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  1. Sorry to hear about this, George 2 you brought a lot of knowledge to this forum & you will be missed.RIP
  2. D1206

    Local Farmer

    I’m with you on the driving thing, ya it’s a tough call to take someone’s licence but it’s still better than killing somebody. I drove truck for 20 years & by far my closest calls where older people either pulling out in front of you, or going way to slow & holding up traffic. Had a truck take the ditch & needed killing driver to avoid an older lady who pulled off gravel onto highway right in front of him. Younger drivers was usually speed, but they at least got outta your way. We been lucky that way I guess, dad had a stroke 11 years ago & hasn’t drove since then,he’s 80 in Nov. mother is 78 & just usually drives around town.
  3. The part about simple, reliable & paid for is king. Was talking to a buddy of mine I went to high school with 81-83. They are still running a 846 his dad bought new. 8100hrs & he said about 100 hours a year now, Told me he can’t justify a newer one & like yours it’s paid for.
  4. D1206

    Music thread

    Joe definitely brought more rock to them for sure. But ya, the Eagles were a pretty decent band. Saw them in Calgary in 95 for **** freezes over tour & they put on a good show for sure👍👍
  5. D1206

    Music thread

    He did pretty good keeping James Gang going & playing for Eagles at the same time. He was always the cool eagle too, never seemed to have the attitude like Henley
  6. Nice to see the 875 still earning its keep👍 There’s still a few 835,855 875s in this area yet too. Pretty hard to beat those Versy’s cheap realiable horsepower. Pretty decent cab in their day too
  7. D1206

    Music thread

    Joe.... he’s a classic.👍👍👍👍
  8. X2 on that. You guys keep it interesting for sure👍👍
  9. There were lots used on dozers for snow too. Like anything else, use a little discretion & they will do ok.
  10. I’ll let him know & X2 on the hijack👍
  11. Would be a decent enough project for some one too & your not really that far away. My cousins kid is into W6s,9s & a 650 gas. I’ll let him know about a bit larger project too.
  12. Man, that’s a pretty decent deal. Will it still move or diff locked up?
  13. D1206

    Craziest Shifters

    Drove a double over 13 in T 800 for couple years at Mullen & it had normal shift pattern, just last 2 gears were OD. Drove a few 15s that had the W or U shift pattern like maybe your talking about, but never saw a 13 like that
  14. No sh#t... where’s Jane Fonda, Leonardo & that crowd,now.... too busy trying to tell the people up in the oil sands how to run things instead of worrying about their own backyard...
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