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  1. What Diesel Doctor said is very accurate, I would suggest that you try to tighten the pivots for the flyweights by re-riveting them. They may well tighten up just fine by tightening the rivets on an anvil. If they do that will be an easy fix, if they don't you have lost nothing. Hope this works. GT&T
  2. GT&T

    Good news!

    MTO That is great news, please tell him how many posts are on here just about him. God bless you both. GT&T
  3. IHhogfarmer I just saw an add in the Heritage Iron magazine, they said to call ahead and see what might be any restrictions with this covid 19 . GT&T
  4. GT&T

    Sherman vs Tiger

    Dads706 There is/are documentaries on you tube with, interviews by survivors, that might be what you are asking about. I will see if I can find it and post a link. GT&T https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj0AzL95Weg
  5. 1466fan Those are some beautiful pictures, and looks like it has really yielded a quality crop. Not many people can realize how much work and expense is represented in those pictures.😃 GT&T
  6. I have a couple of these engines that act just like Waskadaman has described. When one of them starts up and dies, I remove the inlet fuel line from the Injection pump and take a small punch and insert it in the fitting on the rear of the pump. A very light bump on the check valve in the pump will unstick the inlet check valve and the tractor will run until it is left to set for a couple of months. What must I do to prevent this or replace the check valves? Thank you. GT&T
  7. MI sparky The Torsion Damper on these 400 series engines, is designed to remove the torsional vibration from the crankshaft. Torsional vibration is a rotary or oscillating vibration, that cannot be felt in most cases. However this oscillating vibration creates so much rotary vibration that it will break crankshafts and can cause excessive wear to clutch disc and transmission splines. It will also cause gear rattle in the transmission. This torsional vibration can also be transmitted to the fan by way of the fan and water pump belts. If the damper rubber is loose, the damper will slip and will not remove the torsional vibration. I hope this may help you and others to understand this principle. The things that I can't see or feel are hard for me to understand. GT&T
  8. JW Now that we know that the problem is in the Range transmission, Ole 815 is right. There is a locator tool for positioning the top cover over the shift linkage. If you do not have this tool, look carefully where the spring loaded detent roller needs to be located when the cover is lowered into place. Then when lowering the cover push the arm, spring and roller over with a thin piece of metal or screwdriver with a notch in the end. I hope this helps. GT&T
  9. MIsparky I would suggest that you should inspect the front damper on the crankshaft. There is a rubber isolator between the inner and outer hub. There are two alignment marks, one on the inner hub and another on the outer hub, these marks are aligned when the damper is built. If the rubber bond between the 2 hubs is slipping then the marks will get out of alignment. The front damper is designed to remove torsional vibration from the crankshaft, if the damper is slipping it can cause the crankshaft to break, and may be why you are having failure of the fan drive. GT&T
  10. Taken Apr. 14, 2019 The hose reel has 10" perforated field drain tile on it. I built this reel from van trailer axles, it has a hydraulic tilt reel and the center spear is made from the trailer axle and hub. GT&T
  11. Todd He does as good a job at craftsmanship as you do! Fred
  12. That was easy! Thanks for sharing that with us, many times people will ask for help and then never come back with the "rest of the story". GT&T
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