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  1. Sad to see that. Thanks for posting
  2. Buddy of mine had a 360 agcostar for a few years & it did well for him. Pretty sure it had the N14. Only reason it got traded was he bought bigger drill & needed more ponies. There is at least one McConnel around Drumheller.
  3. Dad had one for the 1066 when it was hooked to 914 Combine. Worked good.
  4. Cool, thanks for posting 👍👍
  5. I’m partial to the white cab as dad & grampa had a 1066 Hydro that I spent lots hours in. They looked good all dualled up like that too.👍👍
  6. That’s pretty decent, be nice tractor for sure
  7. I’m not sure how crab steer Steigers sold, I was gone from dealer time they came out. I know in this area, still a few 91,92 & 93 series around. Low houred 92 & 9370s & 80s still bring top dollar.
  8. Yes, I think SD man said in thread couple days ago about Case 4wds. They were popular in this area & even once the dealer where I worked got the Red Steiger's, they still sold quite a few 44s & 4894s before the line was discontinued. They were a good match on 14 &1682 combines, large silage cutters too. Wasn’t much competition with the 9000 series Steigers too.
  9. Ah... it’s just all that nice red paint, That would’ve been 2 pretty decent horses in 87.
  10. Ok, was goofy year up in this area too, lots still out. Good luck eh👍👍
  11. I’m guessing it’s same time frame as a 4894, so either a 9170 or 80. Looks like air cleaner sitting on the fender & they were the only ones in that series like that.
  12. Dale, is it usually this late for corn in your area, or just this year? How’s it start at that temp too?
  13. Ok,I was pretty sure it was an 1150, but thanks for confirming it👍👍
  14. That’s pretty good, couple guys in our area did same thing. Die hard green too...
  15. D1206

    1256 on ice

    Cool pictures 👍👍
  16. Nice job, looks like you got a decent shop to work in too👍. What vintage would that girl be? I remember seeing a TD 25 at Allen Olsen auction back in mid 90s. If I’m not mistaken it had a Cummins?
  17. According to tractor data they were only built in 84 & 85. That one might have been painted. Dealership where I worked painted a 4994 same way.
  18. Same here too, only ever saw 2 thru dealer where I worked in 6 years. The 6 speed 94s were pretty decent units when they came out. Lots sold in summer of 87 during the fire sale.
  19. I was in my 2nd year of heavy duty mech & one of my instructors gave me the news. He was an old Case guy & we always had an ongoing back & forth about case & IH. He got a few good shots in that day. Left the shop in fall & it was IH. Back to work in new year & was CaseIH.
  20. 3294 was kinda odd duck too, had 2294 rear housing & if I remember correctly, no actually park gear like others had. Used a park brake like 4wds. Don’t think there was ever a red 32 & they were not available with 6 speed powershift like the 23,33,25 & 35s
  21. Yes, the K30’s & 35s had wider rails behind the cab. I found out the hard way about spring perch width few years ago converting a K35 to a 25. Thought I’d just unbolt that Dana 70 & set in a 14bolt semi float, ended up changing spring hangers & then was good. Nice rig by the way too👍👍
  22. I know the cab & chassis had 14bolt full float & pick up box had Dana 70. Maybe there’s a difference in track between the 2.
  23. Dad & grampa had a 1066 hydro with deluxe cab from early 70s to 87. If the a/c quit, it got fixed. Sure it was noisy, but ear phones helped a bunch. That cab was really nice with good A/C, it would freeze you out & cab & heat was nice on those -30 days & wind blowing feeding cows.
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