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  1. That is a good idea also. GT&T
  2. Red Tractor Fever I don't know if this will work or not, but it is just a thought. I think that the Wisconsin history museum has lists of tractors that were produced, and what dealership they were sent to, and who they were built for. If you were to find your two serial no.'s and the one you are looking for, then just by chance you may figure out where they were sent originally. This is a long shot but just might have been sent to a dealer that is still in business. Good luck! GT&T
  3. Red Tractor Fever Red Tractor Fever Boy do you have it bad. GT&T
  4. PID Thank you for posting this service manual. I have worked at an IH dealership and have never seen this manual. It has information that I haven't seen in our ( US version ) of the manual. What does the cover of the manual look like? I'd like to get a copy if I ever see one available. GT&T
  5. Cad Have you had the main relief valve out? Are the O-rings OK and was there any foreign material in the valve? If the main relief valve is open it will prevent any pressure build up because the oil can return to the reservoir. Also check that the unloader valve is not stuck open, it can also dump oil back to the reservoir. The unloader valve is located under the seat and bolted to the top of the center rear housing case. GT&T
  6. Kmacht You do not mention anything about the hydraulic filter condition. I would look at the filter first. If you have frothy oil I would say it is getting air somewhere. Have you tried over filling the reservoir by several gallons? When you pull the filter check to see if the screen on the end of the filter has any debris on it. This is a filter bypass valve that opens if the filter becomes plugged. Cut the filter open and see what is in between the pleats, this may tell what if any failures you have. GT&T
  7. What did you do to repair the power steering? You may have changed something that caused the PTO to not work. GT&T
  8. Did you look under the shifter cover on the left hand side and confirm that the PTO linkage is engaging the spool valve? The valve must go down to the retaining nut, some times the rubber boot gets torn and then will fill with dirt and debris, then the spool cannot fully engage. GT&T
  9. GT&T


         Thank you for offering to email a copy of the LP Gas and Natural Gas information to us on the Red Power Forum.  I would be most grateful if you could send me a copy.

        We are most fortunate to have people like you to share this information with us.


    1. acem


      I would be glad to send you a copy.  Send me an email to mershonfarms(at)gmail(dot)com  Thx-Ace

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