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  1. Happy Birthday to all !!!!!!!
  2. Happy Birthday to all !!!!!!!
  3. Chapter 10 in penfield ill in 2002 . they had 1500 ih tractors.
  4. What year did IH start using split rear wheel weights for farmall series tractors?
  5. Anybody going to penfield show ? They are featuring ih this year. ill be there on friday.
  6. Thanks for the pictures.
  7. our corn here in central indiana isnt that good.
  8. For those attending the show please post lots of pics for us who could not attend the show.
  9. Looks to be off a set of fast hitch row crop cultivators.
  10. Yes thats what it is for .
  11. Still gonna be farming here, so i wont make it.
  12. I have both a farmall 340 diesel and a 340 utility diesel.
  13. We are still wet here in central Indiana. More rain on the way.
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