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  1. Two questions. I'm working on a 1960 Farmall 460 with power steering worm drive in the front axle.   370546R91  First--- Inside the worm drive assembly there are two plates with springs inside, 372813R91. There are four springs on posts and three "loose" springs.  Should there be four?  If so, where can I get one or all four.   Second---When taking off the worm cover I found two large O-rings.  One to seal the cover to the axle (3.109" ID) and a second one that is slightly larger???  I've looked at the parts schematic and can't find where the second one goes or if it should even be there at all.

    1. Unit3pc


      Hi Jim

      Thanks for the input.  I changed the cover seals and needle bearings.  I did find there are two o rings at the cover plate face. I got another spring. 

      My problem now is re installing the lever from the valve body back into the end cover assembly. I can see the parts schematic, but are  there any tips tricks on installing the valve body/lever onto the cover plate?  ie turning the wheels all the way to the right, loosen the cover plate.....  It has been very hard finding good instructions for taking this apart or back together.:wacko:

    2. Unit3pc


      ps What does the slot in the top of the valve actuating lever (372812R1) do? Does it hook onto something or does it act like a metering valve?

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