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  1. A nieghbor of ours had a 48 with big tires on the front like that back in the day. The guy that drove it all the time got some silver stick on mailbox letters and put “Boss Hogg” on the nose piece. That thing looks tough. My uncle had two 2wd 4850s in the 80s, one had 14L-16s the other had 16L-16s. I loved that look. After thinking on it- one was 16L-16 and I think the other was something like 18-4L-16 or something like that. Anyway, they were big and cool. Lol
  2. Transmission- a mechanism for transferring power from an engine to the drive wheels of a vehicle. Tranny- a dude that dresses like a lady. I’ve always preferred spelling out or saying “transmission” instead of abbreviating. It’s not that hard to spell or type out and there’s no danger of miscommunication or anybody thinking I’m a weirdo by doing it that way. 🤪
  3. I’ve been coming here for I don’t know how long. I had a different screen name one time, I had forgotten my password and the password to my email , I still lurked for a couple of years, then I just made another account probably 10 years ago now. I don’t post or comment often but, look pretty regularly. I like it here. My old red tractor experience is limited when compared to others here so, most times I don’t have anything constructive to add. I can say though, I rode a lot of hours on 1066/86 1466/86, 5088, 784 and a little experience with 7120s and loved every minute of it. I
  4. I heard a guy say one day, “yeah I went to the funeral, I just wanted to make sure that lying SOB was really in there”.
  5. Tillers with planters mounted on back were very popular in the Deep South for planting peanuts back in the 60s-80s. Dad planted 600 acres a year with a 4-36 KMC Tillavator with JD 71 planters mounted on it behind a 1466 then a 1486 with 150 gallon saddle tanks. 200 acres of peanuts the rest was corn and double crop soybeans. The corn and soybeans were disced,ripped/bedded then planted with the Tillavator. Went to the field with three tractors it was all done at once. The soybeans were planted after winter wheat. Disced a fire break around the field then burned it off. Befor
  6. Just 1,3 and 12 are me lol.
  7. It already has hit the fan in a lot of places. Looters, arsonists and vandals aren’t protesters.
  8. Maybe I should have phrased it as “will”. More speed means less torque on the shaft per revolution. Speaking from experience, a big mower with 1000 pto will be a lot less trouble than a 540. There’s shock loads on it even if you take it easy and 1000 can handle it much better. Spinning 3-4 gearboxes on a 540 shaft is a big load.
  9. I would think with a larger mower 1000 rpm would be better as it should absorb shock loads better which will lead to longer gearbox and ujoint life. There’s a reason 90% of large mowers are 1000 pto.
  10. Oh that one, it’s just an old house. There used to be those everywhere around here, termites and wind have almost gotten them all now along with most of the old mule barns.
  11. Rattle snakes are everywhere around here, any time you are outside in warm weather you have to watch where you walk. If the picture you’re asking about is the one with the tobacco basket hanging on the wall, it’s an old tobacco “pack house” where, after it was cured they wrapped it in big burlap sacks for transport to the auction. It’s now just used for storage.
  12. All Georgia. It’s generally in about a 50 mile radius of Wilcox County, mostly in the coastal plains. Some people say the country in this area is ugly and shapeless, I say they can’t see the forest because the trees are in the way. Our rivers, such as they are, are almost always muddy except during really dry weather. The only rivers close to my home are more like good sized creeks. Theres about 120 acres in the field in the first pic if I recall correctly, not very wide but, it’s LONG way from one end to the other. From what I’ve seen of NZ, it’s a beautiful place.
  13. There are some awesome pictures on this thread. I decided to add a few from my phone, they may not be awesome but, they’re at least kind of cool
  14. I too have wondered why people who sound as though they don’t even like IH come here to read and or comment. A 1486 would run circles around a 4440, just saying. Not tractor related but, the green guys sound like the AR and Glock guys. Their answer to any question asked is, “just get an AR/Glock”.
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