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  1. Early model small 4 cylinder engine and the track pads are maybe 12 inches across. Looking online haven’t seen an image that looks close. Also the seat is just a steel pan and it does look original to the machine. Only tag on it and missing some tin. Smallest unit I’ve ever seen thought it was a cletrac from a distance. Will try get some images next time
  2. Found a small crawler wit the s/n 64HTA442 can anyone possibly tell what model this is?Smaller than a t6
  3. al41

    8350 haybine

    What is your opinions on this model. One up for sale worth a look or run away?
  4. To replace the o rings what tool is needed to undo the internal nut that holds the valve in the block.
  5. try to be kind to one another we,ve only get one try at life, make it count

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