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  1. I have a friend who bought new a hydro 70 diesel and still uses it .
  2. Those are factory weights . Try to find them is almost impossible to find. And hold on to your azz when you price them they sell when found for several thousand dollars.
  3. I fully agree on getting rid of them at NFMS
  4. case ih 620 quad track pulling a 13 shank 875 ripper.
  5. A&I products sells new ones . Give devon's tractor parts a call
  6. Who all is going to national farm machinery show in louisville Ky. Ill be there thursday and friday.
  7. Happy Birthday BZ tractor and others.
  8. Happy birthday to all
  9. Best combine ever made. Chris good job of cleaning.
  10. I would more worried about lodging.
  11. All i gotta say is there a couple dumb a#^es.
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