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  1. Thanks for sharing Chris, will be praying for them. One **** of a deal......
  2. Same here, out for 7 days at the dairy farm. By the 2nd or 3rd day in we had a new appreciation for the power company. And I soon realized my electric bill is actually a bargain.
  3. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. He ended up heading southeast from Mankato, MN, and picking up I80 East. Went through on 80 this morning and said it was a breeze compared to his last trip through. Should be home tonight.
  4. At least none that you can see.......
  5. Thanks Rick. That is what I was afraid the answer was going to be.
  6. Boy, you guys are soooo helpful tonight.
  7. Man, I have an almost new auger out of a 20' silo sitting in the shed. Too bad we can't get it to you.
  8. Well, my son Chris went through Chicago on his way to MN and told me he hopes to never have to repeat that ever again. Looking at the map quickly tonight, there doesn't look to be a good way to get around Chicago when you are on I90 East. Any ideas?
  9. That looks in very good shape for the age. You did fine in getting that. I wish you were closer, I still have a bunch of parts I would love to see you get some use out of.
  10. Planter came from Haukos Bros.
  11. Anyone near here? My son left this morning to pick up a planter. Wondering if he will be in anyone's backyard? Should be an interesting trip for him.
  12. Found this on YouTube. Thought some on here would enjoy.
  13. My understanding was that regular cabs are only available in a cab and chassis configuration starting in 2019. Wasn't aware of the 1/2 ton WT option.
  14. Watching as my son is heading to MN soon and the gps wants to take him through/around Chicago.
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