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  1. cornerpost

    CIH 7110

    10's did not have needled differential as did 20's and higher. Not a deal breaker for use as you describe. Don't go on a spinning spree.
  2. Have 7140. Same coupler IIRC. Clean thoroughly. Also helped a lot when I was taught/learned to push hose in before attempting to uncouple.
  3. Yes return to bottom of reservoir. Dad had 400 with factory PS. The return was to a tee fitting in drain plug.
  4. 153 came first. Dad bought one of first in about 1971 or 72.
  5. Friends son spent couple weeks at Mayo when 133 folded up tipped on him in shed. About 20 years ago. Also IH dealers around here usually sent them out with duck foot ( no crown) sweeps. Replace with a crowned sweep and much less slabbing
  6. You may have lost spines in pressure plate hub. Then no hydraulics and no DD pressure in TA. If sprague is weak it may not always "catch". Will free wheel in low TA since no pressure for hold back clutch. You can look at clutch ares through bottom cover.
  7. Block was a check valve IIRC.
  8. Intake system all good? Can you take off at carb and run in clean environment?
  9. I think some of the super high auction prices are a wink and nod kind of deal. I buy your H for $40K and you buy my rare Super W-4 for $39 K. Purebred cattle used to be that way.
  10. Probably not your problem but when rod linkage from shift arm on outside of transmission case to the drums on dash are correct the lever should not be tight against end of any slot in any gear.
  11. On start up does one exhaust port warm slower? Red neck method is hold thumb or fingers on manifold. Or pull injectors and test. Preferred. Red neck method works well with dead injector, less so with dribbler.
  12. How many hours on pump? Ambac pumps usually don't have the courtesy to quit all at once.
  13. Wheel track planting. Big new thing when I was 10 back in 1959. Does that wide front have wheels and rims like a 400? Looked again and hubs are not right for any IH front wheels I am familiar with.
  14. You may get it right for max power but advance curve may be way off.
  15. I had same symptoms on 7140. Turned out to be s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y loose where positive cables hooked on stud at starter. Cranked fine.
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