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  1. ihman1468

    Ether....where to buy?

    John Deere has the best ether.
  2. ihman1468

    phone book transfer

  3. ihman1468

    Birthday Boys

    Happy Birthday to all !!!!!
  4. ihman1468


    Happy Birthday to all !!!!!
  5. ihman1468

    new retro combine decals

    Looks Great !!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. ihman1468

    Loader for a 544 Farmall.

    a quick attached . There many brands out there to choose from.
  7. never can it be to long go big
  8. ihman1468

    Ohio rain amounts

    2.5 here in central indiana
  9. ihman1468

    Happy Birthday NYBillO

    Happy Birthday to all
  10. ihman1468

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday
  11. ihman1468

    Farmall 504 Serial Number Tag

    S stands for ta w/provision for 540 I pto . y stands for hydra-touch power supply ( w/ 12 gpm pump ) 1488 says built in 1962
  12. ihman1468

    Front wheels from 966 fit 1066?

    never seen a 1066 with 6 bolt wheels
  13. ihman1468

    Treating Gas in Loadstar for winter

    sea foam
  14. ihman1468

    Aftermarket feeder house chain

    We are a a&i dealer and have a&I chains in our 7010. Let me know if I can be of any help.
  15. ihman1468

    2455 loader

    There are a couple places here in Indiana that make steel lines.