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  1. Cp 856

    706D Compression Check

    I have a 706 with the 282 that is week. It had been sitting for along time before I got it. I got it running but has a lot of blow by and uses a lot of oil when working. I want to do a compression check before I tear it down. How do you hook up a compression gauge on this engine with the indirect injection.i have a cheap diesel compression set and will have to make an adapter what is the easiest way to check the compression
  2. Cp 856

    706 no steering

    I have never seen the oil light come on so I am assuming it doesn't work. I took the lower plug out of mvc and it shot fluid while cranking it over a nice solid stream of oil. I am going to pull filter and look at it it looks like they put oil in it to move it at auction and it is at the full mark. No one knew how long it had set or why at the auction.
  3. Cp 856

    706 no steering

    Just got it power washed off and pulled into the shop it slobbers pretty bad out the exhaust and runs fairly smooth but has puff of smoke every time it fires on one cylinder but I think it's an injector. It still has no steering but has fluid out the bottom port on mvc. It will move on the low side of the t/a but if you shift it it either stops moving in high and low t/a or just moves the same speed as low the breaks work but not that good but feel like they have a good Pedal not really sure where to go from here.
  4. Cp 856

    706 no steering

    I just got a 706 diesel it has no steering. We drove it on the trailer but when we got it unloaded it quit moving if you play with it it will start moving again but still no steering. The breaks work good all the time. So my question is it the mvc pump or something else. It drove good onto the trailer just no steering. I got it from a estate auction they didn't know much about it but it had been setting a while. I am hoping it's just the pump but don't know. Thank for the help
  5. Cp 856

    1486 turbo

    Thanks for the help I will probably go with a better turbo than stock now I just have to decide which one
  6. Cp 856


    I have the set of remotes off mine rite now because it's leaking I will look at them for numbers when I get to the farm later today. There is a plate on the side of the trans on right hand side you take off then sandwich the valve in between that plate and trans pretty simple if you can find the parts. Mine was leaking real bad I replaced all the o-rings and it still leaked so I just took it off I am getting ready to try and rebuild it. I will try and get some pics too
  7. Cp 856

    1486 turbo

    I have a 1486 that I am replacing the muffler with an eliminator when I got the muffler off I noticed that the exhaust side of the turbo housing is pitted and pretty rough looking when you look back behind the vanes it looks pretty bad too. So I am thinking about replacing the turbo now while I have everything apart. My question is should I upgrade turbos or go back stock the tractor is my big tractor gets used for chisel plowing to running round baler and everything in between. It is set about 25 to 30hp over stock is the $400 more for a 3lm worth it?
  8. Cp 856

    New Holland 853 Roller

    We have a 853 that the bale command went bad on and converted it to hydrolics. All u need is two hydrolic hoses and a cylinder off of a old gleaner combine grain table. The cylinder for raising and lowering the reel has the same stroke as the electric cylinder. Only thing you have to do is drill the holes out in the new cylinder to mount it.
  9. Cp 856

    Big Thankyou out to 2016 Red Power Roundup

    I would like to say thanks to all who put on the show and everyone who brought something to the show. It was a great show with perfect weather we were there Thursday and have spent the rest of the trip at the dells. I just want to say thanks to everyone who helped make it a great show. I have a 2 and 4 year old and all they have talked about is the show.
  10. Cp 856

    Cordless Impact driver Milwaukee or Snap On??

    I have a snap on 1/2 at home for 5 years and a 1/2 at work for 3 years both have been trouble free and I would buy another if either quit. I don't know the price of the Milwaukee but if you have other Milwaukee stuff I would go with there's just for the extra batteries. I know Milwaukee makes a good product and the snap on is getting really expensive