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  1. There should be zerks on all the pivots. My 735 has them and when I bought it one pivot was tight. WE worked it back and forth put oil and grease on it and it moved more each time.
  2. nice tractor good job on the restore
  3. Got a nice 1440 if interested.
  4. You will like it better with a turbo. Put one on our 3488 makes it a lot more tractor.
  5. the 504 didnt use the same seat suspension as the 706 style until later production. So not as many choices to pick from. If you put the 706 style with suspension then you can use that seat.
  6. call Devons tractor parts.He maybe able to help you.
  7. I would bet it was homemade. We had one my dad made to fit the M.
  8. Arps built snow blowers and 3pt blades for IH at the time of the merger. Don't know when they started building them for IH.
  9. Possibly road grader company that used a M chassis for power plant and then motor was transplanted into a tractor.
  10. 1967 706 raking hay fall of 2019
  11. been running Mobil 424 for 20+ years always good oil, no problems.
  12. I went to a machine shop and had one made the right length. Cost less than buying one andworks good.
  13. Just wondering how many hours on the 886 with 360? Has it been overhauled?
  14. May the Lord be with his family.
  15. Did IH ever have other models of hay conditioners? that is the only model I have seen. Did they make a 9foot one for the 9 foot sickle mower?
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