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  1. ihman1468


    What does a new one cost? Or can you even get a new one.
  2. ihman1468

    international 14++ series window glare

    What combine?
  3. ihman1468

    Happy birthday 🎈

    Happy Birthday to all
  4. ihman1468

    6500 Disc Chisel

    They have to be put on with some throwing right and some throwing left. look in your operator's manual to see the way to put them on correctly.
  5. ihman1468

    Looking for Implement decals

    Try devon's tractor parts 888-560-1466 or maple-hunter 812-894-9759
  6. ihman1468

    1660 Video And Some Leaf Pics.

    cant beet a good axial flow combine. Always enjoy your pics.
  7. ihman1468

    Educate me about corn head grease

    Case IH also has it. We use it in the gear boxes on our case ih corn head it's not cheep $5.15 a tube . we go through a ten pack every season.
  8. ihman1468


    Happy Birthday to all
  9. ihman1468

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to all
  10. ihman1468

    1066 Blackstripe FWA

    All 66 series farmall factory no cab tractors with flat top fenders were one light per fender.
  11. ihman1468

    66 series hood bolts

    yes matt 66-86 are the same
  12. ihman1468

    66 series hood bolts

    the ones from devon will be the correct color. the ones from case ih will be gold in color.
  13. ihman1468

    Happy Birthday

    Happy birthday to all.
  14. ihman1468

    66 series hood bolts

    call devons tractor parts. 888-560-1466