SASW6

    Found this old plow for sale.

    I have a 3-14 IH trailer plow with the slat moldboards good for plowing wet ground and it seams to break up the soil so it dries faster
  9. SASW6

    buying a car treatments?

    this is the type of undercoating I'm talking about we use a brand called Seal Out in the body shop I work at and it works very well
  10. SASW6

    buying a car treatments?

    the protective finish on the out side is wax. You can buy a good brand of wax off the shelf and do it your self. I don't know were you live but the under coating is a good thing if you live were they use salt on the roads and you can buy scotch gard and do your own interior. I worked at a car dealer ship for years the only thing I ever had done was the undercoating.
  11. SASW6

    unemployment benefit ?

    Wis is a pain I have been on it for 3 months you don't get much of a check hope you keep working part time or you have to do a work search every week 4 interviews a week even if your going back to work Ill be glad when I can get off it.
  12. SASW6

    First significant storm of the season

    It don't seem to help in Wisconsin to keep the riff raff out
  13. SASW6

    Steiner/Aldermans trip

    I'm thinking it's part of the display mount
  14. SASW6

    One Smart Pooch

    that's what I think a few years a go Gerald broke his leg all the nabors got together and helped chop his corn about every brand was out hear and she only barked at the john deer
  15. SASW6

    One Smart Pooch

    My dog hates green tractors also just go's nuts when the guy that owns the land around me is over hear with his green ones