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  1. Here are my Dad and Grandpa and their new to them used 101 in about 1961. They roaded it 175 miles from Haswell, Colo. to home.. We used it every year until 1984.
  2. You might take a look at these guys. They sell the original material ready to install, and you can buy the new foam as well. https://leather-auto-seats.com/
  3. Can anyone identify this 1910 era car next to the Buick. Picture was taken in White City KS on April 13, 1910
  4. Here is my favorite AR platform rifle: Spikes Tactical
  5. Maybe I'm not understanding correctly, but isn't #7 what you are needing? Supercedes to #87382012
  6. farmall57

    445 baler

    I"ve always wondered about this, surely IH didn't keep the McCormick knotter and let the Deering knotter go for no reason, they must have kept the McCormick one for some reason, sure would like to have been in on that discussion.
  7. You can't easily get the ones with the sediment bowl any more, but any of the common auto parts stores can get the non sediment bowl fuel pumps for those IH engines. There are several combinations of fittings but they all will fit on the engine correctly. The NAPA B0150P is probably the one to get, it has pipe thread for both in and out, you can adapt that to about anything you need to.
  8. If it's a 1966 (is this a pickup?), it should be an IH BG241 or BG264. The 258 (no BG designation) was the AMC 6 cyl and didn't come until 1972 in the Scouts and pickups. Far as I know the starter is the same for both of the BG engines and is an industry #4149. Both NAPA and Advance/Carquest list them.
  9. Here is my MD, just like MCC says:
  10. Built in 1903, Elbert County, Colorado. Sadly, tornado took it in 2004. Concrete block, made onsite one at a time. 90x45 On the place I grew up, sister still lives there.
  11. We had an "Adam Henry" list at the parts store I worked at.
  12. Here is my Trojan Utility Speed Patrol.
  13. My 3788 has both a clutch switch and a "park" switch. I have had some trouble with the park switch at times. If you are jumping from the battery cable terminal to the small solenoid terminal and the starter spins with out engaging you have starter drive problems. If you just jump the 2 big terminals the solenoid won't shift the drive into the flywheel.
  14. Very interesting. We shipped cream in cans as well. For us it was Tuesday mornings, we didn't have to ride the bus because we could ride to town with dad. Freight truck picked up the cream in front of the IH dealer in town. So began my facination with all things IH. I got to be friends with the owners wife and she would save me 1 of each of the brochures when they got some new ones. I still have them. I would check out all the new pickups and sit on all the new tractors. This would have been the 62 thru around 65 era.
  15. My niece snapped this pic of the 350 Diesel Utility my dad bought new in 1957.
  16. Got this off Arctic Cat's web site, interesting: After a year and a half under the Textron Off Road name, the passion of the loyal Arctic Cat customer base spoke loud and clear. We listened, and transitioned our off-road vehicles back to Arctic Cat in 2019. As a proud member of the Textron family, we remain committed to continuing the traditions of power, performance and precision engineering.
  17. The danger with buying a Scout is that pretty soon you will have a yard full of them, then you'll want Travelalls and pickups. They seem to be closely related to the same disease that makes you want more IH tractors. Browse around on "www.binderplanet.com" you will soon be an expert on all things Scout.
  18. Cub Cadet has the parts books online. Just go to https://www.cubcadet.com/equipment/cubcadet/service-and-parts then in the model selection put in "70 & 100" and it will come up. They are all there somewhere but sometimes you have to get creative to find them. If you put in just 70 or just 100 it comes up with pages of stuff because it looks for those numbers within all the models. It is actually a pretty good parts lookup system.
  19. Can you bribe him somehow and get him on here, I would love to have him get into our conversations and add all that he could!
  20. My Millermatic 200 got to welding like that and we replaced the capacitor bank, made it weld again like new. We just got online and matched the capacitor numbers, I think there were 8 capacitors and they were about $20 a piece a couple years ago. They are the inch or so diameter and 3 or so inches long, might look and see if any are leaking. Lots of info online if you search welding capacitors.
  21. Probably the best thing you can do is go to a farm sale and buy the oldest one you can find, if it still works it probably will continue to work much longer than any you can buy today.
  22. I believe I would sure put the old transducer back in and give it a try.
  23. A 3 brush shouldn't burn out the CORRECT regulator.
  24. Please keep us informed as to what you find as you get it torn apart and what it takes to get it fixed.
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