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  1. Just wondering if you ever got the pressure fine tuned?
  2. Sure they are not clamps supposed to be holding an oil line?
  3. One theoretical advantage of wet sleeves is better heat transfer as coolant surrounds whole area. But they have well known cavitation and o-ring issues. Always wondered how much of cooling is done by cooling oil jets on engines so equipped.
  4. My brother claims JD inquired about licensing the Fast Hitch. FWIW.
  5. Chances are everything will work fine with a good pump, filter, seals, and a 2000 lb relief valve. Do not get carried away with too high a pressure. And new fluid!
  6. Four pad can be given slight dish to make it "spring" away from flywheel. On IPTO bearing the roller style has built in slight slop. 100 hp no issue for ball bearing on the IPTO.
  7. Mike is that a crack in the casting in your picture under countershaft?
  8. Have 75 or 76 1800 with 446. Started popping and chugging. Investigation shows bad cam. Is there another motor besides 446 or 404 that is an easy swap?
  9. If it is like the reel on my 920 Deere head was a stub shaft is welded to a plate that bolted to the end of reel. Poor factory spot welds broke.
  10. Quick check is to Jack up and turn by hand. Noise, rough, or end play bearing is bad. Not sure on 240 but 560 and 460 with Bower roller bearings have slight end play and that is normal.
  11. Some have posted here and elsewhere about 560 not being able to raise some wheel rakes. Bigger cylinder is your friend.
  12. A bad coil will show when warm. Today's electric parts for older equipment are a crapshoot. Buy 3 and one might be good. Just fought an old Ford truck with coil issue.
  13. cornerpost

    CIH 7110

    10's did not have needled differential as did 20's and higher. Not a deal breaker for use as you describe. Don't go on a spinning spree.
  14. Have 7140. Same coupler IIRC. Clean thoroughly. Also helped a lot when I was taught/learned to push hose in before attempting to uncouple.
  15. Yes return to bottom of reservoir. Dad had 400 with factory PS. The return was to a tee fitting in drain plug.
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