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  1. looks like a nice dozer should be fun to run.
  2. you could buy a lime spreader from Loyal barn equipment. it is for spreading line on barn alley.
  3. Red666

    the wall

    Nice wall Bill brings back old memories.
  4. The white engine demonstrators were factory. Back in 67 or 68 the IH dealer in Merrill Wi had a new 504 diesel with white engine 3pt flat top fenders and narrow front. When asking the dealer about the white engine that is what he said. We bought a used 504 with white engine and you know it is factory.
  5. Nice job glad you could get it running. Hope the rest of the engine is good.
  6. Looks like it could be. You would have to try scrap other places and see. When we restored our 504 it was painted over the white with red. If I were to do it again I would paint it white. Tractor is long gone.
  7. If you think a 504 diesel is rare how about a 504 diesel demonstrator. We had one on the home farm when I was a kid. I have seen 4 of them 2 Farmalls and 2 utilities. The demonstrator had a white engine.
  8. at least there is a floor drain if you cant get it done.
  9. 51 tractors made after mine. Mine has same drawbar mine also has 3 hyd. valves also have the 6 hole rear casting. We put a turbo on it last spring makes it a better tractor. We have about 6000 hours on ours also has claw 3pt.
  10. Good for you. You will like the hydro nice tractor.
  11. Praying the Lord Blesses your wife and family.
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