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  1. This holds 5 gallon. $300 +.
  2. I just replaced the ring and pinion in my 5234de and am wondering if I can use a different oil than the drive line fluid which is very expensive, I'm sure that the oil that was in it was not that type and the reason for the failure of the gears was that the last guy to have it apart failed to install the spacer behind the pinion gear which allowed the gear to slide away from the ring gear resulting in the tractor being driven by a quarter of the teeth. Thanks
  3. Correct me if I am wrong but hytran is a petroleum based oil and the later machines require synthetic?
  4. Hi cub cadet experts. I recently bought a 5234 fwd with a loader and 60 inch deck, I know these tractors had trans issues but it has low hours and everything works. I am going to change the oil in the transmission and hate to pay $300 dollars for cadet oil but I don't want to ruin the tractors tranny. What can I use? Thanks.
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