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  1. K B 14 with flat Grille

    Looking for a K B 14 with a flat front Grille, Anyone know of one for sale?
  2. D301 Diesels in '61-68 Light Line Trucks

    Hi: I am out of state now, but when I get home I will call or write you the VIN and engine SN and send you some pictures of the way they installed the System. It was pretty neat, I will be home mid January.
  3. D301 Diesels in '61-68 Light Line Trucks

    Hi 826BB ! A few years ago I purchased a 1966 C 1300, 4x4, dual rear wheels, with a D301 diesel. It has 38,000 miles, but came out of central Ohio and is very rusty. It was fitted with a camper at a speciality company and was originally sold as a camper. The old camper had been cut off, and so is a cab (without roof) and chassis now. It has 4:10 axles and 4 speed trans so with this 100 HP diesel and a 12 ft camper, I can only Imagine how underpowered it would have been to drive. It's no wonder it only has 38,000 miles! I only bought it to salvage the rare Diesel option, and am not sure what my plans are for it yet! It would be interesting to know how many Diesels were produced! GMB32
  4. 4150skidsteer

    Thanks, I hope to hear from you PH 931-212-4637 email have a great day!! George
  5. 4150skidsteer

    did you buy the 4150 skid steer, if not I would be interested!
  6. WD-9 cylinder head repair shop?

    Dover Cylinder Head Shop Chattanooga Tennessee. They are Pros and you can ship it to them. GMB32