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  1. I haven't had them offer to give me my money back yet. I have taken a batch of High Flow air couplers back that have leaked and /or won't flow ( some do either or ). When I tried to get them replaced they had quit making or selling them. I replace them with Milton couplers and haven't had one fail yet. I also have had a cherry picker that will leak down, very slowly, it won't even hold itself up empty. I have a 3 Ton floor jack that won't pump up, I just may try to get them exchanged. Thanks for the tip. GT&T
  2. They ought to recall a lot of other "junk" that they have sold. GT&T
  3. VT That is a wonderful Idea. Thanks for posting. Fred
  4. GT&T


    Gregg The number 1 cylinder and number 1 connecting rod is located at the front of the engine. You can verify this by checking the location of the rest of the rods, unless you have them all out of the engine. I don't know what you have going on here, but you also might be very careful what direction the piston is installed on the rod and what direction the rod is installed in the engine. The Hydro 100 probably uses the D-436 engine or 400 series engine. Here is a link that might help you on reassembly of a DT-466. There are other videos on the reassembly of a DT- 466 if you need them. You should have a 400 series service manual for all of the specifications. GT&T
  5. GT&T

    My young assistant

    MTO May the Lord God Almighty be with Hayden, and the doctors and nurses and you and runner. He will send his guardian angles to look after you all. Fred
  6. I might add to what you have said well. Looking at where the old hose is damaged, I would try to rearrange where the new hose is touching or rubbing. Maybe wrap it with a piece of old heater hose. GT&T
  7. GT&T

    Bird ID?

    That is a Black Bird aka, SR - 71 These have set the world speed record for aircraft also the altitude record, and the ability to land on the shortest of runways, and stay perched there. Here is a link for more information: https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=sr-71+blackbird&docid=608032597069072127&mid=3DE5ADE743513A9CB8533DE5ADE743513A9CB853&view=detail&FORM=VIRE Hope this helps to identify your "Bird" GT&T
  8. GT&T

    1999 Ford f350

    Wes These trucks have what Rawleigh99 has asked, above. They have a (GEM) Generic Electronic Module, mounted behind the fuse panel that is just ahead of your left knee. This GEM is a bugger to get out. You will need to remove the fuse box and the parking brake release lever. Then with a 1/4" 10mm deep socket remove 2 hex bolts that are in the center of each of the wiring harness connection blocks. There is "almost" enough room to work on these. The GEM has control of these functions, and maybe a lot more: electric windows, radio, heater, A/C, cruise control, speedometer, interior lights. There is a You Tube video that shows what is required to remove the GEM. I will try to link it here: I hope this helps you. GT&T
  9. GT&T

    886 questions

    Zack That is a beautiful 886, you should be so proud. Danny I am still laughing. "unhook the two hyd lines and cap them , you will only forget this once when you go to move the tractor to wash all the stuff you will find under the seat .😳" An old Fire Chief taught me this; " If you ask yourself if something could go wrong here? You already know the answer to that question before you asked it." Fred
  10. David Welcome to the forum. The shiny thing sticking up on the left side of the master cylinder, with the hex head, should be the fill port. It may be difficult to get the brake fluid in there because of the limited space under the dash. Also be very careful and not spill the brake fluid on the rubber floor mat and any paint or the seat cover. Brake fluid doesn't play well these things. GT&T
  11. I found this old IH dealer video on you tube. I've seen a lot of old videos but never this one. Hope you enjoy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIFV97s72TA GT&T
  12. Dan Along with what Catman has said, when you get the tank as clean as you can. If you will roll up a piece of clean screen wire and twist this roll into the inlet hole of sediment bowl. Leave this screen about 1" to 1 1/2" sticking up into the tank. This will filter the bigger pieces of trash before plugging the sediment bowl. GT&T
  13. Thanks for the reminder I remember it well. I worked at Bone International at Rocky Mount, North Carolina at the time and we were an IH farm equipment and heavy truck dealer. We had a truck customer come in the shop that was out west when the eruption occurred and he was driving through the ash. The air cleaner became plugged and he had to have it changed before getting back to North Carolina. He had saved some of the pumice and we got to see some this within a couple of weeks. This stuff was as fine as talcum powder, and was very abrasive. There were many engines, jets, and gas, and diesel that were damaged from this pumice getting past air cleaners. The sunsets changed color and the ash could be seen in the air across the country. I do not know the amount of lives that were lost, but there have been volumes written about this event over the years. There are you tube videos that show what the area looks like 40 years later. GT&T
  14. Thank you for posting these pictures. This is a very pleasant surprise and It is a great picture of everyone. It means a lot to me. Fred
  15. Runner & MTO If you two need any help please PM me and let me know. Many times just talking to someone about a problem gets a better or different idea and it has helped me many times. I've included you both in my prayers, and my God is a great God. Fred
  16. TWood I was talking about the turbo model number, not that it is any of my business, but I'm just trying to learn. Thank You. Fred
  17. Mr. Sayler You sir and many other small business owners deserve a well earned Humanitarian Medal for keeping America Great. Fred
  18. Sandhiller We used to do that as kids, when a big rig was following dad and we were riding in the back seat. 😃😃😃 Fred
  19. The only way I can see the model number it says Limited Edition. GT&T
  20. Mr. Pope Thanks for that reply. You made my day. I hope others may have learned something from this as well. Fred PS. Thanks for the information about using a MotorCraft carburetor on these engines. I remember reading this on here many years ago, and you may be the one who posted it then. Also both the 2 barrel and 4 barrel versions.
  21. Keith You might try to epoxy that carburetor bowl and may be able to salvage that carburetor. I just loved that video that your son made for us. You have got a very nice looking and running truck. I hope it performs as well as it looks. For it's age there aren't many that look and run that good. Also I would check under the front end of the right exhaust manifold, on the engine block. There will be a raised boss, on the block, scrape and sand this boss clean, you should see the Model number of the engine stamped there. You may have a V8 392 engine in this truck. On another note, you asked for any suggestions. The International SV series engines, SV 266, 304, 345, & 392 , all are timed on number 8 cylinder. You need to know this and please be sure to tell you mechanic, or it will cost you or them a lot of time, aggravation, and money. The reason that they are timed on number 8 cylinder is; These engines are externally balanced, and the front damper has no metal in the position where the number 1 cylinder timing mark would be located. I don't have to tell you how I know this, "I saw the video", These engines are very hard to keep exhaust manifold gaskets and exhaust pipes from leaking. When you get gaskets and donut rings, I'd recommend getting another set just to have a spare. They may be getting harder to come by. Also when reassembling the manifolds and pipes, I highly recommend using antisieze on the threads and double nutting the flange to manifold bolts. Especially if I may be the one to have to change them the next time. If you even think you may have a hard time removing the manifold bolts, please do yourself a favor, and get a torch and heat the head area where each bolt is threaded, red hot, before removing the bolts. GT&T
  22. GT&T

    The patient

    Man you said a mouthful. That is a good one. I get so tickled every time I think about Winston Churchill I'm reminded of a story that is told about him and Lady Chaderly. She supposedly told him he was drunk, and he supposedly told her she was ugly, but in the morning I'll be sober, and you will still be ugly. Fred
  23. GT&T

    Where's Mark?(MTO)

    Rusty Welcome home soldier! Thank you for your service. It took nearly 30 years before they welcomed us home, so I know how you felt. Fred
  24. GT&T

    The patient

    All right now, tell us about the naming of Winston Churchill. There has to be a story here. Fred
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