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  1. Cream puff 2+2

    Well, not really. ( I don’t anything about it, just saw it sitting on a tractor jockeys lot)
  2. Cream puff 2+2

    I’m guessing that with those tires it was used on a quail hunting plantation for plowing firebreaks and food plots.
  3. Cream puff 2+2

    Maybe exhaust under the roof helps keep gnats and mosquitoes away. I don’t know where it came from but it had a hard life.
  4. Case 94 vs IH 50 Series

    Brother and I bought a new 2294 in August or early September of 1987 for $27000 they also had a new 3594 for $32000 that a neighbor bought. I liked the cab on the 2294, the three point hitch had poor draft control though and the draw bar and associated brackets were so close to the ground that if the tires spun more than about once, it was stuck. It was an ok tractor though, it stayed around here until it had 6000 hours, sold it to a neighbor and he ran it for another 7-8 years. It sold at auction after he passed away and I lost track of it. The 3594 he had for about 5-6 years never had any problems with it until it caught fire and burned running an irrigation pump in Florida. That 35 would pull with a 4955 any day but, the 49 would turn around in half the space it took the 3594.
  5. CO-4000

    I rode in truck almost just like that except with a sleeper, from Ashburn Georgia to Chicago Illinois with a load of watermelons in about 1979. I swore if I ever got back home I would never ride in a semi again. It was hot in there, that thing rode like a two horse wagon and I think we changed every tire on it before we got back. They still look cool though. I would take off in one now and smile all the way there and back.
  6. No more Obama micro managing. Get ''R" Done.

    Fighting a war is a nasty unpleasant sort of business but, it's the same business it's always been. It has nothing to do with dialogue, winning the hearts and minds, giving the enemy jobs or talking to them in a nice way. The only way to win is to destroy the enemy and killing enough of them that they can't/don't want to fight back anymore. Our modern feminized society doesn't believe in calling them the enemy any more so we won't offend anyone. If you shower them with enough love and teddy bears they will love you back. And, it's been men not women doing the business of war and fighting in general since the beginning of time for a reason.
  7. So what DID happen to him?

    I recall reading fantastic stories of new carburetors that got 50+ mpg along with hearing all the stories about oil companies buying the patents to keep them off the market so they could sell more gas. It was somewhat believable at the time but, that was almost 40 years ago. The patents ran out long ago. If it was that simple and possible there would be people falling over one another to build those carburetors because it would be worth millions if not billions to the first couple of companies to bring something like that to market. It makes interesting stories but other than that it's just a big false conspiracy theory.
  8. Tractor hours

    My mother-in law has a CaseIH 395 with less than 300 hrs on it, high 200s. Her uncle bought it to mow in between CRP pine trees in about 1991. I run a Vector 300 at work that gets 1000+ hours a year. Just finished its fourth season and has 4300 on it. If I get over that way today I will take some pics of the 395 and post them later.
  9. Diversity

    I thought about color diversity, while riding around goofing off earlier today I saw an older gentleman who lives near here out in his back yard washing off his small Oliver utility tractor. I considered stopping to talk with him about it but, he's not exactly the outgoing sociable type. As a matter of fact I waved at him as I do every time I see him in the yard and he just stared at me as he does every time. Anyway aside from the little Oliver I've seen that he also has an open station White 2-85( I think) that probably hasn't had 100 hours put on it in the last 30 years. Getting to the whole point of this is, to see a tractor actually being used for farming around here these days that's older than 4years and any other color besides green and yellow is extremely rare. Use to be you would meet a tractor on the road or see it in the field and could tell from a half mile away whose it was because even different tractors of the same model didn't always look just alike. Now when I see one I just think there's an 8370r, just like every other 8370r around here. I liked it better when they weren't all the same. Every area is different of course, there are probably some counties in other parts of the country that have more acres of row crops than we do in the entire state. In my immediate area we have fields surrounded by thick woods (unfortunately filled with feral hogs) with a lot of center pivot irrigation and sandy well drained soils. There's a little bit of corn/wheat/beans here but the main crops in this area are peanuts and cotton. Since those green modulecotton pickers came out one has to measure how much fuel is in the tank to determine the value of a red one. I do have a neighbor who has a fairly late model red combine along with an older Cat Lexion machine and another neighbor with about a two year old red combine( most farmers close by don't have a grain combine). Does your area have any diversity left? P.S.- just in case anybody was wondering, I lurk here often but rarely post because most of the time I don't have anything valuable to add. Although I grew up on a farm and farmed myself for a while, I don't anymore now I work for a farm service company (seed/fertilizer and chemicals) the only tractor I have at present is a little Yanmar. I've ridden a many a mile on 1066/1466/1086/14/1586/784 and a 5088 along with a few blue ones and a whole bunch of those green ones(yuck).
  10. Diversity

    They are still making a few I think, I recently saw a couple of new ones on the lot. I wish they could get back going on pickers but, it doesn't look like they want to make that investment.
  11. Diversity

