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  1. Man, I have an almost new auger out of a 20' silo sitting in the shed. Too bad we can't get it to you.
  2. That looks in very good shape for the age. You did fine in getting that. I wish you were closer, I still have a bunch of parts I would love to see you get some use out of.
  3. Hard to tell from that distance but it still has lots of orange paint. That is a good sign. If you get a better look at it take some more pics. I would like to figure out what series it is. I know they made a Volumatic 1, 2, and 3, then I believe it became the Volumaxx but I am not sure. They were very good unloaders.
  4. I will have to see if I can get the brochure posted on here.
  5. Nope. Jamesway ring drives did as well. Different method of doing it but they did distribute during the filling process. Sorry I don't have my literature scanned in or I could post some pictures. Actually a very simple set up and it worked well. We ran a Volumatic 1 and Volumatic 3 for years and years. I had a lot of experience with Jamesway unloaders.
  6. With a Jamesway it distributes while you fill. You take the discharge chute off, attach it to the unloader, and install a pan in its place. Blower is not used, just the ring drive, and you run the unloader as it fills. Supposed to increase capacity of silo as it fills much more evenly from bottom to top and does reduce amount of hand leveling at the top. Manual said you could set unloader back up and use it to level the top but we always did it by hand as it wasn't bad to do and much faster.
  7. We ran Jamesway ring drive unloaders for years. One of the best as far as I am concerned. As mentioned, I believe you will need the hexapod but I could be wrong on that. The hexapod was adjustable within reason. 2 feet should not be a problem. As mentioned, check the drive holes in the ring, if worn the later series had a double row of holes and the ring could be flipped over to get twice the life. Also the drive gear gets worn and can be replaced. Actually, like any brand, pretty much every part that wears can be replaced. We changed out about every part on ours over the years. We ran unloaders for many, many years. When we sold the dairy we took down one silo and converted the second to shelled corn storage. I have a pile of Jamesway parts (some almost new) that could be yours for free. Wish you were closer.
  8. Really have enjoyed getting to know you Troy and following your triumphs and challenges. Thanks for taking us along.
  9. Still trying to get you to 200! Seems like not long ago I was trying to get you to 100. Where does the time go?
  10. My livestock trailer has elec. over hyd. brakes. As mentioned, there is a slight delay on application but they will STOP. Much better than straight elec. Troy, trying to get you to page 200!
  11. looks closer to Hawaii to me........
  12. My dad used one years ago on a farm he worked on. He said they left a rough stubble and took more power than a sickle machine.
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