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  1. hillskinefarms

    Fuel Rock

    Ahhh, now I get it. Ours just has a length of wire and clips, either run them up to the battery under the hood or on many pieces of equipment we can get to the battery on the machine we are fueling easier so we attach to that.
  2. hillskinefarms

    Fuel Rock

    Couldn't they hook to their own battery...?
  3. hillskinefarms

    New joke

    MTO as a child?
  4. hillskinefarms

    Lorenzo in his younger days...

    He certainly was a sharp dresser....
  5. hillskinefarms

    Valentines Day

    Same here. I had to read that several times to figure out what 'ol Lorenzo was saying.
  6. hillskinefarms

    Tear jerker

    Rick, you bring up a good point. Not sure what I would do if we are ever faced with a situation like that. We are hours from any major hospital and days from major medical centers. With a farm (with livestock) and no hired labor it would put us in an awful bind if we had a child with serious medical needs.
  7. hillskinefarms

    Spirit lifter 2+2 Guy?

    Not only can that boy sing, he's got some great guitar skills as well!
  8. hillskinefarms

    Tear jerker

    Finney, I've always had a lot of respect for your welding skills. Now I've got even more for you as a man. That is one of the most moving, heart felt posts on here in a long, long time. Everyone should read that......twice.
  9. hillskinefarms

    OMG now animals are gender confused

    OT, not to start an argument, because I know the rules on here don't allow for that, but I can't not respond. You in your response even spoke the truth, but for some reason you don't make the connection. Adaptation is the changing of a creature due to changes in the environment. As an example, a birds colors change as it's environment changes or it migrates to a different environment. There are examples of this in nature. The theory of evolution says species change, like fish becoming birds. The fossil record does not actually support this. I wont take the time to type out a big discourse on this, it is easily found on the internet. Adaptation and evolution are NOT the same, don't be fooled into believing they are. As a side note, I know a lot of posters don't think too highly of your postings and opinions. I don't always agree with you, but for what it's worth I do have a lot of respect for you and do appreciate your contributions here ( mostly ).
  10. hillskinefarms

    OMG now animals are gender confused

    OT, not argue, but that is called adaptation. Been around since the beginning of the world.
  11. hillskinefarms

    2020 Magnums??

    I wonder if it isn't time for some outside-the-box thinking? Fendt, Deutz and others have played with some fairly radical designs, heck even the 2+2 was a leap ( that worked well for what it was designed for). It seems that today the push is to follow traditional designs and keep everything looking "traditional".
  12. hillskinefarms

    Humor at my Governor's expense!

    X2. Don't always agree with you Rick, but you are spot on with this.
  13. hillskinefarms


    Fishing or otherwise?
  14. hillskinefarms

    Life in Alaska

    looks closer to Hawaii to me........
  15. hillskinefarms

    So, New York leaders...

    That, Mark, sums up how depraved we have become as a nation. We value animals above babies. Anyone who could argue that statement before has no argument now.