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  1. I've had some relined at white post restorations. They can redo any brake parts!
  2. gmb32

    mccormick W9

    Yes you are correct, but the WR9S was a gas model !
  3. gmb32

    mccormick W9

    There was, it was called a WR9S! Still had the 335 engine, but the Disc Brakes. All Had a hand clutch and a decelerator! They only made a few. came out in early 1956-- then mid year they came out with the 600--then in late 1956 they came out with the 650! So they made all three models in 1956!
  4. Brakes on my 560 (with all new parts) will snap all the way out and lock! It seems the housing is worn enough so that the actuator and discs spread all the way out. Has anyone had any luck taking a little metal off the inside of the housing so that the discs have less room to spread too far, and can rub against the housing better? If so how much did you mill off?
  5. I do have a 1958 R 190 fire truck, has a RD 501 w/less than 20,000 mi. 931-212-4637
  6. Hi Long Farms: I recently bought Farmall 1026 WFE SN 8574 from the gentleman you pointed me toward here in Tennessee! It is a basket case, all apart, even the engine, but seems to have been a fairly low houred tractor originally! Will take all winter to put back together. It is not a Golden Demonstrator. Will reside in Hillsboro Tn! If you send me your Cell # I will send Pictures! Thanks! George
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