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  1. GT&T

    international 14++ series window glare

    1460fanatic If you are having reflection problems at night, then I have mounted a flood light inside each end of the header just above the auger. What this does is shines the light in header and on the ground. Then the light doesn't bounce off the dust and other parts that don't need to be illuminated. I have had great results doing this on combines and other equipment and tractors. GT&T
  2. GT&T

    Farmall M death shimmy

    RedPower Congratulations on the gift of a Farmall M . Someone who has good taste thinks a lot of you. What everyone else has said is very true. Here are some other things that can also cause the problem. The tires on the front end need to be the same size and same wear pattern. They also need to be inflated to the same pressure. Be sure to check that the nut that holds the sector gear to the verticle steering shaft is tight and the sector gear is tight to the splines. Be sure that the ball bearing in the front of the worm shaft is tight ( not worn or loose ) , and the nut holding the ball bearing to the worm shaft is tight. I have repaired a loose ball bearing in the housing by adding shim stock to one side of the bearing outer race. This will also reduce the the worn clearance between the worm gear teeth and sector gear. GT&T
  3. GT&T

    1660 Still No Go

    Nate I think he said that he couldn't get any oil out of the hydro pump with the lines disconnected. I wouldn't be surprised if a pump or part was assembled for the wrong direction of drive, but then I don't have any idea what was removed and or changed. GT&T
  4. GT&T

    D239 vs DT239 Difference adding turbo.

    Andym I can't tell you about the piston cooling nozzles on a DT 239. I have pulled against the D239's that have been Turbocharged and they have been fueled up and have been a very strong puller. You'll be very satisfied if you put a turbo on yours. GT&T
  5. GT&T

    400 block piston wrist pin location

    Gordon Thank you for posting this information. Where is this published? What manual? Or if you told me will you have to shoot me? GT&T
  6. GT&T

    400 block piston wrist pin location

    RBoots I may be wrong, but I don't remember seeing this spec. listed in the service manual. If someone has the information I would like to see it as well GT&T
  7. GT&T


    Plowmaster The DT 466 E is a completely different engine than the DT 466A DT466B DT466C. GT&T
  8. GT&T


    Plowmaster Here is another on Youtube.
  9. GT&T


    Plowmaster Here are a series of videos that this instructor has made about the overhaul of the DT - 466 IH engine. These may help as well as a good IH 400 series engine manual. This maual will cover the D and DT 414 engines D and DT 436 and D and DT 466 rngines. I think that there is a link to this manual on Red Power Forum. GT&T
  10. GT&T

    400 block piston wrist pin location

    Plowmaster The connecting rods for the DT - 414 DT-436, & DT 466, engines are all the same. The crankshaft is different for each model of engine due to the displacement being different. The piston bore is the same for each model of engine. The wristpin location for each model of engine is in a different position, due to the different stroke of the crankshaft. Hope this helps. GT&T
  11. GT&T

    Touch Control For Super C

    Todd This screen is removable and can be cleaned and reused if it isn't damaged. If it is collapsed I have carefully reshaped them and reused them. If there is only one " sweet spot" where the pump will run in an unloaded condition, then I would think that something is locked or hung or otherwise not moving. GT&T
  12. GT&T

    Touch Control For Super C

    Todd Welcome to the forum. Have you cleaned the pencil screen, Item 40 in Sledgehammers Parts photo? This can be accessed by removing a 1/8" pipe plug that is in the lower right hand side of the cylinder head of your hydraulic Touch Control. The pipe plug can be tight to remove and will probably have an allen head. The pencil screen will need a screw driver bit that fits real well to be able to remove it. When you start the tractor does it sound like the hydraulics are running on high pressure all the time? Or do the hydraulics only act like they are on high pressure when you are actuating the control levers? If they are running on high pressure all the time, this will build high heat quickly in the system and will ruin that new pump. Do not operate the tractor like this. This system is designed to operate on low pressure as an open center hydraulic system, then when the control valve is actuated the oil is directed to the piston and the piston moves to the correct position under high pressure. The unloading valve then lowers the pressure to standby. Let us know what you find out. GT&T
  13. GT&T

    7.3 High pressure oil pump

    Danny A couple of things to consider are: A failed or inoperative Cam Position Sensor will not necessarily set a code, because for the sensor to not operate, is a normal condition, ( this occurs when the engine is stopped). These can be intermittent, and will fail. They have been updated by using gold terminals. They are less expensive from your Navistar dealer. Jass has a correct statement. Both of these have happened to me. AK is also right. You can check the injectors ( for leaking high pressure oil, by removing the valve covers and checking for oil leaking around the injectors while cranking the engine ). I am not sure about what I'm getting ready to say, but I think that this engine High Pressure Oil Pump will vary the high pressure depending on how much fuel has to be injected. I think that this is the purpose of the Injection Pressure Regulator. If I am wrong, I hope someone will correct me, I' m going on memory and don't have my manuals in front of me. Fred
  14. GT&T

    784 stuck in low range

    Swampman My first inclination is that the two shift levers on your left side have gotten the linkage hooked together, under the shift cover. I have had this happen and it can sure make you scratch your head. GT&T
  15. Pj Welcome to the forum. Do you have a front mount hydraulic pump on your 2400? It would be mounted in front of the engine. If it does then that is why the loader works fine. Why did you replace the MCV pump? Did the tractor pull itself forward and reverse before you replaced the MCV pump? Does your tractor have a TA or does it have a hydraulic Forward & Reverse? If you have a gear drive tractor and It won't pull then I would look in the clutch housing and see if the PTO shaft is turning in the clutch housing. You will have to gain access to the gear box and see if the clutch and or transmission is turning. Does your tractor have a Hydrostatic transmission? We need more information. The steering will work when the engine is not running, however you will not have Power steering. GT&T