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  1. Red666

    Auger wagon

    thanks for the reply I will take a look.
  2. Red666

    Auger wagon

    were the #10 carts built by IH or did someone else build them for IH? Case had one similar to the #10.
  3. Red666

    Which weights??

    DT361 rabas imp. has the weights you need for your tractor. was there yesterday and saw some . phone # 920 8636421
  4. Red666

    Wind farms

    20 years ago Wisconsin Public Service and Madison Gas and Light each built a small wind farm. MGL in Red River township and WPS in Lincoln township. Between the two of them about 35 towers each 220 feet tall all Vistas. Was told at that time if not for subsidy they would never be built and never be a payback. Was suppose to be a 30 year contract. Told this October by WPS farm tech that WPS towers were coming down, that they were to costly to maintain, to inefficient that the new style are much improved.Each wind farm is about 4 miles from my place. all of WPS towers are down, cut them down like a tree left the prop and head on them. MGL are still working all power from both wind farm was put on the grid through WPS power lines. I think both power companies are now owned by WE Energy.
  5. Red666

    Hydros - School Me On Them...

    Herrs told me the 186 and 3488 have up dates that early hydros didnt have. dont remember what they were.
  6. Red666

    class reunion, Melrose Park class of 1984

    regardless of the #s the equipment is really sharp looking.
  7. Red666

    recent dairy observations

    cow in Dane county was confirmed with tb.I would think there will be a lot of nervous dairymen in the area.hopefully its confined to just 1 herd. most herds are not vaccinate anymore because WI. has not had tb senses the early 80s.
  8. Red666

    Rear wheel bearings on 1066 open station/gear

    on my 1066 it was the bull pinion shaft bearing that was bad on right side. that is all I replaced besides the brakes which were bad. the tractor has over 10000 hours.
  9. Red666

    5488 resto

    very nice. you have time to do my 5488?
  10. Red666

    5,000,000 th International produced.

    my 1975 1066 says Farmall above 1066.
  11. Red666

    dairy herd sales ?

    I dont think milksource has plans to process their own milk at this time. US Farm Report did a story on the new plant in MI. I think it is running now. when the investors pull out who will pick up the pieces? probably someone like Monsanto, Dow or someone else with too much money.
  12. Red666

    dairy herd sales ?

    Milksource is 3 guys that started out with 1 farm and have continued to grow in the dairy industry with multiple farms. they try to model all their farms similar to each other.there Rosendade farm had 4000 cows then built a identical setup next to the first. their goal is to have enough milk to be able to set their own pay price. ChrisNY when you said they were buying cows I though maybe they had a farm in NY. Milksource also owns calfsource where calves are raised.Milksource has a herd of elite show cows.North Breeze is part ofBreeze Dairy LLCa group of 4 farms and north breeze the newest with 4000 cows.Wysoci Family in central sands is planning a 3500 cow dairy to go along with their 3000 cow dairy.
  13. Red666

    dairy herd sales ?

    ChrisNY how long has Milksource been in NY? They started in the Kaukauna area about 20+ years ago. they have multiple farms and try to set them up the same so employees and managers can work on any of their farms with little adjustments. they have over 20000 cows in wi +farms in Mi.
  14. Red666

    1206 Ser number wheatland

    1206 wheatland serial #7993 lives in Forestville WI. owned by Tom Kaye
  15. Hello All! On Sunday, June 17th, my family is hosting the Kewaunee County Breakfast on the Farm to celebrate our farm's 150th anniversary! If you can't make it out to Alabama for the RPRU, come out to our farm! I have 8 restored 1206 tractors from the area coming to pull tour wagons on Sunday! The 1206 that the L-C FFA Alumni restored and raffled off will be coming to the event as well!! The event is from 8-12 on Father's Day! We are excited to have our farm open for everyone to come visit! Check out our farm page on Facebook- just simply search @JunionHomesteadFarm . The farm's address is E1939 County Road K, Casco, WI 54205! Hope to see you there! Check out these links for more information!