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  1. The Wrench Booger, the Booger Bears cousin. (“The booger bear” in Southern means “Boogie Man”)
  2. My 10mm sockets got to the same place that 1/2in wrenches go. Somewhere far away from where I need them.
  3. Here’s something that came out of some cotton at the local gin a couple of years back, it must have been laying in the field and they built a module on top of it and the module truck picked it up with the cotton. They found it stuck to the magnet in the cleaner. No telling how long it was in there.
  4. Just once, even though it looks like it, there’s very little left. It won’t pay for the expense of going through it again. I picked over some with a four row way back. I picked over it almost a whole afternoon and didn’t have but maybe 1 1/2 bales. Most times there’s probably less than 25 lbs left.
  5. That was before my time but I’m guessing they got every fiber back then.
  6. If we’re just wishful thinking, let’s just file 13 about 80% of those regulations.
  7. That’s tricky territory, on one hand I say, “yeah, cheap gas for us!”. On the other hand, I know better. We all tend to forget that companies (oil in this case) ain’t in business to make our lives better, they’re in business to make shareholders lives better(profit). Uncle Sam would do just as good of a job running oil companies efficiently as he does everything else he runs.
  8. Once. The thing about cotton is, whatever is left in the field can be seen from the road, you can’t see from the road how much of other crops such as corn and soybeans get left in the field.
  9. Gas/diesel is high now and has been for quite a while, I haven’t noticed the price of used pickups or full sized SUVs going down.
  10. I probably saw a Volt on the road before but didn’t realize what it was, I didn’t notice Teslas because they pretty much look like every other 4 door car on the road and rarely ever gave them a second glance until somebody pointed one out. Then I started noticing how many were on the road even way out here in the country. It’s astounding how many of those things they’ve sold and evidently they can’t build them fast enough.
  11. Oh heck yeah, there’s nothing I would like better than the US to stick it to OPEC until they start calling mama for help.
  12. 35 miles a day and not buying gas sounds good to me and there’s a significant cushion if you have to go further. what didn’t you like about the Volt?
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