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  1. ihman1468

    1086 New Tires

    a 18.4x38 rim is 16 inches wide and a 20.8x38 rim is 18 inch wide. Around my part of the country the tractor pullers use 20.8x38 rims with 18.4x38 tires.
  2. Happy birthday to all !!!
  3. BJ' ag express has a location here in indiana
  4. No it's not a elewood or colmen.
  5. Have you tryed your case ih dealer?
  6. Whats the front weight's off of on the 3688 . They look different.
  7. I know bud he is a great guy. He likes to give j.d. a hard time. He calls them yellow wheels.
  8. I had a 12 row and like jass 1660 said it was a good planter
  9. Eason on here knows about the decals.
  10. try bates or devons tractor parts or the farmall shop
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