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  1. Dad and his best friend each bought a new 2-MH picker in 1962. His friend put it on a Super-M. Dad’s on 400 then Super-MTA. I ran it some starting when I was 14. Never remember fixing on it. Do remember greasing.
  2. First 06’s had lower relief setting than a 856 would have. But who knows what is original after all these years.
  3. We had a 470 disk and now a Krause with the floppy clevis hitch design. 470 had tab with hole in it welded under each side of clevis. Previous owner rigged it. Put pin through to hold up clevis. Krause has tab welded on backside of clevis and correct size piece of wood or pin wedged in holds up.
  4. It is probably more important to size the Ace pump model than how you plumb the return. It is a little counter-intuitive but a bigger hydraulic motor running at lower pressure is going to generate less heat than a smaller motor. I am guessing the pressure to run the pump will be a lot less than to raise a disk. Ace used to have several models and a good chart in their manual. You can probably find that online. If special plumbing helps they will cover that also. Hate to bring it up but running one hydraulic motor at a time was why God invented 4020's with side consoles and throttle va
  5. Call Misgen Salvage in Ellendale MN and they may have my old distributor.
  6. I bought a IH truck with 446 in it with a Holley Gold Box (often referred to as Holley Ghost Box). Ran like crap so replaced the Gold Box. Still ran like crap. Then replaced with a Petronius and it ran great for years until camshaft went out fall of 2019. Not worth fixing IMHO. It went to salvage yard and I am now all diesel trucks and air brakes.
  7. Wold in St. Ansgar Iowa worth a call for rims.
  8. 13 inch is the "correct" rim width for 14.9 tires but 14 will work just fine. Had 16.9 on 14 inch rims till calcium chloride got them on my loader tractor and barely noticeable. Now have 15 inch rims and they were cheaper than 14 would have been.
  9. cornerpost


    Wold in St. Ansgar Iowa.
  10. IIRC neighbor had 1466 recalled for heavier rocker arms. Story I remember from him is early 400 engines were ok then they went to stamped rockers and first of these were too light. That is fence row conversation from about 1976 so don't hold me to it.
  11. Well there is a chance your hyd pump is weak. Even if new out of box.
  12. On first page of this post was a question about alternating check valves and if your tractor has them.
  13. Those things need more than 87 octane to pull more than a hay rack up hill.
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