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  1. Correct me if I am wrong but hytran is a petroleum based oil and the later machines require synthetic?
  2. Hi cub cadet experts. I recently bought a 5234 fwd with a loader and 60 inch deck, I know these tractors had trans issues but it has low hours and everything works. I am going to change the oil in the transmission and hate to pay $300 dollars for cadet oil but I don't want to ruin the tractors tranny. What can I use? Thanks.
  3. My cousin bought a 1086. When the engine is warm, we only have 10 pounds of oil pressure at idle. At half-throttle, about 30. We figured the engine bearings were probably in need of replacement. But after dropping the pan and pulling a bearing, they looked to be in very good shape. We are going to plastigauge the bearings to see what the running clearance is on these used bearings. What should the clearance be?
  4. Yea I worked on a 666 some time ago that had the plastic venturi that was all distorted but that was an IH carb. I also saw marvels with the venturi in upside down and causes them to run lean but I am sure this one is in right. I had the carb number wrong its a TSX 934. Thanks for your help.
  5. Thanks for the advice. The tractor is a gear drive with a replacement shut off solenoid, no adj screw on this Marvel TSX 683 carb. I have messed with farmall cub carbs that ran lean by using a very small file opened up the jet to richen them up and make them run better. This 544 was running lean and had 2 burnt valves but also had a very sloppy throttle shaft which I replaced and I know will help. Did hydro tractors use a different solenoid with a bigger jet?
  6. Overhauling my mother's 544 AGAIN. This time we're at .060 over. I've never done anything with the carburetor, but it seems like it's time. Has anyone ever drilled the high speed jet in the carburetor to compensate for the larger bore? If so, how big did they make it?
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