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  1. Lightning Thank you for looking up that information. I haven't found a listing for a 560 like that but it may be a replacement carburetor from IH. It would be nice to know if in fact that it was a replacement P/N. GT&T
  2. Thank you for looking up that information. The number is on the brass tag that is riveted to the carburetor body. What is Spice catalogue that you refer to, I didn't know if that was a typo or if it is catalogue that I haven't heard of? GT&T
  3. Ace I can't say what the value would be on an open station 4 post tractor, compared to an 86 series with an enclosed heated & A/C equipped cab. I would certainly think that at my age, and if I had to work the tractor all day in the hot and cold, a cab would be quite valuable. What area, state, are you from? Do people in your area do any tractor work in hot, cold, rainy, or dusty conditions? How is the tractor equipped? PTO, T/A, 3 -point hitch, how many auxiliary valves 1,2,3,4,? GT&T
  4. I have a good used carburetor that I do not know what it came off of. It is an IH carbruetor, that resembles one off a 706, 806, 766, 856 etc. It has an electric solenoid. The IH Part No. is 388036R92 Would some one who knows how to navigate the IH parts system, please help me identify what engine or tractor or equipment this carburetor was used on? GT&T Thank you for taking the time to look this up for me.☺
  5. Bloomer If you cannot get your tractor to start with batteries that are are properly charged, I would begin by testing each connection with a test light while trying to crank the engine. If there is a connection that the test light glows, that connection is a poor, open, connection. The test light in the hands of a skilled mechanic is a powerful tool. GTT
  6. Bloomer I would highly recommend that when you get your new batteries, that you replace both of them at the same time, even though you have one good one now. The reason for this is that when the batteries are being charged, their internal resistance will vary and will allow one battery to be charged more than the other. I would keep the good battery for use in an application that only used one battery. GTT
  7. Matt That series of tractors could have been equipped with creeper gears. You may be on to something, I do not know how they operated or how to tell if the tractor was equipped with one. I will have to look that up, thanks for suggesting. GT&T
  8. Tony Even if you are hung in low range you should be able to have 4 speeds in the speed transmission. If you are unable to get these 4 speeds, then you have some linkage problem in or to the speed transmission. Can you tell, will the tractor pull a load at the slow speed? Are you able to load the engine with the brakes applied? If the engine can be loaded then I would think that the clutch is OK. GT&T
  9. Tony Welcome to the forum. Ii think you may have some linkage unhooked or not making the proper movement under the transmission cover. You can remove the sheetmetal cover with 4 screws, then operate the shift lever and see what " Isn't happening". If the shifter isn't moving the linkage far enough towards High range you may have to adjust the yokes. GT&T
  10. GT&T

    horn seeder

    TN Hillbilly I looked this up on Google and I hope that it will link for you: https://www.terapeak.com/worth/horn-trademark-seed-sower-seeder-urbana-indiana-usa/361683097941/. It is a canvas bag that has a strap that you sling around your neck. The bottom of the bag has a long horn shaped tube attached to it. You walk across a field and swing the horn and the seed flows out of the tube and you can cover a swath about 20 to 40 feet wide, depending on seed size and wind etc. The tube has a baffle in the inside that is adjustable to allow better control of seed flow. GT&T
  11. Sam I have really enjoyed looking at the work and skilled craftsmanship that you have accomplished on this tractor. I have done some of this type of work, making steel parts for corroded or destroyed parts. It is very difficult to do but is highly rewarding when you get the results that you have. Congratulations. Well done. GT&T
  12. GT&T

    horn seeder

    I've been there and done that. I have several very well used Genuine Horn Seeders. I like them a lot. They work well especially when the soil is frozen just enough to keep the mud off your shoes. It also is a lot easier with a 4 wheeler to keep a supply of seed at hand. There is no telling how many acres my dad has seeded this way, in his long life time. GT&T
  13. Art Thanks for posting this very informational and inspiring film. Only during WW 2 have we seen this type of ingenuity an cooperation in action. GT&T
  14. Redneck If you feel compelled to get rid of those brazing rods, I would like to have them and save them from destruction in the landfill. I can and will use them. Where is Prophetstown? GT&T
  15. Mr. Long You sir are a fine craftsman. You are part of a very small group of highly talented and skilled people. Thanks for showing us how things "should" be done. GT&T
  16. Now isn't this a wonderful website. You can ask a question in New Hampshire, and get a correct answer from Indiana, in 17 minutes. And get a proper, prompt, Thank You in 4 minutes. Thank You Sallie and the Red Power Magazine crew for providing us with this service. Fred
  17. GT&T

    Touchy subject

    MTO Me too! I was a paddled child and you can SEE how good I turned out! GT&T
  18. Pete The Clydesdales are at Grants Farm in the St. Louis suburbs, I'm not sure of the location. I have been and they are a wonderful to see. Also when you get to the St. Louis Arch there is very nice museum under the base where you get on the tram cars that take you to the top. It gives you something to do while you are waiting your turn to the top. Don't forget your camera, and try all kinds of unusual shots, such as lay on your back right at the base and shoot up to the top. Also do the same shot with the family looking down at you with the top of the arch in the background. There are windows in the top that give a panoramic view of the St Louis area and the Mississippi River. The Andrew Jackson Home Hermitage is a wonderful museum just east of Nashville Tenn. along I-40. Hope you have a wonderful time. Fred
  19. Lachlan After reading through the posts, I am wondering if the engine clutch is slipping. You would have all the same symptoms. GT&T
  20. GT&T

    Need Some Ideas

    Runner Have you checked closely for external fuel leaks, fuel pump, fuel lines, fuel tank, etc.? If you are parking on soil, sand, gravel etc. you may not see or notice a fuel leak. GT&T P.S. It may be only leaking when it is running.
  21. I really like the quilted IH and Farmall . That took a lot of time and attention to detail. My Mom was a quilter and I can appreciate how much work went into that quilt. Thank you for sharing that with us. GT&T
  22. Wes Welcome to the forum. If you will get in touch with Devons Tractor Parts I feel sure they will have what you are looking for. They advertise in the Red Power Magazine and go to all the major shows with a trailer loaded with all types of IH parts. They are wonderful people too. Their Phone No. is 888-560-1466. Their web site is www.devonstractorparts.com GT&T
  23. Bernie When you decide which way you are going to repair your tractor, we'd like to see and hear how it turned out. Welcome to the forum. GT&T
  24. Bernie You can very well do what you are wanting to do, I have done this on tractors that have only 2 auxiliary valves, works very well. Just set the bucket to a position you like, and unhook both hoses. I like to have my bucket positioned level when the loader is in the down position. This way if I need to shove some brush in the woods while I'm discing around the edge of the field, I can do so with out getting off the tractor and switching hoses. It's a bit of a pain to switch back and forth but I have learned to live with it. At this last Red Power Roundup, I was fortunate enough to buy a 3 valve setup from Pete the M & W dyno guy. If you can find a 2nd. auxiliary valve you can just get longer thru bolts and add the 3rd. valve. I might add that you will want an auxiliary valve that has ports on each side, for thru oil flow, the outer auxiliary valve will be closed off to be used only on the outside position. You will be happier if you add hose extenders to the rear of the tractor. While I was writing this Gordon posted a very good picture of a splitter valve that works very well if you don't want to go to the trouble of adding the 3rd. auxiliary valve. Instead of hooking an unhooking hoses, you just reach behind you and move the selector valve up or down for the bucket, or disc. Gordon also just added a link to Northern Hydraulics website, they have mail order service and stores in major cities. GT&T
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