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  1. May the Lord be with you.
  2. Red666

    1200 and 3488

    the more I think about it the more sense it makes for the pto pump.I know the tractor will handle the planter as it is a 6 row. Thanks for the advice bitty.
  3. Red666

    1200 and 3488

    most of our fields are 1/4mile long some contour strips are less. Tractor is closed center. Hadn't thought about raising and lowering for flow demand just running the hydraulic motor.
  4. Red666

    1200 and 3488

    looking at a 1200 corn planter with hyd. drive and was wondering if my 3488 has enough hydraulic capacity to run the planter or would I need a pto pump?
  5. I converted all my 66 series to iso and did not put a drain on them they work fine.
  6. you have a master slave cylinder system. you have to have the cylinders in the proper order. if any were removed and not put back in proper order it will not work wright.
  7. Red666

    IH disc ?

    yes its IH . I would guess from the H and M time frame. dont know model #.
  8. only 68 to go to fill in the gap on serial #. keep up the good work you always do a nice job.
  9. you can also try auto glass repair shop.
  10. they have a deeper lug than 23 degree the lug has a curve instead of straight. The dealer said they are a lighter tire than 23 degree. We put a set on the FFA tractor it is a 1066 with 18.4 x38. we put them on because they cost less than 23 degree but are still radial. have no field experience with them.
  11. Thanks for the help guys. salvage yard has none at present time. found some tapper headed allen screws that work. will see what we can find later.
  12. The Luxemburg -Casco FFA and the L-C FFA Alumni restored a 1066.We are getting it ready for its first show at Oshkosh farm show. We need the 4 bolts that hold pto shield in place. not available would like to know what has been used to replace them? thanks for your help.
  13. Red666

    Auger wagon

    thanks for the reply I will take a look.
  14. Red666

    Auger wagon

    were the #10 carts built by IH or did someone else build them for IH? Case had one similar to the #10.
  15. Red666

    Which weights??

    DT361 rabas imp. has the weights you need for your tractor. was there yesterday and saw some . phone # 920 8636421
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