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  1. my personnal notes : IH 2150 crosses to PPG 71310/DuPont 96766, IH 50 to PPG 70019/DuPont 7410 red RAL 3003 white RAL 9001 ivory RAL 1015 silver RAL 9006 black 9011 - 9017 International Harvester Red IH-2150-------------------71310 PPG CODES International Cub Cadet Yellow------------------------81518 International Cub Cadet White (IH-901)----------------8665 International White (IH-902)--------------------------90592 International White (IH-935)--------------------------91607 International Apple Green #2--------------------------40055 International Blue------------------------------------10067 International Red-------------------------------------2833 International Red (Light) #50-------------------------70019 International Gray #112 (Light)-----------------------30074 International Gray #110 (Dark)------------------------30031 International Green Apple-----------------------------40250 International Harvester Red IH-2150-------------------71310 International Harvester Brown-------------------------20048 International Harvester Tan #31-----------------------20214 2150 does have an orange tint, that includes PPG Omni 71310. IH 50 was discontinued in mid 1949, replaced by IH 1102B, then IH 201 in 1958, then IH 2150 in 1961 --2150 doit avoir une légère coloration orange , qui inclut la référence 71310 PPG. Le rouge IH d'origine ( 1er Novembre 1936 ) n° 50 a été remplacé à la mi 1949 par 1102B puis référence 201 en 1958 , puis référence 2150 en 1961 en 1977 , puis en 1981 en Europe , le rouge "XL" est apparu (application séries 86 , séries 45 et 55 xl en Europe -en GB série 84 - 85 etc ) code 2303.
  2. Thanks for that appreciation - my family business had started the first of September 1914, my grand-father who had spent 6 years in the California state came abck in France to get married -Our first brands were Deering and J.I Case de France, He had been severely injured in 1915 and died just after the war in 1929.My father, born in 1917, had spent five years in amilitary uniform :first legal time 2 years 1936-1938 - then Munich meeting, then the 10 th of May 1940 - his regiment was sent in Holland, replied in Belgium first, then Dunkirk, he has been enough lucky to be among English expeditionnary forces, and reached England in Portsmouth, then Cherbourg, he was given new weapons, and fought against Germans until the Armistice.coming back to his house, he had participed as a FFI ( Free French forces) in our local area, and was called to continue after the South of France liberation to be a part of the French intendance, and then my sister was born on 9th of August (Nagasaki) he was on the way to come back definitevely at home - We sold Deering before WWII as a dealership, then MC Cormick Deering after WWII Then international, then Case IH, then JD, then Kubota - the independant dealership is 106 years old, and, granted to the great American brands, we like America, despite the fact we are an Kubota Dealer....Join a pic about our America mania (my office), our freedom id full of sense ...we have a huge debt....Thanks to everyone for your gentle words -God bless America...
  3. until 1763 this was the new France - starting from Canada until Louisiana...including Illinois, Maine, Vermont, Missouri, etc
  4. the standard machine gun of the US expeditionnary force in 1917 was the French armoured FT1 Renault (illustrated ) - the planes provided to the US army air corps were French made, SPAD Brand
  5. Exact - the fundamental problem of France after ww1 was that the people didn't want another conflict so the nation was not prepared , except for the defensive, with the Maginot line...The socialism, with popular front adventure, brought another nail to the coffin....a lot of sufferings during ww1, a lot of deaths...( my grand father severely injured - he spent 6 years in california prior) a lot of widows, destroyed villages, the common result of a 4 years war. RIchard : the first French army, reequiped with US Machines, was the essential part of the task force during the south of France liberation, (15 th of august 1944) a huge mobilisation of troops was effective during the fall 1944 and during the first months of 1945 : one target, the enemy complete defeat,General De lattre de Tassigny keeping Strasbourg French, despite a German offensive during the winter - the discussion between Einsenhower and de Gaulle about Strasbour was veey hot ! an Only word : thanks to America, and thanks again......we'll never forget......
  6. we also need 1/ a passport to enter in the USA, but also an ESTA certificate, to my mind the rules are more tight in your country that in mine - however both sides of the ocean, you can find dumb and inelegant custom employees ..... France is the world first touristic destination - Tell me know why ?...
