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  1. got a set if somebody needs them they came off a 544 Farmall.
  2. Red666

    1256 rattle

    Had the same thing on my 1066. Put new bearings on pinion shaft has been good sense.
  3. I"ll still drive the 1066.
  4. Give Schartner imp. a call they are a old new idea dealer. Lots of old parts. 920 473 9281.
  5. Went to Huber Bros. open house and saw this 826 with serial #15958 gas hydro. lot of nice tractors.
  6. Neat tractor. Used to have on like that but it was fast hitch. Good little tractors.
  7. Red666

    3488 Turbo

    yes Iam aware of the differences in the pistons and cooling jets.We would like to increase hp by about 25. This tractor is such a pouch was hopping the turbo would help.Its main job on our farm is cutting hay with a 16 ft NH hydroswing haybine also pulls 1200CIH corn planter so not hard pulling. the cross over tube is hitting the air filter so we are planning to make one.The turbo is mounted and 3, 3.5" 90 degree exhaust elbows will get exhaust out the hood.The intake from air filter to turbo we have plans to use 180degree elbow from a 986 air filter and a 90 degree elbow on the turbo with a pipe in-between both elbows are rubber, It looks like the air filter is moved ahead so there is more room for the cross over tube. Thanks for the pictures.
  8. Red666

    3488 Turbo

    I will try never had much luck getting that done. the 3488 has less room between firewall and engine than a 50 series dose. look at my 5488 and there is more room for the elbow to fit on the turbo. putting a 50 series manifold was one of our first plans and maybe someone has but we did not think it would fit. Dont know about the combine intake pipe. never was around combines much are they different than on a tractor?
  9. Red666

    3488 Turbo

    We would like to put a turbo on a 3488. Wondering if anybody has pictures and advice on how they did it. We are trying to use a manifold from a 1066 and with the turbo bolted to the manifold the air filter is in the way. Wondering what can used for a cross over pipe from the turbo to the intake manifold? Thanks for any help anyone can offer. Red 666
  10. Red666

    10 years

    Good for you and many more to come.
  11. had 11.00x16 on tractor with 18.4x 38 and the front end went up hill which lowered the drawbar. not a good thing.
  12. looks very nice. a lot better than cutting a big notch out of the seat support.
  13. a ad in red power for hyd lines like that. the guy is from Oshkosh Wi. and he. can make new ones for you.
  14. My 986 I bought used had serial # written on fram rail so they didn't have to crawl under tractor to read it. Early models had serial # on bell housing and were easy to read.
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