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  1. That’s a very interesting video. So far the only times I’ve been to the delta is in Louisiana south of I-20. It’s amazing how flat it is.South Georgia can be relatively flat in spots but nothing like there. Some day when I have time I’m going to road trip to the delta in Mississippi, Arkansas and Missouri just to look around. I went to Alexandria a couple of years back with my son, I don’t remember the exact route but, we crossed into La on I-20 then turned south. We were riding along taking in the sights when I realized we had been looking at a caution light up the road for a pretty good while. I asked him, how far away you reckon that caution light is? He said, I don’t know but, I’ve been thinking we were almost most there for thirty minutes.
  2. You got some some .38S&W to trade? lol
  3. Harvest on an outstanding cotton crop here in central and South Georgia is just getting going. We had one of the wettest and coolest summers I think I’ve ever seen in 53 years of being here. There’s some drowned out spots but I think the rest is going to more than make up for it. the pic is a screenshot from a video in the last field of cotton I top dressed this year on 8/25
  4. jworley

    Harvest 2021

    I’ve always wanted to see rice being cut. How long does it stay boggy after you drain it? Is it like just a little muddy on top and has a hard bottom? We have entirely different soil and topography here, some spots can be muddy on top with a hard bottom and some spots have no bottom, the trick is to be able to look and tell the difference.
  5. Too wide/tall with the tires on.
  6. I’ve been wondering for a long time about how much bigger can everything get? Every area has different needs, the biggest planter around here is a few 16-30 mounted planters for corn, since this is peanuts and cotton country most are 12-36 and that’s about as wide as can be transported down the road in a 3pt configuration. I’ve never seen pull type planters here and due to the common practice of ripping under the row, I don’t even know if it could work or not. Until somebody comes up with something revolutionary, a 6 row baler picker is about as big as a cotton picker can get. The capability of one is still amazing though, picking cotton never reached the ease of picking corn until the baler picker came along. Those things are already bigger/more expensive than many cotton farmers in this area can utilize. At some point, everything is going to be as big as it can get and still be practical and transportable. There’s probably some places that a 2500hp+ tractor and 100 row planter can be used but I don’t think it’s going to be here. I almost forgot, a few years ago a farmer near here was using a pull type planter, I think it was a 24-20 or maybe 15 inch rows planting corn and soybeans, he ran a 15 shank KMC ripper leveler ahead of it( ripper leveler loosens all the soil instead of just under the row). I think he went back to ripping under the row and planting with 12-36 though I’m not sure why. http://kelleymfgco.com/equipment/rip-strip That’s how it’s all pretty much done here or a ripper bedder.
  7. Emissions controls are like everything else, they’re continually being improved. There’s been some notable problems with some but, there’s a lot that run with no problems. It’ll only get better. Remember when new fangled electronic fuel injection and ignition systems on pickups would never last? Yeah, me neither. How many old pickups are still on the road after 30 years and 250k miles? A lot of them. I remember when most pickups that had 100k on them were done. We have 19 380 Vector (bought 3/20) at work with a Cummins QSX9 with all the emissions gadgets that has 2600 hours so far and is exposed to fertilizer and the only thing it’s required so far is filling the DEF tank about once a week, it does it’s thing with no interaction from me. It doesn’t burn any more fuel than the 300 Vector it replaced. How long ago did the 8360r get introduced? There are a LOT of those things around here that pull tremendous loads with a pile of hours on them that have never been opened up still going strong. That being said, I like them all from the oldest to the newest, they’ve all got something going for them. I grew up driving 66 and 86 series tractors and a few fords, they brought us a new 7120 demo in 1989, I remember driving that and thinking “there’s no way it could get better than this”.
  8. The Tick Tock video is trolling, it’s a joke and a pretty good one. I saw the comments and was/am amazed by how many people believed it.
  9. Oh, I’m going to ride a gator like the rest of the geezers. Lol I mostly meant how evidently they can’t see very well so they all want to get right in the way of the machinery so everybody that can see from 40 yards won’t be able to watch too.
  10. Sounds like a about the same running gear as a Vector. They’re pretty close to indestructible, I would think a truck would never be as hard on those components. it would be much more capable of handling a load than a dually. Is the wench included in the purchase price or does she charge by the hour? Side shaft though..... that may not be my preferred type of wench.???
  11. I’m going to go this year if my plans stay together. I’ve never been to anything like it as there is nothing like it down here. I went to the Red Power Roundup when it was in Montgomery Alabama, while it was certainly interesting there really wasn’t much there I hadn’t seen before. I suspect the HCOP will have a lot things I haven’t seen in person. Looking at videos of it, the biggest drawback is 300k geezers in golf carts. lol
  12. After reading it again, it kind of makes me want to move. lol
  13. We have eastern diamond backs here along with timber rattlers, copperheads and cotton mouths. Any time you’re outside, always look where you are about to step or put your hands. I’ve killed and or walked up on/stumbled upon dozens if not hundreds of diamond backs along with a few timber rattlers and have yet to have one one rattle to “warn” me. The only time I’ve seen them rattle is when I’ve already shot,hit, stepped on or grabbed it (with a pickup stick). When they are in their element, their camouflage works very well and I’ve probably walked past more that I never knew were there than the ones I saw. I was walking through a pile of scrap iron one time that had kind of a trail through the middle of it with tall Bahia grass growing in it, when I turned around to come out, I noticed a large diamond back laying in the grass length wise of the trail that I just walked all over without actually stepping right on him, he never made a sound, until I hit him with a piece of scrap iron. We used to put peanuts on 4 wheel dryer wagons and it was ten miles to the buying point so we loaded all we could get on them which meant somebody (usually me) had to be on the wagon when the pickers dumped to rake the peanuts around with a scoop to get the wagon full. Nothing will get your attention faster than a rattlesnake sliding down out of the basket onto the wagon with you while you’re knee deep in peanuts and can’t get away fast enough. I don’t know how they can survive going through a peanut picker but, they’re really pissed off when they do. Just tuck and roll when you hit the ground.
  14. This is a picture of one that I’ve had saved on my phone for a while, in the unlikely event I ever get one it’ll be painted the same way.
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