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  1. Believe pto disconnect discontinued at some point in production.
  2. When you move inner level with nothing hooked to the hoses the system will build to relief valve pressure unless the oil finds somewhere else to go. I am guessing that the Tela-Depth valve due to busted gears and sticky linkage is letting fluid by and into fast hitch cylinder. I have a Deere 9500 combine. If the unload auger swing valve is engaged and you try to lower the reel it will go up instead. Oil under pressure looking for someplace to go.
  3. Yes you can replace with regular valve. Will be equivalent of 400 or 450 hitch control. Be aware the valves can be set for single or double action. Others will know more.
  4. I have a 7140 Magnum. The outlets used the most got so you needed a flat pry bar to help pop them out. Rebuilt and much better. Think taking apart and cleaning would have done the same but hate to put used parts that aren't that expensive back in coupler. If you give it a good firm push in FIRST they uncouple a lot easier. I always prefered lever style couplers and slightly prefered IH to Deere. Not as fussy about having the barrel pushed back towards you.
  5. Perhaps you have remote valve that is deadheading in neutral. Using another function takes some of flow. SWAG guess on my part.
  6. Open center or PFC (closed center) system?
  7. Look for any spots a clamp might be wearing on rim bevel. Or try a wrench on rim to cast center lug bracket bolts. Should all be tight. Do you have any leakage at axle cap more than just enough to catch dust? Should not drip.
  8. Jack up. Securely block front tires. Take out of park. Put in neutral and turn each wheel by hand. Should turn quietly and no rough feel. Check end play with dial indicator or with finger by axle cap test. If you can feel or see it is too much.
  9. Jack it up. Block front tires. Turn by hand one side than the other. Feel and listen. Check axles for end play.
  10. IIRC the ball to roller change is on sun gear that drives planetary.
  11. cornerpost

    560D head issue

    Once sure lines to pump are primed snug them up so it is not getting air into pump.
  12. cornerpost

    656 utility

    Hydraulic system must be stout.
  13. I was always told jack up tractor. Then you need helper to slowly let jack down while you watch and feel at end of outer bearing cap. Better yet of course set up dial indicator. If you can feel by hand it is probably too much. While jacked up turn wheel and make sure all is quiet. Cats meow is to remove wheel from axle grab end and wiggle.
  14. After thinking I am leaning to some kind of shield myself. Wonder if it would show on an implement part list?
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