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  1. 560 is 2 3/4 inches diameter. Deere 9430 4.331inches or 110mm if I converted correctly.
  2. cornerpost

    Rear wheel weights

    Missed your location but Wold Wheel anRim in St. Ansgar Iowa.
  3. cornerpost

    Strange M-TA Front End

    Row crop cultivator and needed room?
  4. cornerpost

    8910 alternator

    Check that two positive cables to starter are tight at starter. Had 7140 where they were tad loose. Started fine but did not charge right.
  5. cornerpost

    What Kept you red

    I first drove a 400 on a Super 77 baler. Dad did custom work. If you do not mind fresh air that would still be hard to beat on a small square baler. Newest tractor a 7140 and it has been good. Have to confess all time favorite is JD 4440 powershift for spraying and planting. Not for tillage. Also have 4440 Quad. Would rather drive properly adjusted(dump valve, clutch, tras brake) 1066 as far as shifting.
  6. cornerpost

    The Steiger built prototype 4366

    What Acem said. Kind of look like filters but very exposed.
  7. cornerpost

    What Live Hydraulic Pump is on my H???

    Stage 2 battery under seat. Usually live hydraulics and reservoir under gas tank. Front bolster with vertical holes in corners.
  8. cornerpost

    Wire Harness Late H

    Where is best/ good source?
  9. cornerpost

    706 T/A help needed

    Hold back clutch disks could pull in L1 or L2. Sprag is out. Nice looking tractor.
  10. cornerpost

    2MH Help

    Dad had one on a 400 or SMTA from 1962 to 1968. He and a friend each bought one same time and same dealer. Seem to recall different brackets needed for friends Super M. Dumb question but are the front wheels on M set narrow? Might rub wide position. Remember that oil change was always right before and after mounting picker. I ran picker with SMTA but cannot remember running with 400 even though 400 was bought new and I put lots of hours on it till 1983.
  11. cornerpost

    Difference in rear wheel casting

    806 with mechanical front axle on cover of current issue is 8 hole rears.
  12. cornerpost

    4X00 field cultivator differences

    Just remember my Dad's theory from 1970. Buy a field cultivator small enough to pull 6 mph if you need to incorporate. Buy a disk big enough so hired help won't go too deep at 5 mph.
  13. cornerpost

    756 tires?

    You will be plenty heavy for 756 power. And happier with new set up. Fluid in radials takes away air volume and tires don't flex correctly.
  14. cornerpost

    766 stopped pulling

    Do you have hydraulics and steering? Good news if you do not. Means splines in hub of pressure plate or rivets let go. Then just a clutch job!
  15. cornerpost

    IH 715 Combine choking at feeder mouth

    Is there a chance it is back feeding from worn cylinder rasp bars?