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  1. keep at it. it will get better each day.
  2. the tool box is mounted under the deck on the right side. that is where it is mounted on my 666 and others I have seen.
  3. buy the 900 chopper lot more capacity. when the NH was a new chopper we tried a JD3970 hooked to a 4955 and a 900 hooked to a 5288 chopping 14 foot oatlage windrows. the NH was able to go a little faster than the deere with less hp. I would buy the NH because it takes less power to run and has more capacity.the 900s are old choppers but if its in good shape would still be a good chopper.
  4. if it has a white roof no they came about 1970. it could be glare but looks white to me.
  5. I just weld new bolt to clevis cut off old bolt.good as new.Been doing that for years.
  6. Buy the whole tractor there are so many parts you need that until you do it you won't know.
  7. If you can buy the leftover tractor from binderdan then you would have the parts you need to make the switch.
  8. Call Rabas implement 920 8636421 they should have one. I did the same thing 20 years ago makes the 544 a real tractor. Lot less fuel and more power.
  9. Red666

    IH 48 DISK

    if you look at frame members a 48 has about the same size as a 470. a 480 has a heaver frame than a 48.
  10. Try farm and fleet. Thats where we got ours.
  11. call a salvage yard they might have some.
  12. Red666

    1256 rattle

    I would think with wheel of the ground you would turn it and possibly find a spot that has play.
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