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  1. IH Red Ryan Did you have the throttle plate out of the carburetor ? Could you have turned the throttle shaft a half turn off when installing the throttle plate? Did you replace the throttle shaft with a new one that was in the kit? If so the drive lug that is pinned to the new shaft may have been installed 180* out of time. I think that if there is a lot of wear in the governor linkage that the linkage can be flipped over center in the governor. If you can't find any mistakes in the carburetor, then I would remove the governor cover plate and look at, and operate the throttle linkage. I have several carburetor kits and carburetors that I can look at and compare pictures of your shaft and throttle plate. GT&T
  2. Missouri Mule Just a suggestion, have you tried calling several salvage yards and asking them what radiators will cross? You may also ask them if they have any good used ones and also the cost. I have found that the salvage yards know "What crosses to What". While I have been writing this IHC 5488 has answered your question. GT&T
  3. Cwinn Can you explain the description: "5 and a 4 9 on the floor 3 stage Jake.. " ? I presume the 3 stage Jake, is the Jacobs engine brake, but what is a 5 and a 4 9 on the floor? GT&T
  4. Train up a child in the way that they should go and when they get older they will not turn from it. Proverbs 22 v. 6
  5. GT&T

    IH 93 combine

    Bitty The 203 as you know has twin grain tanks, one on each side, and much improved straw walkers as compared to the shaker used on the 93. GT&T
  6. GT&T

    IH 93 combine

    Bitty The 93 combine is a newer model of the 91 and is very similar. The 91 was available with planetary steering only, it did not have a steering wheel, and was steered with levers, and would pivot in its own length. The 93 was available with either type steering but was much the same as a 91. I don't think there is much in common with the 203. GT&T
  7. James The heat shield is factory for the 706 and 806 LP Gas tractors, it might be for some others as well. This one was in good enough shape that I was able to wire brush it and straighten it up and then paint it with heat resistant paint. They take a lot of heat and most are burned so badly that they need to be replaced. The good thing is that a good Sheetmetal man can make a new one.
  8. This is a Cleveland JS 30 wheel trencher that is powered by a UD-370 International Power Unit. It can dig 22" trenches 5' deep. The 2+2 is pulling a hydraulic tile cart. I hand built this cart using a Van trailer axle for the undercarriage and cut off another axle for the vertical shaft in the center of the turn table. That is 10" perforated field tile on the turn table.
  9. I got these photos out of sequence, the Farmall 766 and the International 3588 are obvious. Out of sequence is way better than not at all. Hope you enjoy.
  10. This photo was taken last August, at Clayton, the oldest continuous Fair in Illinois, We had just finished the antique tractor pull, the first tractor to make a full pull. I had not pulled a tractor in 40 years and it broke my heart that my wife of 46 years couldn't see me make a full pull, 40 years later. This" Getting old" isn't for sissies.
  11. Thank You to all of you for your prayers and well wishes. Thank you to BJ for figuring out what was wrong and fixing this so I could respond. I have been able to keep up over the last year, and it has been comforting to know that you are caring, and praying for me and my wife. She is not able to plow any more furrows, but she would if she could. It is so sad to see ones you love and share everything with, deteriorate to the point of not being able to sit up, take nourishment, or talk. It has meant a lot to me to be a member of a great group of folks who help each other and care and pray for others. God bless you all. Fred & Christine
  12. SuperIH Wow ! This reads like the history of the IH Axial flow. You have surely put a tremendous amount of work into researching this information. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. GT&T
  13. Madmack Wow, that is some snow. You could be very right about the brakes needing to be adjusted. I'm sorry you have such harsh weather to deal with. Keep us posted as you make progress. GT&T
  14. Madman Just checking on your progress, how has it been going? GT&T
  15. Madmack I am thinking that if you can get the brakes to hold or work, after pumping them up, the first thing I would do is to do a very good job of bleeding out air in the system. I have worked on these brakes and they are difficult to bleed. You will need to be very persistant. A good method of bleeding is called "Back bleeding". You will need to build an adapter that allows you to hook your pressure bleeder to each of the wheel cylinders, one at a time. Start bleeding at the farthest wheel cylinder, purge the air all the way back to the master cylinder. This can take quite a lot of DOT 3 brake fluid, but after bleeding this way the system will be full of clean air free fluid. After bleeding the furthest wheel cylinder close off the bleeder, and move to the next bleeder. By the time you get to the Hydrovac you will be surprised how good the brakes will work. GT&T
  16. Matt That series of tractors could have been equipped with creeper gears. You may be on to something, I do not know how they operated or how to tell if the tractor was equipped with one. I will have to look that up, thanks for suggesting. GT&T
  17. Tony Even if you are hung in low range you should be able to have 4 speeds in the speed transmission. If you are unable to get these 4 speeds, then you have some linkage problem in or to the speed transmission. Can you tell, will the tractor pull a load at the slow speed? Are you able to load the engine with the brakes applied? If the engine can be loaded then I would think that the clutch is OK. GT&T
  18. Tony Welcome to the forum. Ii think you may have some linkage unhooked or not making the proper movement under the transmission cover. You can remove the sheetmetal cover with 4 screws, then operate the shift lever and see what " Isn't happening". If the shifter isn't moving the linkage far enough towards High range you may have to adjust the yokes. GT&T
  19. Sam I have really enjoyed looking at the work and skilled craftsmanship that you have accomplished on this tractor. I have done some of this type of work, making steel parts for corroded or destroyed parts. It is very difficult to do but is highly rewarding when you get the results that you have. Congratulations. Well done. GT&T
  20. Thanks for the information. It sounds like they may have set on the lot a while, for someone to remember them. When was the cab added to the one? GT&T
  21. That is a nice set of pictures and information that you have put together. I see that the two that you have were sold from the same dealership and within 3 months of each other. Do you have any records from Arnold's of Kimball that would indicate that they may have sold 15699? GT&T
  22. 65806 You are very right. The same thing could have happened with weights and brackets. The wheels and /or tires could and were switched at the dealer between two tractors also. GT&T
  23. Red Tractor Fever Take the information above and compare this 0132 Code to your tractor. You may see the pattern form up that will tell you just how an 0132 Code is equipped. Remember that some of these things can be switched on the dealers lot and the may have added an extra auxillary valve or weights, or even an aftermarket cab etc. I too am enjoying this, I hope others with an 826 that has an 0132 Code will tell us how it is equipped. GT&T
  24. Red Tractor Fever It looks like the difference between your 2 different Codes could have been the factory cab, or possibly front weights. If I looked correctly those are the two " known " differences between your 2 tractors, from the factory. You still do not know which tractor would have had, which weight bracket, or if either tractor had been equipped with weights. Interesting. It'll be interesting what Code that the one in the middle has, and you may luck up and find one on either side of your serial no. GT&T
  25. Red Tractor Fever The term used at the dealership and by IH was refred to as the Kind & Code. The "Kind" 251 would be an 826, the 0148 and 0132 would be the "Code", on your 2 tractors. If you would be so kind as to tell us exactly, as best as you can tell, how each tractor is equipped, then you would know what the two codes mean. I use the term, "as best as you can tell" , because you may not know what the capacity of each tractors hydraulic pump is, or if they both have the same type of tires as they were originally built with etc. etc. etc. Just some variables, power steering, long axles, deluxe seat, hydraulic seat, tilt steering wheel, water filter, weight bracket. I hope this helps until someone with a dealer code book can tell us what the Codes are for an 826. You have got my curiosity up now, I'd like to know just for giggles. GT&T
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