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  1. hillskinefarms

    gas engine in pickup

    Did a little checking, interested to see how the new Ford7.3 turns out.
  2. hillskinefarms

    gas engine in pickup

    Interesting thoughts. I should add- I currently run a 2001 Chevy 3500 dually with the 6.0. 125,000 miles Been a great truck and don't really plan on changing anytime soon. Here's my situation. I haul a livestock trailer every week or two, hauling hogs to market, 375 mile round trip. Started out with my dually and 18' gooseneck trailer. No problems. Neighbor had a 1992 IH 4700 with dt360 with a 6 speed and 2 speed rear for sale. Ended up buying it to pull the gooseneck. I really liked having a bigger truck on the trailer, but that was not the truck for interstate travel. It is geared really low so it is screaming at 65 mph. Spring ride so it rides like a lumber wagon. No ac so in the summer it is hot and even noisier. Just made for a long trip. A little over a year ago I found a Freightliner FL112 ( single axle ) . 350 hp, 10 speed, air ride suspension, cab, and seat. Very comfortable truck to drive. Cruises at 1550 rpm at 65 mph. Ac so very nice in the summer. Quiet, at least for a truck of that age ( 2003 ). The one problem, it gets stuck on a hen turd. Worthless in the winter. Last winter I found I had to chain up constantly to get around the yards where I deliver. That got very old. I went back to running my dually this winter ( it's 4x4) and realize a pickup really is more practical. I am now running a 28' trailer, and loaded I am grossing 23,000 with the dually. I am surprised how well it pulls. On a long grade it will drop into 3rd gear and with climb to 3000 rpm but everyone tells me that is what a 6.0 is made for. The trailer has good brakes so stopping is probably as good as the Freightliner as it doesn't have near enough weight on the drives and gets really squirrely. So, this is what prompted my post. As I was travelling yesterday I got to thinking about what would make a good replacement for my current truck if I was to ever trade. I want to stick with gas I think, as my son has an 2003 duramax and even though he gets better mileage ( not as much as one would think) on the same trip my truck is actually cheaper per mile to run when you factor in the lower cost of gas. On a side note, I went to the big three build websites, and a basic work truck dually with a gas motor and 6 speed tranny is right at $40,000 for all 3. Interestingly enough, you can build a 2018 Chevy with a regular cab but not a 2019. Apparently Chevy is doing away with the regular cab option in 1 tons next year.
  3. hillskinefarms

    gas engine in pickup

    Long day on the road today and I got to day dreaming. If you were going to order a new work truck, which gas engine would you prefer, and why. Chevy 6.0 Ford 6.2 Dodge 6.4 I'm thinking of a 1 ton that would pull a trailer, not a 1/2 ton. Diesel is not an option for this discussion please. Thoughts?
  4. hillskinefarms

    Favorite Bate for killing mice

    Lots of rat bait available. If you want them dead now, use Jaguar. Around hog barns most guys agree that is the best. If you put out bait in bait stations regularly you should change brands occasionally to prevent resistance.
  5. hillskinefarms

    Life of a Feed Delivery Guy

    Making memories. Good for you. Last picture looks like your daughter has some sass?
  6. hillskinefarms

    New joke

    And dumber than a box of chickens. Normally I wouldn't speak about someone like that, but check out some of her interviews on youtube. How someone like that ever got elected is mind boggling. If this is what the populace in America wants for leadership, we are doomed. And I am ashamed to say she is representing a portion of NY. Good grief!
  7. hillskinefarms

    I guess we all remember what happened today in 1984

    I was a Sophomore in high school. Lots of discussion in our FFA chapter at the time.
  8. hillskinefarms

    Anyone still use a old new idea cutditioner

    My dad used one years ago on a farm he worked on. He said they left a rough stubble and took more power than a sickle machine.
  9. hillskinefarms

    Combine Advice.

    So, just to be clear, what are your thoughts on Massey combines?
  10. hillskinefarms

    Beans on the ice & a stuck 1680

    Sure wish I could get mine. They are under snow right now......
  11. hillskinefarms

    Combine Advice.

    I know you mentioned no green but 6620 side hill Deeres seem too be very popular. Also, rotary Gleaners seem to be less slope sensitive from what I hear.
  12. hillskinefarms

    IH disc

    That was my thought as well. Seem to remember a short line company called International.
  13. hillskinefarms

    Another manure tank repair

  14. hillskinefarms

    The mysterious new member

    I had a sneaking suspicion it was bogus and figured BJ would take care of it. Thanks BJ.
  15. hillskinefarms

    Farming low ground

    Is tile an option? I don't mean financially, I mean do you have outlets? Around here they say if you need tile you are paying for it whether you have it or not. I would say your yields back that up. We farm similar ground and tile changed the farm for us. Should of done it years before we did. My dad always felt he couldn't afford it, but tile has let us consistently get a crop in and get it out.