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  1. And this gal is teaching our kids. WOW

    I watched 30 seconds of her was enough that i wanted to puke.
  2. Found this at the swap meet

    nice find
  3. Birthday wishes,IHclaw, madmac74

    Happy birthday make it a great one.
  4. Are you still making the shift lever? Thanks Anthony 

  5. Narrow front for a 886

    The East Moline combine factory had several 886 cab tractors with narrow front ends . They used the tractors inside the plant.
  6. Happy birthday

    Happy birthday
  7. Good News Today

    Thats great
  8. Excitement here at the Proving Grounds

    Nice find danny
  9. silo tragedy

    That is sad.
  10. Happy birthday,Striker782,Rawleigh99,north of 60

    Happy birthday
  11. Next series model numbers

    If international harvester had stayed in business what numbers would be on the tractors? We all know the magnum name and 71.72. and 89 series.
  12. Happy birthday ,Edwardporter1

    Happy birthday