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  1. GT&T

    Anyone know IH and Perkins history?

    Very well said and I think very accurate. Thank you. GT&T
  2. GT&T

    carb issue

    Loadstar You might try spraying carburetor cleaner in the bowl vent while the engine is running. The bowl vent is the round hole at the top of the air horn, it is just to the right of where you have your index finger. Carburetor cleaner can clean up a lot of gasoline residue, so you might have good luck spraying it in the ports, using the plastic tube that is supplied with the can. GT&T
  3. GT&T


    DJS in Wi Did your engine have D 16's or were they UD 16's. The UD 16's have a built in extended gap that are used on magneto equipped engines. This extended gap allows the coil voltage to build in the magneto to provide a hotter spark, however just the opposite effect happens with a distributor ignition system. Glad you got it fixed. Things like this can be very frustrating. GT&T
  4. GT&T

    IH TD-25

    AK That is the one. I'm glad that you helped to fill in why they had this new dozer at Chanute Air Force base. It was so large I couldn't imagine why they had it on a finished air base. But now I know. I'm so glad that the new owner was from the Penfield area and thought enough of it to preserve it and use it at the Penfield I&I show. I get a great deal of pleasure just watching a "like new original condition TD 25" . I know of no where that you can duplicate this pleasure. Imagine what it would be like to see and operate a new Farmall M, a new 91 International combine, or a New Idea 2 row mounted corn picker mounted on a new Farmall 400? GT&T
  5. GT&T

    IH TD-25

    For those who don't know, that dozer is a museum piece. A few years back I had the opportunity of talking to the owner who was at the Penfield I&I show. If I remember correctly this dozer had 200-400 actual hours. It was bought new by the U.S. Air Force and used very little on the near by Chanute Air Force base. It is in very pristine condition. Truly a peek at what this thing looked like when it came from the factory. Maybe someone who has more information will be able to share with us. GT&T
  6. GT&T

    Loadstar 1600 brakes dragging

    You have a very good point. Thanks for helping out. GT&T
  7. GT&T

    Loadstar 1600 brakes dragging

    POPO Dale is referring to the compensating port in the brake master cylinder, This port allows an opening for the brake fluid to return to the reservoir, to keep pressure from building up with temperature increases. It also allows the fluid to refill the master cylinder after brake application to compensate for brake wear and or fluid loss. If your brake pedal is not returning freely, then the compensating port may not be open and then the fluid can build pressure in the line. Check the pedal for being free and also the link rod for being loose on the pivot bolt. Also make sure the link rod is not adjusted too long and holding the master cylinder piston in and thus closing the compensating port. If all these things check out OK, then I would suggest that the master cylinder piston could be held in the cylinder bore by corrosion or a swollen cylinder cup. You can check to be sure that the compensating port is open by looking in the reservoir, if the fluid is clean and clear. It more than likely will be cloudy, so you will have to get a very small seal pick or dental pick. Probe gently for the hole that is to the rear of the master cylinder. This hole is very small but you can get a small pick in the hole if the piston isn't covering the hole, or the hole isn't plugged with trash. Remember that DOT 3 brake fluid is very hygroscopic ( meaning it will easily absorb moisture ). This moisture will cause corrosion that will swell the cylinder bore and the the master cylinder return spring or wheel cylinder springs and pistons may not be able to fully return. Hope this helps, let us know how it turns out. GT&T
  8. GT&T

    International Harvester UD 6 engine

    S D Welcome to the forum. Mr. Pope has a good idea. To add to this, the following tractors and or equipment would use many common parts. Farmall MD, Farmall Super MD, ID 6, TD 6, 400 Diesel, 450 Diesel. Not all the parts would interchange but this will give you a few more sources to look for parts in a salvage yard. When you are talking about "a distributor for the magneto", are you talking about the plastic cap that goes on the rear cover of the magneto? That the spark plug wires plug into? Steiner Tractor parts may have some new parts. You also may also want to post this question on the Construction site on this forum. There are a lot of very knowledgeable people on the Construction forum that know the gas start diesels inside and out. GT&T
  9. GT&T

    354 complete rehab.

