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  1. A Few...limited quantities built by Renault lol
  2. yes the IH collecting is growing in France, because a lot IH tractors is regularly & daily used in farms,and IH had a lot of loyal customers - i estimate that IH is one of the most popular collectible brand in the country
  3. a little bit far away from Iowa , Illinois or Wisconsin ! however you are invited to visit us whenever you want,you'll be welcome ! you also allowed to send me a message for more infos : we can help you : jc@cointe.fr or ihf@cointe.fr
  4. Happy Birthday ! a pic of Colin unique proto of F 335
  5. Predecessor corporate plane (Boeing ?) B23 © WHS Pilot supposed to be Harold Mac Cormick
  6. A means ALLRAD (4wd) your tractor had been built in 1975 year
  7. the model SA don't exist : In France 844,844SB,845 in Germany 844 ,844 S sure that it would be far better to keep the original rear 34"-if you replace it by 30", the FWA will be out the maker specs (ZF)
  8. Every new availability, i order it (end of every year) Gregg Swanson & his crew have done an awesome job since 2008 : an awesome movies collection, i hope never achieved Thanks also to regular contributors, as Howard Pletcher, Ken Updike,and a lot of other nice guys who help the preservation of the genuine movies nationwide.
  9. I own the whole collection of the 14 + DVDs, all are nice to view & review : a preference for the #1, with a 53 minutes movie "Inside Harvester" a must !
  10. this site is running smooth & well since a long time due to the great efforts of the staff & particularly BJ kline : thanks from a French follower !
  11. Never seen it in 1/16 - perharps custom builder
  12. Oscar H Will III "PAYLINE" motorbooks item #140559 - for my mind Hank Will + Roger Amato books allow to acquire a good knowledge of the Payline group
  13. if you find another rig like this one, we can start a discussion...
  14. this text had been initially written for Howard Pletcher : The low-density baler is typically an European implement, Main brands produced in Germany, France,and sometimes Italy.the goal was to meet the needs of small farms, particularly in the mountainous regions.The bales were fragile, to handle with precaution, in order to avoid the accidental loose of the twine.CIMA developped three models, well built,specially with an auxiliary engine, allowing the machine to be pulled with two horses.However these type of machines had their market share decreasing quickly after 1960 : in our region, despite the mountainous Character, my father sold a lot of 45,F45,B46, F5-46,B 47,and BL30 Bamfords,( a GB brand),and that type of machine (36x46 bale dimension) medium-density became the standard,the low-density builders went out the business after 1970, except for those building other type of hay balers.The three machines made in Croix factory (north of France) we the F 90, F91, and F5-112 -equipped with Mac Cormick knotters,during the period 1995-1970.the Main competitors were Claas, Rousseau (purchased by JD later) Rivierre-Casalis, and a bunch of small brands like Heywang, Goetzmann, Rochland (purchased by Hesston) Garnier I have purchased a F91 sold by my dealership in 1964 in a nice shape-a friend of mine works with a F 90 Bernard engine PTO, originally pulled by a FC Farmall.A 2nd advantage was that the hay wasn’t cut, but gently baled – there were remaining prevention about the quality of the hay cut by a middle-density baler during a long time – The last attempt was done by the French engineering in Croix factory with a middle-density baler without knives , models 410 & 412.that last machine enver entered in regular production, my father was asked about this project , answering that the goal was to sell reliable binders (knotters) in lieu of declining a new concept without any market - I shall tell you a day our IH balers adventures : i own the complete fold of the developpment of the all-twine tyers, by a French IH dealer Henri Favier.
  15. Thanks a lot ! i wish all the best for the group in 2021 year : and bye bye 2020 , one of the worst years of my life.... best regards, Jean
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