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  1. Hi guys Quick question. I have a new leak on the hydraulic control valve again. This time it's from the flow regulator body. Looks like I need to replace the oring. Do I need to drain the tub before removing the c clip to avoid a hy-tran shower or will I pose just what's in the line from the pump to the valve. Thanks al
  2. looks like something @IHRunner would use for his explosion projects
  3. lol works until you get caught buying parts for "someone else's" machine ... sounds like a double funeral in the making. ☠️
  4. Keep us posted if you source a hub that fits the spindle. I might go that route with my w6 down the road if i get told im too hot for stock. Our "open" class would allow aftermarket front wheels. Have fun with your M! AL
  5. Converting the tip loader to Hydraulic action cant be overly complicated. My 1501 loader looks identical to the tip version, it just has an extra bolt-on bracket for the cylinder. Who ever set it up added an open centre valve pack in-line from the pump to the hydraulic 3pt head.
  6. I love those Volvo BM. I had the pleasure of using a bunch 800 and 900 models on a local potato farm.
  7. looks like horrible photo-shopping to me, the teeth on the right side of the bucket are sloping down to the center instead of up....
  8. They are simple to service, the not fun part is getting the assembly back on. that floating disc inside the ear is not fun to line up with the splines. get read to wrestle with it... I used cheap mahindra parts off ebay on mine. two years later, no complaints. I hope this helps Al
  9. @Simon Friis Here's some pix of the brake setup on my B414 , they should be the same on your beast.
  10. @Dell lots of good advice above. I have seen an H out pull a well built SM. You have lots of homework to do. I myself had the M vs SM debate in my head and i walked away with the W6 in the long run. For me, MPH and weight where the deciding factors. Weight distribution and gear ratios will really be your deciding factor if your pegging an M vs SM. Engine wise both will end up costing the same to build. Here's some questions to ask yourself when deciding on a horse * class type ( stock or mod/open not stock etc ) *class speed limit ( if any ) * Are T/A
  11. I re-used the shim, no leaks on mine.
  12. Hi Lucas, There was not seal on my B414, my carrier looks like the one on the right, there was a copper shim that looked like it acted as the seal too.
  13. Did you have a chance to measure the piston's TDC in relation to the deck and compare with the other 3 to make sure the crank didnt get bent too ? I had melted glow plug in mine that fused to the top of the piston, it made contact with the head and i think bent my connecting rod or the crank. the damaged piston would stop 0.020" shorter from the top of the deck than the others causing bad combustion. I got lucky and found a complete running engine for less money that the cost of rebuilding mine. so i stopped checking and figured the day i sleeve and liner that engine, a replacement
  14. i would love to find a set of those front wheel weight for mine. thanks for sharing!
  15. Hi @IHSteve I can confirm to you those holes are there to hold the U shape axle support for the ones equipped with Power steering. The oil you see is most likely coming from a leak above, but it could also be coming form the clutch area. I encourage you to removed the clutch inspection plate to the right on your picture. there is just 4 bolts holding in and no gasket, that is supposed to be a dry area. When i first got my B414. i had a sweat coming from that inspection panel. i found a bunch of oil/water mix in there that was spilling over from the over filled transmission. I
  16. Thanks @Injpumped for the quick answer. BTW my old engine was plumbed backwards and still ran, not well but #3+4 where 0.020" lower to the top of the block than piston 1+2 + #4 had broken rings. so no clue if the pump had any effect in this combination of issues lol. The top cover looks simple to re-seal. Project for next spring
  17. it runs well now but it developed a small sweat from the throttle arm when running, i am still wondering if i have the fuel flow direction correct. Anyone can confirm the butt end is the inlet ? looking at pictures of other IH and it seems to be 50/50 on the #1 fuel filter hookup being hooked to the butt end...
  18. looking the picture, they way is was cut down makes it look as if they used the plug with the magnetic stub that goes on the hydraulic tub of my b414, but with the magnet tip on the outside instead of in.
  19. im with @VacDaddyt my 5" pipe wrench is my best friend...
  20. Thank you @jimb2 and all that chimed in I followed the tap the pump sequence.... and success!! The cutoff released. Got good fuel at the injectors and got her to fire up in under 5 minutes. So
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