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  1. your tractor is a 1959 year built . about the cg my book shows nothing. are you sure it isnt cc or gg cc stands for 3rd speed heavy duty tillage gear. gg stands for hydraulic power supply with 7.0 gpm pump. hope this helps
  2. Who got the vote for the 2024 red power roundup?
  3. I will be there thursday - sat hope to see alot of you guys.
  4. Is it possible to get a set of those extended hydraulic control levers for a 66 series?

  5. our cnh dealer has carried mobil oil for several years.
  6. Thanks BJ. I thought it was my dumb self that hit the wrong key on my computer.
  7. Happy Birthday BZ tractor and others
  8. can you use a wheel from a 06 66 series
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