  7. False - De Gaulle knew the fundamental role of the US since 1941 for Europe and French Liberty ( he was in Arlington Cemetery during the Jf Kennedy burial Ceremony ) and didn't allow to remove the US buried soldiers....we have a lot of American cemeteries and we are proud of them - come and visit us - you will be welcome - a huge majority of the French people loves America, the America way of life is everywhere present in France....without your permission, i own two star spangled banner flags , one in my office, the second at home , i am proud of both ! Please stop the French Bashing - we are allied since 1776 - your real enemies are not in Europe, but in the muslim world.take care.
  8. Except from rare providers, the orders are well executed - try Amazon in order to find the same books edited by Barnes & Nobles
  9. see my topic (in French ) https://www.lestracteursrouges.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=11701&p=221658&hilit=stockton#p221658
  10. copyright HDT : Traton and Navistar Traton was formed in 2018 out of Volkswagen’s Truck and Bus Group, in order to spearhead the German automaker's push to become a major player in the global commercial vehicle market. That bid included establishing a presence in North America – the world’s highest volume commercial vehicle market. To further that goal, Volkswagen had already developed a close relationship with Navistar, in 2016 announcing a strategic alliance that included various research and development projects. That alliance has helped lead to Navistar introducing a version of Volkswagen truck brand MAN’s diesel engine as the International A26 engine for International Class 8 trucks and more recently, a prototype electric medium-duty truck. Navistar struggled in the wake of its controversial decision on how to meet the Environmental Protection Agency's emissions 2010 standards. It decided to forego selective catalytic reduction (SCR) downstream exhaust technology to reduce diesel emissions in favor of advanced exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technology. The company’s MaxxForce family of diesel engines were plagued with technical issues, largely related to the significant increase in waste heat they generated due to their advanced EGR systems, and Navistar’s commercial vehicle market share and stock price suffered as a result. Navistar endured a long series of lawsuits over the failure of the MaxxForce engines to perform as advertised, but settled all pending complaints and “closed the books” on those
  11. Last US trucks market share results 2019/2018 -Source HDT Magazine - the most difficult is for Navistar to increase it market share in the class 8 - Hi value class -
  12. the paint used on this restored tractor in 1980 is a French coat, "Citroën Cyclone grey" in order to match with the original paint as close as possible - Call Todd Marlkle who is a specialist.
  13. Only a marketing question : IHC is a worldwide organization, the company owns some brands & trade marks, and use them differently in the different countries where it exports or build directely through its subsidiaries.For American Domestic market, the real risk of infrigement of the anti-trust law in the twenties drove IH to drop the distinct networks Mac Cormick and Deering, in order to use from now on an unique composed Brand (mc+D) In France, the two brands were sold separatly until 1947 ,using also the Brand Osborne and CIMA (for the ihc engines.Another example : All the tractors IH imported in Denmark brought the "Farmall" name typically, until the end of the fifties.What was the reason why ? "Farmall" name was particularly well known in this country, as Mac Cormick in France, the transition toward international brand was a very slow process....the Brand Marketing is a science, inspired by the customers habits....
  14. Made both in France and Germany - The German affiliate exported some tractors to Canada - The availability of Parts is correct for the engine - the transmission is very reliable but in case onf something should happen, it is not easy to purchase new parts - except in salvage fields in France, Germany. D268 engine natural aspiration for the 844 S - if the tractor is equipped with an hydraulic shuttle, avoid the purchase.
  15. What do you need exactly ?
  16. 1 2 3 4 5 6 : kph with 1 2 3 4 5 6 gear on the shift level - 500>2500 engine RPM and PTO 540/1000 RPM at 2150 engine rpm - For the Jean de Bru cultivator try the 5th gear 8KPH-->Approximatly more than 12KPH at the same engine RPM (1500) 4 KPH higher - the engine and the tractor will follow -be careful with the implement !
  17. 1986 12/31/1987 D04 0936 D 003333 12/31/1986 D04 0936 D 002959 tractor born in 1987 year
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