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  1. TD 40 smokey

    Thank you! It was done by a friends grandfather in the late 90's, been sitting in the same spot ever since, finally got it in running condition and just want to get it in tip top shape aldo have a TD18 cable dozer im going to get going, a TD18 AG Tractor, and a shram air compressor with the same engine as the TD18's
  2. TD18 injection pump issues

    I was unable to find a manual.. i suppose ill pull the pump off and tear it down. It has to be a seal or gasket im assuming.. still unsure what the little 90degree fitting on the back of the pump is for
  3. TD 40 smokey

    I did have to pull the injection pump and clean it out (sitting for around 20 years and gummed up the plungers and delivery valves) it seems to not shut the diesel all of the way off, it smokes when running on gasoline. It was about 50 degrees farenheit and only ran on gasoline for probably 2-3 minutes then takes right off on diesel. Im thinking about flushing the fuel tank, running injector cleaner and pulling it this spring. No water in the seperator
  4. TD 40 smokey

  5. TD 40 smokey

    Hello, i have a TD40 im working on. While its running on diesel its smoking like a chimney (unburnt fuel) and its popping and every time it pops it blows black smoke, any ideas where to start?
  6. TD18 injection pump issues

    Still working on the injection pump. So i finally smartened up and got a picture of the fitting im talking about. Is there anyone that i may be able to get ahold of that is familiar with the B model pumps?
  7. TD18 injection pump issues

    Any thoughts
  8. TD18 injection pump issues

    Hello, so im still working on it as time permits, just reselaed the fuel transfer pump this evening/morning. Installed it on the injection pump and i am still getting the pump to overflow. And i checked the overflow valve and its clean and free, new gasket is positioned correct. i was told on the b model pumps there is two oil drains. Is that correct? If so that is what the rear 90 degree fitting is for. Now i know the transfer pump is not leaking. Where should i start to look next? Plunger return? Sorry for the long post
  9. TD18 injection pump issues

    Howdy, ive hot the engine running good on diesel, the only issue im having is after swapping back to the B pump im not sure how its suppose to be plumbed? None of the manuals i have show a fuel line diagram very well. There is a 90 degree fitting the the rear bottom of the pump (im assuming plunger overflow) that is draining on the ground. Where does this get plumbed into? on a side note he also has a 35 TD40 i decided to get running for him, cleaned the carb and gas primer and jets? Fires off on the second crank now, pulled the injection pump, cleaned it and free'd up the suction checks. Been sitting for at least 25 years. Got it running last night and just got her all cleaned up!
  10. TD18 injection pump issues

    Okay, i found out this pump is not correct, it had a b pump on it from the factory.. and what do you know, the plungers were the only frozen parts in the pump. I swapped the plungers from the A into the B and resealed the pump (didnt touch the transfer pump) installed the injection pump and after bleeding the system it fired off. Does anyone have a schematic or could take a picture of the plumbing for the injection pump? I noticed the fuel delivery is different then the A model.. also where is a good place to get filters? I drained the tank, fresh diesel and ran it through the filters until the fuel was clear and not cloudy. Yet i still dont have good fuel pressure. thanks!
  11. TD18 injection pump issues

    Good to know Russ! I see how it will be time consuming. and thanks for the advise with a small pipe wrench. ill do some more searching, I know computers seem to pull up more relevant information then phones at times.
  12. TD18 injection pump issues

    Okay soumds good, ill have to hop on my computer, i wasnt getting anything usefull searching the forum on my phone. It is an excessive leak, thats what made me wonder if the pump was fuel cooled/lubed. the gentleman that owns the TD18 also has a shram air compressor that has the same engine so more then likely ill be doing the same with that pump (hopefully not!) my manual should arrive wednesday so ill be able to study the pump a bit more
  13. TD18 injection pump issues

    okay, I am assuming it will say the thickness for the gaskets in the pump manual? the distribution block did not have a gasket on this pump, so I lost you there. yes, that is the seal I am talking about. fuel weeps out between the shaft and what's left of the seal. the transfer pump was pumping quite a bit of fuel out the pump breather, probably a pint to a quart a minute. is it best to just let the distribution block soak in solvent until it frees up? the delivery valves are pretty frozen and without the correct socket I don't want to destroy the splines.
  14. TD18 injection pump issues

    Howdy all, finally finished tearing it apart. Got the fly weights free and they move while rotating the shaft now! I pulled the distrubution block off and free'd up those plungers (in the pump body) but only one is free in the distribution block.. whats the best way to free them up? (Soaking in solvent at the moment) as expected the fuel pump seal is gone, just filling it with solvent it weeps, no pressure needed. Ill just size it up and order a douple lip seal. Whats the best thing to use as a fuel pump gasket? (Between the sections) it seemed like it was a couple thousands thick.. Also the front cover has a giant A on it so im assuming its an A type pump is that correct? thanks again Dalton
  15. TD18 injection pump issues

    Okay that is what I was assuming but with it being full of fuel I wasn't positive. I contacted Central Injection and he said he doesn't have enough to sell out right or a seal kit. so I plan on just sizing up O-rings and giving her a try. Thanks everyone for the help! it is much appreciated