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  1. I don’t live there but, I traveled across Iowa on I-80 last fall going to Farmall Land. I was amazed at how many windmills there are there. We don’t have them here because there’s no wind, we just have to sit and bake in the still air. Very interesting state.
  2. That is a 6 row unload on the go peanut picker(combine). That’s a newer style with rotary separation. There’s a few around here, I can’t tell you much about the separation system on the newer ones. It has a fold out conveyor on the right side to unload into a dump cart (nut buggy) on the go. The proper name for the implement to get the peanuts out of the ground is a digger shaker inverter. We just call it a digger and depending on what county you’re in, it can be “digging” or “plowing up” peanuts. I guess it’s similar to a potato digger. It has blades that run under the plants then
  3. Corn planting around here started about two weeks ago. Most will probably be done this week. This isn’t really corn country though, mostly peanuts and cotton. That will start early next month.
  4. It’s all up to the jury now, however even though I think what Chauvin did was wrong, from what I understand the knee on the neck thing was approved policy for the police department. It’s a hold designed to render an uncooperative suspect unconscious, which is what it did. He never should have been charged. Either way this comes out isn’t going to be good. Who in their right mind would want to be a police officer in any big city now?
  5. In about 1988 I looked at a 72 Scout that an Indian guy who owned a local store was selling. It was gold, 4x4, 345(I think) automatic, working under dash ac and a perfect black interior. He wanted $3000, I turned it down because I thought it was too much 🥴😥
  6. In the Pineview Georgia metropolitan area. Depending on who you ask, I’m either in Southwest or central Georgia. I say southwest Georgia because of the land and plant life. It all changes rather abruptly just north of here. I grew up in in the metro Arabi Georgia area. If any of you have gone to Florida on I-75 and stopped at the world famous Plantation House on the way, you were about a mile from where I grew up. (it’s kind of a dump now, was a really nice place in the old days)
  7. Dr Zeuss and Mr Potato Head are finally paying for their crimes against humanity.
  8. jworley


    We had one, it came from a tater farm near St Augustine Florida, a square front axle model with around 2500 hours in 1991. We ran it hard six years and the only thing we did to it was a water pump and fan shaft bearing. It had the usual faded paint but, it was all straight, nice western interior and the AC would freeze you out it even in the Georgia heat and humidity. Late in the afternoon on really humid days it would get condensation on the windows.
  9. A few years ago, I saw a cat in about an 05-06 Chevrolet Tahoe with a receiver hitch pulling an old Brown Haul Easy tilt bed trailer that had a 4960, with a full rack of front weights, a good many wheel weights, duals and spacers for 36-38 inch rows on it.
  10. I’m not sure what you mean about IR if you’re asking about night vision or thermal imaging. Anyway if you’re talking cheap, the digital Sightmark Wraith 2-16x28 for around $500 is hard to beat. I’m waiting on one that’s on back order. I first got the 4x32-50 because I didn’t pay enough attention to the specs to notice that the field of view on the 50 is WAY to narrow for my uses. The 28 has about twice the field of view, better for shooting at running hogs as after the first shot(or slight noise) they’re running. I have an older Sightmark Photon 4.6-42 that I have piled up hogs wi
  11. I had never heard of him until his television show began airing on a local station. I was about 24-5 at the time and was amazed that I shared the same opinion with someone on tv. Someone above mentioned how he was similar to Ronald Reagan in his use of humor to make a point. I never really made that connection until now but, that really sums it up. I’ll miss listening to him and I can’t think of anyone that could take his place. RIP.
  12. It’s been while since I had to worry about it but, the sandy soils here will turn a disc blade into a pie plate in a few weeks. Earth Metal every time is better “here”.
  13. There’s a risk associated with most anything. Technology has drastically changed in the last 40 years, that’s going to apply to nuke power too. What I’m saying is, all those ships and no problems.
  14. I also think it’s silly to assume that everything is going to be all electric by some particular date that’s right around the corner. It’s going to take time and as far as the market deciding (about electric cars) it already is. The only reason battery powered cars have been around since basically the beginning but never sold is mostly due to the range. That’s changed. Ten years ago there were virtually no battery powered vehicles on the road, last year Tesla delivered 450,000+ electric cars. EVERY major automaker has or is about to put electric vehicles including pickups on the road. I wou
  15. It just comes down in liquid form here, then runs off or soaks in. thank goodness lol
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