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  1. Life in Alaska

    Interesting. Gas and diesel are the same price. Don't think I have ever seen that before.
  2. life in our corner

    Or have a friend that owns one...............
  3. Never saw one of these before......

    That would be super handy for keeping tree limbs cut back from field edges. One man driving and another in the bucket and you could cover a lot of ground in short order.
  4. 110 IH Silage Box

    That wagon was available as a GEHL for a time as well. We had one.
  5. Growing up IH

    Or he's scarred his kids for life........ The way oldtanker talks of his M, they probably will need therapy or something......
  6. open polinated corn seed

    Shumways used to carry it. I think they still do.
  7. Sap suckers of 2018

    That's cool. More pictures sometime would be appreciated.
  8. Wisconsin silo entrapment

    Sad day for that family. I don't know of anyone around me who died from falling silage but I know of several who were very seriously hurt. Big chunks of frozen silage is HEAVY!
  9. I'm Sure This Will Impress The Suburban Weekend Warrior

    Which phone has held up the best for you? Mine takes a beating.
  10. I'm Sure This Will Impress The Suburban Weekend Warrior

    I just learned last night that you can now buy a Caterpillar smart phone. The actually look pretty tough.
  11. prayers desperately needed

    Looks like his brother and sisters are glad to have him home!
  12. life in our corner

    And pay the freight each way........
  13. Cream puff 2+2

    Having the exhaust blowing under the canopy probably keeps you in a state that you don't care too much for how the tractor looks.
  14. life in our corner

    Say it isn't so. Sure hope it doesn't come to that.
  15. New joke

    Got to share this with you Mark. The other day Melissa showed me a picture of a set of kitchen cabinets made with recycled pallets. I was like....REALLY? We get a lot of pallets through our business, and I have yet to see any that were cabinet grade.......... What is the world coming to?