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  1. A Few...limited quantities built by Renault lol
  2. yes the IH collecting is growing in France, because a lot IH tractors is regularly & daily used in farms,and IH had a lot of loyal customers - i estimate that IH is one of the most popular collectible brand in the country
  3. a little bit far away from Iowa , Illinois or Wisconsin ! however you are invited to visit us whenever you want,you'll be welcome ! you also allowed to send me a message for more infos : we can help you : jc@cointe.fr or ihf@cointe.fr
  4. Happy Birthday ! a pic of Colin unique proto of F 335
  5. Predecessor corporate plane (Boeing ?) B23 © WHS Pilot supposed to be Harold Mac Cormick
  6. A means ALLRAD (4wd) your tractor had been built in 1975 year
  7. the model SA don't exist : In France 844,844SB,845 in Germany 844 ,844 S sure that it would be far better to keep the original rear 34"-if you replace it by 30", the FWA will be out the maker specs (ZF)
  8. Every new availability, i order it (end of every year) Gregg Swanson & his crew have done an awesome job since 2008 : an awesome movies collection, i hope never achieved Thanks also to regular contributors, as Howard Pletcher, Ken Updike,and a lot of other nice guys who help the preservation of the genuine movies nationwide.
  9. I own the whole collection of the 14 + DVDs, all are nice to view & review : a preference for the #1, with a 53 minutes movie "Inside Harvester" a must !
  10. this site is running smooth & well since a long time due to the great efforts of the staff & particularly BJ kline : thanks from a French follower !
  11. Never seen it in 1/16 - perharps custom builder
  12. Oscar H Will III "PAYLINE" motorbooks item #140559 - for my mind Hank Will + Roger Amato books allow to acquire a good knowledge of the Payline group
  13. if you find another rig like this one, we can start a discussion...
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