    New@this18 Welcome to the forum. You sure do look a lot younger than 18 in these pictures. Also you do very good looking work for 18. Nice job. To answer your question, you can reuse these headbolts if they aren't pitted and will clean up. The type of bolts that should not be reused are called "Torque to Yield" bolts. The service manual should state that "Torque to Yield" bolts are not to be reused. Hope that you enjoy your engine overhaul and tractor. GT&T
  10. GT&T


    DJS in Wi I would check the fuel flow to the carburetor. Pull the fuel line off at the fitting to the carburetor and check to be sure you have a good stream of fuel flowing. If you have a good flow of fuel then I would skip to the next paragraph. If you don't have a good solid stream of fuel then check the sediment bowl for full flow. If the sediment bowl doesn't flow well then the screen up in the top of the bowl may be plugged. Pull the glass bowl and check for a good flow out of the center fitting in the housing. If the center fitting doesn't flow fuel well then the sediment bowl housing is probably plugged in the tank. You will need to drain the fuel tank and remove the sediment bowl housing and clean the inlet hole. Clean the tank of any trash while you have it empty. Then reassemble the fittings and lines and recheck the fuel flow to the carburetor. Run the engine and see how it performs under load. If it still doesn't run well under load then I would check the ignition points gap, it should be .020" when all the way opened. Then run the engine again and enjoy. Let us know what you find out is wrong. GT&T
  11. Have you checked the switches with an ohm meter? Are you using a common single pole toggle switch? These aren't GFCI switches? GT&T
  12. GT&T

    Thank You B.J.

    Gee it feels great to be able to post again, thanks to BJ working for hours and days to get me going again. I had a laptop and a tablet both lay down on me. BJ was able to get me going on line and then my nephew was able to go on line with his computer and Google what my computer said was wrong. He was able to trouble shoot the problem, and I"m back enjoying doing what GT&T enjoys. A Special Thank You to all of you who were concerned about me and my wife. I read them all and it warmed my and my wife's heart to know that Y'uall think so much of us. We were not able to go to the Red Power Roundup in Alabama, due to her worsting condition. This old age isn't for sissies or cowards. We would have loved to go on the bus from Nebraska but thought better of it. This girl used to tedder and rake all of our hay, with a Farmall Super H, bought from Bone International, run a 91 IH combine ( Planetary steering levers ) bought from Lilley International. Now I have to wheel her in a wheelchair. She used to make and decorate wedding cakes, and worked in a sewing factory. Now I have to feed her every mouthful , and dress her. GT&T
  13. GT&T

    Farmall Super H troubleshooting

    Kansas Farmer Welcome to the forum. Have you checked the fuel flow to the carburetor? You should have a full fuel line flowing fuel when you unhook the line from the carburetor. I would also want to know that the screen in the inlet of the carburetor is clean and not plugged. This should have been taken care of when the carburetor was rebuilt, but I would just want to be sure. Also along with what Farmall Mark said, before you check the timing be sure to check the points and point gap. You have said that you think the tractor is flooding when running under load. I have not heard it run, but I would think that if the engine will idle OK, then the float circuit is OK. I think you may find a restricted fuel flow caused by a plugged fuel sediment bowl, or the sediment bowl fitting in the fuel tank may be plugged. Please let us know what you find. This is how we learn, and you never know how many other people around the world are reading and learning also. GT&T
  14. GT&T

    Breathing life into a 1981 Cargostar 1850B

    Madmack Wow, that is some snow. You could be very right about the brakes needing to be adjusted. I'm sorry you have such harsh weather to deal with. Keep us posted as you make progress. GT&T
  15. GT&T

    Breathing life into a 1981 Cargostar 1850B

    Madman Just checking on your progress, how has it been going? GT&T