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  1. Make sure you have 12 volts to the compressor. I had a system I was working on a couple weeks ago and found the same issue after getting it charged. Started checking voltage at compressor, alternator and finally he batteries. Load tested the batteries and found them to be bad. One had a bad cell and was taking majorly of the alternator power and short changing everything else.
  2. I have a new double gear pump coming. I have spoke with Mike Links several times and this is where we have ended up. Thanks for all the replies and I will update with the results after new pump install.
  3. I have installed new hoses on the steering cylinder from cnh and new hoses on the supply and return at the hand pump. I just pulled the hand pump out and loosened the bolts and torqued them to 19 ft. Lbs. per the service manual. Has anyone ever checked the rolling torque on a hand pump ? I haven’t put hand pump back in yet, trying to figure out how to check the torque of the shaft now. Bushings in the column are new in the last couple years and are not dragging on the shaft. Ez-pilot isn’t adding much drag either. I also unhooked the steering cylinder hoses and made a jumper hose to delete the cylinder from the system. It still has quite a bit of drag in the hand pump. I’m guessing that the hand pump could be bad even though it tested ok. Thoughts???
  4. I was looking at the supply hoses tonight and noticed they were #6 hoses with #8 fittings on the ends. Would the smaller hose cause an issue with steering? I’m at a loss here with this thing. I’m going to pull my ez-pilot off this weekend and make sure that it isn’t causing this issue. Just hard to believe that it would cause this stiff steering. As we talked last week the hand pump flowed 6 gpm at 1500 psi and set the relief to 2450-2500 psi.
  5. No I have not changed the supply hoses yet, they have been replaced in the past but can be changed pretty quickly again. I capped the steering hand pump at the lines coming off the hand pump as you told me last week and it did as you said it would. It had very little movement and then locked in each direction. Mike, do you have an extra valve laying around? Have you seen them go bad as the other poster has said his did ? Thank you
  6. When it broke was it obvious? I had the steering relief out 2 times when setting the pressure. I had to put my screwdriver in the vice and turn the valve with a 3/8” wrench. It came right out if the valve body when I bumped the starter over, as my magnet wouldn’t pull it out.
  7. Yes, I had it out and apart. All looked good and this is where the steering relief is.
  8. I have a 5488 with a heavy front axle. I have jacked up the front axle and the steering is he same as on the ground, higher steering efforts. I have flow rated the steering pump and found 12 gpm at 1500 psi which is good by the service manual. Flowed the steering hand pump and came up with 6 gpm at 1500 ps which is also in spec. Checked the steering relief pressure and had to set up to 2450 psi as the valve had been changed prior to me buying it. Removed the steering cylinder and jacked up axle again and turned the front wheels with little effort. Took cylinder apart and found the piston seal to be bad and barrel scored. Took barrel to machine shop and had it honed with a flex hone “dingle ball” hone as not to remove to much material. Cleaned barrel and rebuilt cylinder with new kit. Installed back on axle and purged air from lines. Still have higher efforts to steer. I’m at my wits end with this thing and am asking if anyone has an idea where else to look. The rod for the cylinder is not bent either. It does have tilt steering, I haven’t ever seen any issues with the tilt on these. But there is always a first. Thanks in advance.
  9. Reminds me of my grandpa, he could get your attention real quick this way. Miss him and his attention getting finger.
  10. When will you be putting any kits together? This is very tempting.
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