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  1. 6788 alternator problems

    Why is it $1200.00? Just priced a new alternator for our case ih 235 magnum a reman was $550.00 and a new one for $650.00
  2. Keep those old pics coming hydro 70 they bring back alot of good memories.
  3. Dr. Evil

    Happy Birthday
  4. happy birthday Bgriffin856 and others

    Happy birthday to all
  5. Tractor Supply Co.

    TSC stores here are a joke. If you want a 50 lb sack of dog food it;s the place to go. If you need anything for the farm forget it.
  6. What is a good price on 100 lb suitcase weights?

    was at a local salvage yard on friday the get $125.00 for any ih logo weight. And $100.00 for non ih logo weight.
  7. Happy birthday!!

    Happy birthday cliff
  8. 1468

    If u need all the chassis decals I have them pm me.
  9. 2018 louisville

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  10. 2018 louisville

    I haven't missed a show sense 1984. have a friend who has never missed a show.