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  1. Dr. Evil

    +1 ! Happy birthday doc !
  2. Lost my sister this afternoon

    Sad new - my condolences.
  3. coleman front axle for old international

    new or used ? match with IH models ?
  4. Old bismarck nd dealership

    Nice pics & memories - thanks
  5. A Lost IH "gun" in Italia

    thanks !
  6. A Lost IH "gun" in Italia

    Merci !
  7. A Lost IH "gun" in Italia

    A friend of mine, son of a retired IH dealership seller , Hervé Teire has found an American gun in a Catane (Sicily) Museum - the Carriage has an IH plate, and i don't know the brand of the Gun (Howitzer ?) Some forum members will certainly bring some precisions. w
  8. Xmas & 2018

    Happy Birthday Michael.
  9. Ruby Red's IH Equipment at Work

    awesome !
  10. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    one of the draws made by Gregg Montgomery to upholster the 56 series copyright Gregg Montgomery ((courtesy Herbert Starzinger) I prefer this line rather than the Case IH one !
  11. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    The 56 X was planned to serve the European market : they were unveiled in 1986 , with some upgrades, specially the brand new central front axle.
  12. Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    Gregg Montmgomery himself has released a few months ago the (famous now) picture of the 5488 PS with improved cab - the letters scheme is the same used for the 1600 combines - however i own a rare pic of the 1400 series with such 1600 decos - unfortunately i have promised to keep this picture i can't publish it
  13. On my 3rd reading of this book

    my copy was purchased a long time ago with a reasonnable price at an IH memorabilia shop in Tigard Oregon ( reprint but excellent quality) i don't remember the name of the shop
  14. NAVISTAR, the rebirth of IH

    the way is paved : next subsidiary of VW-Man....