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  1. Wold in St. Ansgar Iowa worth a call for rims.
  2. 13 inch is the "correct" rim width for 14.9 tires but 14 will work just fine. Had 16.9 on 14 inch rims till calcium chloride got them on my loader tractor and barely noticeable. Now have 15 inch rims and they were cheaper than 14 would have been.
  3. cornerpost


    Wold in St. Ansgar Iowa.
  4. IIRC neighbor had 1466 recalled for heavier rocker arms. Story I remember from him is early 400 engines were ok then they went to stamped rockers and first of these were too light. That is fence row conversation from about 1976 so don't hold me to it.
  5. Well there is a chance your hyd pump is weak. Even if new out of box.
  6. On first page of this post was a question about alternating check valves and if your tractor has them.
  7. Those things need more than 87 octane to pull more than a hay rack up hill.
  8. Did you get parts installed and what happened?
  9. Does Wold in St.Ansgar Iowa roll their own rims? Bought set for 1970 Deere 4000 there last September.
  10. I am not familiar with 1086 but Dad had a 1066. Seem to recall we put lever in float position for single action cylinders. What is setup on a 1086? Of course that only was for lowering instead of overriding the relief valve.
  11. Just had poor ground on my 7140. On left side is below fuel filler tube. Star lock washer was rusty. They have more places for moisture to get in than flat washer.
  12. I have 7140 Magnum. Up here we never disk very deep in spring if at all. Yesterday disking stalks ran it at about 1800 rpm since load is light for it. About half fuel use as on field cultivator full throttle and close to full load.
  13. Does anyone offer two piece manifold for 8.3 Cummins like 400 series IH engines. Should be easier on gaskets and manifold bolts.
  14. Pretty sure it is a Schwartz wife front. Used to be made in Lester Prairie MN if memory serves.
  15. Sure noise is not external such as hood vibrating or muffler or turbo sealing ring?
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