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  1. Dillsburg 560D

    5488 inline pump return hose

    The pump part number is on the back of the pump. There are 2 different hoses with different size orifice. I don’t have my book in front of me right now but it depends on the pump number for which orifice is used for pump pressure.
  2. Dillsburg 560D

    Ih 800 cyclometer 3 problems

    Sounds like your problem may be in the planter harness and not the monitor. Need to know a little more info to help. Does the screen give a row number or hopper level alarm ? When you first turn it on it self tests and fails until you start planting. Do you have a book for the planter and monitor?
  3. Dillsburg 560D

    ih 800 planter monitor

    If you don’t want to replace the bad hopper sensor you can put a jumper wire between the green and black leads under the hopper on the harness side. This will disable the sensor.
  4. Dillsburg 560D

    ih 800 planter monitor

    Probably a bad hopper level sensor. You may want to stay out of the monitor, not much you can fix in there unless you know what you’re doing and have the drawings.
  5. Dillsburg 560D

    sentry module

    Mike, if I may ask. What is being done when repairing the sentry module? Thanks and I’m not going into business fixing them Just curious.
  6. Dillsburg 560D

    5488 Hydraulic Autosteer

    When will you be putting any kits together? This is very tempting.
  7. Dillsburg 560D

    Rims & Tires

    What condition are your 20.8-38’s ? Is there fluid in them ?
  8. Dillsburg 560D

    Building a Sentry Module

    So I received a Service training manual for the 50 and 70 series tractors today. There is a section on the sentry system and it gives some time frames for different functions when testing it. Don’t know if it will help with this topic but I can get some scans of the manual tomorrow and post them here if you like.
  9. Dillsburg 560D


    I had my 5088 apart 2 years ago and found it has hand the “True Blue” IH updates. I also just received in the mail an IH Service training manual from late 84-85 on the 50 and 70 series. Started reading it as soon as I got it open. Very interesting and a lot of info on testing hydraulic systems and sentry system.
  10. Dillsburg 560D

    7288 & 7488 tractors

    So what happened to the topic of this thread???
  11. Dillsburg 560D

    Pictures of the TRX and other IHC prototypes

    Wasn’t there another set up where there was some controls for dash functions on the steering wheel ? I recall seeing something like that somewhere or I may have dreamt about that.
  12. Dillsburg 560D

    Purchasing 5488 s/n-4421

    This is from Bermuda Ken Posted August 7, 2006 Here's some numbers to think over.........George2's 5488 is shown on the daily list on 4-23-85 along with 5488 # 4446. The FINAL FARMALL built tractor (#4452) is on the daily list on 5-6-85. IH list several other 5488's after this date. They are: 5-7-85.....# 4418, #4421, #4426 5-8-85.....#4451 5-9-85.....#4412 5-10-85....#4420, #4434 Just what part of the production line the daily serial number report was taken is unknown to me. If 5488 # 4452 was the LAST tractor set on the line, and the serial numbers were recorded when the tractor was "line-set" why are there 20 other tractors listed with dates after 5-6-85?????(I did not list them all here) The final FARMALL 5488 assembly photos from Dale Jensen indicate that an assembled chassis (engine, trans/final drive and front frame....missing the rad and F-A-F box, cab, platform, fuel tanks, and all hoodwork) was all that existed on 5-6-85. The IH archives has a copy of this daily serial number report (thanks to me) so this data is not "fabricated" or "restricted" to the use of only a few. ANYONE can get this report from the IH archives.
  13. Dillsburg 560D

    Vintage IH Decal Needed

    https://www.binderbooks.com/ih_individual_decal.html check here there many different choices.
  14. Dillsburg 560D

    Purchasing 5488 s/n-4421

    Around Freeport Illinois
  15. Dillsburg 560D

    Purchasing 5488 s/n-4421

    So I’m buying 5488 s/n-4421 and was looking up serial numbers and found this thread. What I’m trying to do is find the Daily serial number list on Wisconsin Historical society site and am having a hard time navigating it. Thanks for the input