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  1. ihman1468

    General IH stickers

    When is the winter convention?
  2. ihman1468

    Nice red Aco

    That's a cool story.
  3. ihman1468

    IHC jacket

    My dealer gave me one of the jackets when I purchased my 5288.that was in 1982.
  4. ihman1468

    Magnum 290 toolbox placement

    You might try Amazon
  5. ihman1468

    IH Refrigerator Shipping Crate

    That's cool.
  6. ihman1468

    Magnum 290 toolbox placement

    Farmerboy. Look up k&m web sight . They should have pics. The kit will work with front duals. You only have to drill one hole. Everything else bolts on. Ours is on a 235 magnum with factory front duals.
  7. ihman1468

    Magnum 290 toolbox placement

    We added k&m step kit on the right side. It has steps to get to the tool box and to be able to clean the side glass and the windshield. It has a grab handle that clamps to the exhaust pipe.
  8. ihman1468

    Good things come to those who wait

    Matt is one of the best .
  9. ihman1468

    Smoke rings in the dark. My 1066

    Bill I know why you have those young guys helping. So they can throw all those weights around.
  10. ihman1468

    Differences in 2+2s?

    If i remember correctly I think the front axle was set ahead 6 inches. I had my 7288 set on 30 inch rows with duals all the way around and they lacked about 8 inches of hitting each other when turning.
  11. ihman1468

    Merry Christmas and New Year

    Merry Christmas and happy new year to all.
  12. ihman1468

    Happy birthday, Alan Dinan

    Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas
  13. ihman1468

    Differences in 2+2s?

    Oh did not call them 2+2. They were to known as the super 70 series.
  14. ihman1468

    Differences in 2+2s?

    Super 70 series were not 2+2 rractors.