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  1. Jess Why do you need to reseal your injection pump? Is it leaking fuel internally, into the crankcase? Or is it leaking externally, and where is the fuel coming out? There are several very good injection pump repair shops that are on this forum. They will want to know this information to be able to advice you. GT&T
  2. GT&T

    Hydraulic oil help

    T Red Depending on what type of oil you have, some of these oils have additives that will maintain water in suspension. Looking at your sample I woulds say that your oil has water in it in suspension. HyTran will hold water in suspension very well. GT&T
  3. 756Puller If I remember correctly the operating linkage should be adjusted to allow the lever to go over center when the linkage is operated. I will have to check the service manual to see what the exact adjustment is. Maybe someone else will be able to tell you from memory, if they don't I'll look it up tomorrow and get back to you. Fred
  4. Hootmon These oiler gears are made of a poor grade of "pot metal" and are very prone to breakage. If yours is still around the shaft you can break the remains and remove the pieces after removing the shift cover. This gear was installed to ensure oil to the gears when the tractor is used for stationary PTO or belt work. If you don't do any stationary work or let the engine run for long periods of time, when the tractor is not moving, I have run them for years without the oiler gear. GT&T
  5. GT&T

    Steering slop

    Augercreek The first thing that I'd check is, that the ball bearing on the end of the worm gear shaft is tight, and not worn out or loose. Then remove the front spindle assembly so you can remove the worm gear and shaft assembly. With the shaft assembly held tight, try to turn the sector gear back and forth and check for being loose on the shaft. There should be a woodruf key in the shaft that will wear out from being loose in the shaft and key. I have replaced the worn key and cannot get them to tighten up because the keyways are worn. Instead of buying new parts I have drilled two holes in the back of the worm gear and then reassemble the gear and shaft. Then I have very securely welded the sector gear to the shaft, using a rosette weld. A rosette weld is one that is done at a very high heat through the drilled holes in the sector gear, that will weld the shaft to the gear. You must get good weld penetration to the shaft through the drilled holes. You may be concerned about not being able to get the parts apart later but what do you have to loose? Neither one is any good as they are and I have done many of them this way, and they are still working well. If you have wear between the worm gear and the sector gear after repairing everything else, you may try this as a solution. If you grind off a few thousands of the O.D. of the ball bearing outer race, and then get a feeler gauge blade of the proper size to shim the bearing toward the sector gear. This should tighten the loose clearance between the worm gear and sector gear. I hope you can be successful, and please let us know how it turns out. GT&T
  6. Mark You have done a fine job of diagnosing the problem, congratulations. It is a shame that you will have to tear the engine back down, but now you know what is wrong. I feel your pain. GT&T
  7. Mark Are you sure that the oil galley plugs are all installed? Are you sure that the oil pump pickup screen and suction tube are clean and open? I have had to put an oil supply in a can and hang the can under the oil suction screen. Then run the engine with the oil pan off. Check quickly where the oil is pouring out. It is very messy but you will know where the oil is coming out. GT&T
  8. NcCattle Do you have more than one auxillary valve? If you do switch hoses to verify that it isn't just the valve or coupler. If the hitch is hung in the up position. Has the hitch hanging up occured at the same time that the auxillary quit working? If the draft linkage has become locked on in the up position, then the hitch will be held in the on demand position and the hydraulic flow will be on priority to the hitch. You will have to remove the top link cover and reposition the draft control linkage from the lower draft sensing draft arms. GT&T
  9. AK I couldn't have said it any better. Even if both batteries are fully charged the engine will be starting on only one battery, if there is a poor connection or ground on just one connection. GT&T
  10. Farmall1941 You have quite the engine shop there and are doing a wonderful overhaul. Workmanship like that is something to be proud of, congratulations. Thanks for showing us how it should be done right. GT&T
  11. Ace My suggestion would be weld your own gib on this key, before you have to install it. Or if you have the time to order one from McMaster Carr, or any other supplier. GT&T
  12. SuperIH Wow ! This reads like the history of the IH Axial flow. You have surely put a tremendous amount of work into researching this information. Thanks for doing such a wonderful job. GT&T
  13. Harvesterguy Do you have your owners manual? There are specific instructions on how to set up the wheel lugs on the hub. There are two alignment lugs that are installed to the hub first and these position the rim and are driving lugs for the wheels. Then the rest of the lugs are installed and used to align the rim and tires. GT&T
  14. GT&T

    T6 carburetor

    AllFarmall Welcome to the forum. What Mr. Pope said is good information. You might try holding your hand over the intake opening of the carburetor, while someone cranks over the engine. There should be a strong vacuum, this will indicate that the carburetor throttle plate is open and that the valves are operating. Also while you have the plugs out you may want to crank the engine over be sure the mag is firing the correct cylinders. This will verify that someone hasn't switched the plug wires to the wrong cylinder. GT&T
  15. 1460fanatic If you are having reflection problems at night, then I have mounted a flood light inside each end of the header just above the auger. What this does is shines the light in header and on the ground. Then the light doesn't bounce off the dust and other parts that don't need to be illuminated. I have had great results doing this on combines and other equipment and tractors. GT&T
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