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  1. D1206

    McCormick W9

    That’s pretty good after a long rest. Looks good too.
  2. D1206

    We're Here to Stay

    Ya, we always said that about Hutterites around here, had to at least admire the part about everybody getting along. You’d be hard pressed to put 10 farmers together & expect them all to work together. Be tough for sure.
  3. D1206

    We're Here to Stay

    Interesting, never heard of it before. Is it still operating as a co-op?
  4. D1206

    Music thread

    These guys had a few good years in early 90s, Some bad luck.. drummer passed away, then couple years later lead singer died from an earlier bike accident. Too bad, because they were pretty decent.
  5. D1206

    Music thread

    Heres one from 1973, no auto tune, live performance & both boys don’t even use picks.
  6. D1206

    Music thread

    That version of Mr fantasy is better than original IMO. Winwood is underrated as a guitarist. He &EC do a great version of the Blind Faith tune Can’t find my way home.
  7. D1206

    One more saved

    Looks good, nice tractor👍👍 They were nice to run, spent time in neighbors 35 & we rented a 35 & 37 for couple springs to pull drills in early 80s
  8. D1206

    Weekend Auction Results-Genoa,WI

    Ok, thanx
  9. D1206

    4586: A Rebuild/Repair

    This is pretty cool, nice to see the old girl being brought back to life.
  10. D1206

    Weekend Auction Results-Genoa,WI

    Was the PTO unit the same all way thru the series. .? We never saw many of the 70s & 80s with PTOs. Mostly just 10s 30s & maybe the odd 9150
  11. D1206

    Weekend Auction Results-Genoa,WI

    There were a few around this area when 1682s were new, made a nice combo for sure. They were a really nice tractor, better field tractor than a comparable Front wheel drive too being they had all equal size tires.
  12. D1206

    Weekend Auction Results-Genoa,WI

    Kind of what i thought too, lack of PTO would hurt though. Would make a nice bale processor tractor with PTO & knock duals off. Or big swing auger.
  13. D1206


    There’s one south of here, guy brings to the July 1st parade. All restored,looks nice. First one I’ve ever saw. My old IH boss was from Virden Man. Said there were a few sold around that area & some were swapped from the standard trans to the Ally early on too.
  14. D1206

    Hardest starting tractor

    Dad & Grampa had a 706 with 282 & you counted about 2minutes & it started good. It was the loader tractor when we first went to round bales. Plugged in parked inside a steel Quonset in -25 to -30 degC it always fired up. Cows never went without feed.
  15. D1206

    A dog`s life

    Sounds like our house, Basset hound rules the place