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  1. Mark's muffler is no longer in business. Try devon's tractor parts.
  2. Happy Birthday to all make it a great day !!!
  3. ihman1468

    Blue Jeans

    I accidentally spilled diesel fuel on a brand new pair of blue jeans. I have washed them in the washing machine with extra soap and hot water. I can still smell the diesel fuel on them . How do i get the smell out. I dont want to toss them being brand new.
  4. Sd man it was a pinched hose fitting thanks again for your help.
  5. Thanks sdman will work on it tomorrow
  6. I broke a 3/8 hydraulic hose going to my rear remotes. Now all I can get is 500 psi out of any of the four remotes. Have changed all hydraulic filters and refilled hydraulic systems with the proper amount of hytran. What is going on with my tractor.
  7. ihman1468

    Ford F250

    I have a 2012 6.7 four door long bed 4x4 with 3;55 rear axle empty i get around 18 with cruise set.
  8. Happy Birthday to all
  9. Happy Birthday to rollie and others.
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