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    farming, trucking, motorbikes, rebuilding & restoring big old tractors,(1206 farmall, 1206 international wheatland, 220 allis chalmers

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  1. You can email me at dalecook@quadro.net , or land line number is 519-225-2859, yes they are still available
  2. So I bought another farm a cpl. yrs back and in one of the barns was left a pair of fenders and a hood, they are all in quite good condition. I'm not sure if this sight allows me to sell them here, but anyone knows someone who would want them, that's greatly appreciated.
  3. Your welcome Reaper, not sure if you we're able to get to my pictures. I bought the wheatland version from Matt Damman, of Lested Praire, MN.,he bought it from a machinery jockey that supposedly bought it from an estate in ND. thats all i know of its history yet.I'd be nice to trace it back to the original owner, thanks for now an keep up your great work.
  4. Hi, my name Dale Cook, an i farm in southwestern Ont., Canada. I've always wanted to restore some older tractors from the 60's 70's time era, in the 100+ hp. range, so it started 2yrs ago with the purchase of a friends 65' Farmall 1206, ( he's 82 an started developing alzhiemers an dimentia, so the family decided to sell off the machinery) this fellow was a major influence in getting me started farming, so i was going to buy that 1206 no matter what, since then i've bought a 66' International 1206 wheatland version, which came out of western Minn., a 69' Allis Chalmers 220, from southern Ind
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