    We still have one CaseIH dealer here, as far I can think of every location in South Georgia is all the same company, there's another dealer in North Georgia but, it's mostly all smaller things like utility tractors and hay equipment. The town I grew up around, up until the early 80s had IH, JD,AC, White, MF and Ford dealers, the only thing left is green. The multi store CaseIH dealer for this area has their corporate headquarters there but no sales. Most any grain combines much newer than about 83 models were brought here used from other parts of the country. When I was a kid 90% of the cotton pickers here were green until CaseIH came out with the 1822/1844 pickers then all of a sudden it was about 50/50. When the inline green four rows started catching on the red ones started losing market share to the point that you can hardly give one away now. Whatever Case has planned to stay in the cotton picker market better be done FAST. There's probably about 1-2 newer CaseIH tractors around for every 20 green ones. I know a fellow who has all green field tractors and one new CaseIH utility tractor with a loader and cab on it because it was cheaper. Then there's two brothers that have late model Case tractors and those are the only ones in this whole county that I know of. You do see a few more of them in areas closer to dealerships though. A fellow up the road from me (in another county) has late model red equipment but it's few and far between. There's a fairly new (5-6 years old ) AGCO Challenger dealer about 50-60 miles away. They always have a lot of stuff on their yard and sell a good bit of fertilizer equipment. Terragators and Rowgators are fairly common. For a while there were a lot of Case 3 wheel floaters around but the dealer for GA/Fla/Ala also sells Vectors so the three wheelers have been going away.( if you ever try a three wheel floater then drive a Vector you'll see why).
  12. Diversity

    I don't think I've seen an orange one still farming since the early 90s. Those later model ones 8070(?) were some good looking machines. We had a very good AC and White dealer here until about 83. He would have them lined up in front of the building a row of orange and a row of silver, both were looking sharp.
  13. Somebody save it

    I also posted this in the trucks section but I thought it may get more views here. I saw this over on AgTalk The guys friend wants him to haul it to the scrap yard to get it out of the way. He posted on AgTalk trying to find someone to take it. That truck is too cool to get melted into Chinese junk. It's in Minnesota I think.
  14. Somebody save it

    https://talk.newagtalk.com/forums/thread-view.asp?tid=719885&mid=6134481#M6134481 good luck I hope you get it. i guess I should have posted a link to begin with lol
  15. Somebody save it

    I saw this over on AgTalk. Guy says his friend wants to haul it to the scrap yard to get it out of the way. I thought someone here might be interested, it's in Minnesota I guess. That truck is too cool to get melted into Chinese junk.
  16. Somebody save it

    You will have to go to AgTalk and get contact info from the guy who has it. I don know him or have anything to do with it other than I hate to see something like that go to scrap when I know somebody would want it.
  17. Somebody save it

    You will have to go AgTalk to get contact info from the guy who has it. I don't know him or anything about it but, I hate to see it go for scrap when I know someone would want it
  18. Brands

    My earliest memories of tractors was my dad had Fords, 8000, two 5000s, 4000, gray 4000, 601(little red) and a G JD that stayed hooked to a 6 foot box blade year round for scraping driveways and fixing terraces. The G was my favorite because of the way it sounded and it had that big spinning flywheel on the side. Then he got a new 9000 with duals and a canvas windbreaker on it, I didn't think they could make a bigger tractor until he traded off the 8000 for a new 1466 with cab and AC. Went red with all the big tractors after that. I used to go to Southern Cotton Oil Company (where he sold his peanut crop) with him whenever I could go. They had a fleet of letter series Farmalls that they used for moving peanut drying wagons around. I used to love just sitting in front of the office watching all those tractors running back and forth. There was also a nearby fertilizer dealer who used a few Super C Farmalls with nitrogen rigs mounted on them for sidedressing cotton and corn. I thought they were the coolest thing ever. I also had a much older cousin whose farm fleet was half Farmalls and half green tractors, I just always liked the red ones best.
  19. southern wis. 6 inches of rain!

    What didn't wash away is cotton.
  20. southern wis. 6 inches of rain!

    I got bogged down yesterday then over the next hour it rained 3.5 inches in one little spot here in Georgia.
  21. Why/where are the other countries?

    I'm from Georgia, I just lurk occasionally, there's at least one other member here from Georgia.
  22. Big IH tractor search

    If one were looking for a particular large IH tractor that can't be found in his own neighborhood, where would be a good place to put out a couple of classified ads? I'm looking for a tractor for a friend who's not internet savvy and I've been beating the bushes hunting one locally but I can't find one close by so, willing to travel to find one, he says he doesn't care where it has to come from just find him one. I'm trying hard not to turn this post into a classified ad but I'm having a hard time finding leads.
  23. Big IH tractor search

    A black stripe would be preferable but an earlier one will do if it's nice enough
  24. Big IH tractor search

    Reading back over my post, it sounds kind of vague I guess but, it legit. I suppose I should say I'm looking for " that guy". Everybody knows "that guy", he's the one that's not necessarily a dealer or tractor jockey but, he always knows where something is when you're looking for it no matter how obscure it may be. He always has an answer like" oh, yeah I know where one of those is, it's been sitting under the shelter for 6 years since that lady passed, it's never been rained on and only driven to the grocery store and church on Sunday" it can be bought. i used to be "that guy" around here but, evidently I'm losing my touch. 😳
  25. Big IH tractor search

    Will give that a shot, thanks.