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  1. I always wondered if it laid of squiggly rows and how hard it is on the shanks. I bet a 4x4 could carry one easier than a mfd.
  2. Not tractors but big, I’ve put 1000+ hours a year on the red one since 14, going to put 1000+ on the black one now for a few years. Biggest tractor-8370r. Pretty sweet ride even though it’s painted weenie green.
  3. Is that a KMC strip till behind it? If so, how well did that work behind an articulated tractor?
  4. Pretty ugly reminds me of a saying from an old classmate. “She’s pretty, pretty damn ugly and pretty apt to stay that way”.
  5. Pop tarts and Mt Dew most of the time. There’s times I get something different but, I bet I’ve had that for breakfast more times than anything else. It’s been working for at least 45 years. The breakfast of champions.
  6. If Trump killed a bulldog that was mauling a little kid the headlines would say “Trump murdered beloved family pet!”.
  7. Farmer logic- if there’s room left, it ain’t full.
  8. I was “in” prison from 1996 until 2008(correctional officer). Was on the CERT(Corrections Emergency Response Team) team 4 four years. Spent time on 1st, 2nd,3rd and split shift. Ran a couple of different outside work details for four years. I did at least a little of almost every different CO job while I was there. I learned a LOT about people and had some interesting experiences in those years. I can’t say I miss it though. Whenever I see old co-workers, they ask how things are I tell them, I get up grinning every morning knowing I don’t have to go work there. They usually ask when I’m coming back? The only way they’ll get me back in there is to lock me up. I frequent another message board made up of mostly farmers or people with ag backgrounds. The subject of getting/retaining employees comes up regularly there. I try to give advice about retaining employees and getting them to work for them. The usually don’t listen but, I gained a great deal of experience in there believe it or not about how to get things done. And it ain’t got nothing to do with “cracking the whip”. Just like everything else you have seen on television, when it comes to how prison works, don’t believe any of it. They did have a special on NatGeo one time called Lockup I think, where they documented some prisons in Georgia. It was pretty good and I saw quite a few people I worked with and a couple of inmates I remembered. I still run into ex-inmates pretty regularly around and about, most of the time they go out of their way to come speak to me and ask if I remember them. The ones that weren’t trouble makers do anyway, the others are usually headed in the other direction when I see them.
  9. It’ll eat up a loader fast here. With our heat and humidity the fertilizer house is always a muddy mess so the loader is a muddy corrosive mess all the time too. Walking around in that stuff every day will turn a good pair of boots to mush pretty quick also.
  10. I have zero experience with a tracked skid steer but, we go through so many used wheeled skid loaders at work that the Bob Cat salesman likes to come by and hang out with us. He said 4-5 years ago that it was getting to the point they sold very few new wheeled loaders almost all new ones they were moving had tracks. We use them loading fertilizer so we have no use for tracks. We try to keep two running ones at the time so we’ll have a backup, usually scrap one every couple of years. They have a hard short life here.
  11. I would really like to get a look inside that factory too. They make a lot of cool stuff in there. with good ammo, one hole groups at 50 yards. With cheap bulk ammo, they’re still pretty tight groups with occasional flyers.
  12. Give her a bottle of liquor, then if she doesn’t like it you can drink it for her.
  13. I’ve got a Fajen laminated stock almost exactly like that and a Midway target bull barrel. I took the scope off to put on something else and haven’t gotten around to replacing. The barrel is blued, I stripped the peeling finish off the receiver and painted it with clear paint. I did it about 20 years ago, I still have the original barrel and stock, I’m tired of it set up that way going to put it back stock when I figure out what to do about the finish on the receiver. I don’t really consider myself a fanboy but, there’s Ruger 10/22s then there’s everything else.
  14. There’s a guy here that farms with two that look a lot worse than that. Lol If you want to see some really bad ones see if you can find the dealer in Rayville La. I have seen their ads in the Fastline, they usually have some really rough looking stuff. Weeks Farm Auction and Rebel Auction Company in South Georgia usually have some rough looking tractors from Florida too. I guess they come from vegetable and sugar cane farms down there. The ones with the big bumper looking things in front are usually the worst. I posted these pics of a 2+2 sitting on a tractor jockeys lot in South Georgia a couple of years ago. I assume it’s a Florida tractor, judging from the tires and condition it got used in the woods somewhere. Its still there in case any of you are interested? He’ll probably make you a very good deal.
  15. Will dual hubs from a 966/86 or 1066/86 fit an 806? I’ve seen a lot of those old 9 bolt rims laying around in south and middle Georgia it shouldn’t be too hard to find some if they’ll work on your tractor.
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