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  1. looks great. we are going to start cutting beans today.
  2. looks great danny. when i was there this summer you have a nice shop.
  3. you guys know what buffet stands for ?
  4. I will be there on tuesday with 3 other guys taking the golf cart.
  5. can a fast hitch model 411 plow be a two bottom ? I have found a 411 two bottom and i think someone has made a four bottom into a two bottom.
  6. Chris where did you get your decals?
  7. The blue i need is for a model 211 plow.
  8. What is the paint code for international harvester blue paint?
  9. It is just a show tractor . to take to a show or plow day.
  10. Which plow for a 340 with fast hitch. looking for a 2 bottom or 3 bottom.
  11. IH building in Florida
  12. take 465 north around to 70 east . i live a half hour north of indy
  13. Ill be there friday afternoon and saturday all day.
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