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  1. the paint used on this restored tractor in 1980 is a French coat, "Citro├źn Cyclone grey" in order to match with the original paint as close as possible - Call Todd Marlkle who is a specialist.
  2. Only a marketing question : IHC is a worldwide organization, the company owns some brands & trade marks, and use them differently in the different countries where it exports or build directely through its subsidiaries.For American Domestic market, the real risk of infrigement of the anti-trust law in the twenties drove IH to drop the distinct networks Mac Cormick and Deering, in order to use from now on an unique composed Brand (mc+D) In France, the two brands were sold separatly until 1947 ,using also the Brand Osborne and CIMA (for the ihc engines.Another example : All the tractors IH imported in Denmark brought the "Farmall" name typically, until the end of the fifties.What was the reason why ? "Farmall" name was particularly well known in this country, as Mac Cormick in France, the transition toward international brand was a very slow process....the Brand Marketing is a science, inspired by the customers habits....
  3. Made both in France and Germany - The German affiliate exported some tractors to Canada - The availability of Parts is correct for the engine - the transmission is very reliable but in case onf something should happen, it is not easy to purchase new parts - except in salvage fields in France, Germany. D268 engine natural aspiration for the 844 S - if the tractor is equipped with an hydraulic shuttle, avoid the purchase.
  4. What do you need exactly ?
  5. 1 2 3 4 5 6 : kph with 1 2 3 4 5 6 gear on the shift level - 500>2500 engine RPM and PTO 540/1000 RPM at 2150 engine rpm - For the Jean de Bru cultivator try the 5th gear 8KPH-->Approximatly more than 12KPH at the same engine RPM (1500) 4 KPH higher - the engine and the tractor will follow -be careful with the implement !
  6. 1986 12/31/1987 D04 0936 D 003333 12/31/1986 D04 0936 D 002959 tractor born in 1987 year
  7. 744 European IH series 745 European IH series
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