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  1. Only a marketing question : IHC is a worldwide organization, the company owns some brands & trade marks, and use them differently in the different countries where it exports or build directely through its subsidiaries.For American Domestic market, the real risk of infrigement of the anti-trust law in the twenties drove IH to drop the distinct networks Mac Cormick and Deering, in order to use from now on an unique composed Brand (mc+D) In France, the two brands were sold separatly until 1947 ,using also the Brand Osborne and CIMA (for the ihc engines.Another example : All the tractors IH imported in Denmark brought the "Farmall" name typically, until the end of the fifties.What was the reason why ? "Farmall" name was particularly well known in this country, as Mac Cormick in France, the transition toward international brand was a very slow process....the Brand Marketing is a science, inspired by the customers habits....
  2. Made both in France and Germany - The German affiliate exported some tractors to Canada - The availability of Parts is correct for the engine - the transmission is very reliable but in case onf something should happen, it is not easy to purchase new parts - except in salvage fields in France, Germany. D268 engine natural aspiration for the 844 S - if the tractor is equipped with an hydraulic shuttle, avoid the purchase.
  3. What do you need exactly ?
  4. 1 2 3 4 5 6 : kph with 1 2 3 4 5 6 gear on the shift level - 500>2500 engine RPM and PTO 540/1000 RPM at 2150 engine rpm - For the Jean de Bru cultivator try the 5th gear 8KPH-->Approximatly more than 12KPH at the same engine RPM (1500) 4 KPH higher - the engine and the tractor will follow -be careful with the implement !
  5. 1986 12/31/1987 D04 0936 D 003333 12/31/1986 D04 0936 D 002959 tractor born in 1987 year
  6. 744 European IH series 745 European IH series
  7. I shall be there on thursday the 26th of June evening,this hotel seems nice...
  8. I shall come from Buffalo so i shall try to make a detour on wednesday afternoon - thanks for the info.
  9. Off topic : i am seriously interested to visit the Frank Bartlow dealership so i have ask without success if the building was specially opened during the RPRU ( and a day before it) in order to allow me, a pilgrim from France, to discover this sanctuary without tour planned from the RPRU, this visit is really important for me, because my parent's dealership, in France, followed most of the Raymond Loewy worldwide dealership prescriptions .Let me know if you have informations.
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