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  1. How do I move this post to general in?
  2. This is the serial I used and the part is almost 4inches too short! .... I can't lol ...and everyone wants 14hr to show up to work lol
  3. Well the journey continues, 117 dollars in on overnight on a seal, it's been two days
  4. I think I'm going to slide hammer it out, I don't have time to open it all back up.
  5. How does part #3 come out? I don't want to break anything.
  6. Thank you, I'm still learning to maneuver around the site. I'll get that ordered from messicks hopefully today, no one carries parts in this area have to order everything. Is this a common problem, because I went and look at the 806and 1256 and they are both leaking same side.
  7. almost there, just have to get a seal for that pin on the left, got this from Allstate, was supposed to be new, 108green ones it come like this, not to happy about it but it should work 40 years of caked on hyd oil and mud, hard to determine what's what.
  8. Does anyone know if the lower link arm mount studs screw into the case. I have a loose mounting pin and its leaking around it, i haven't taken it apart but i want to know what i'm getting into.
  9. badly in need of parts, td-18 dozer injector nozzles, and farmall 140 hydaulic pump rebuild kit

  10. TD-18 ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!

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